Bitsie Tulloch Talks Romance, Zombies & Shirtless Rage

Actress Bitsie Tulloch dished on spoilers for Season 3 of her series “Grimm” Thursday night in a podcast interview with me on The Queen of Scream. What can fans expect in the season to come, which starts October 25?

Well, let’s take inventory: Juliette won’t end up the show strumpet with any more cast hook-ups, the Scooby gang is complete, and we can expect more “shirtless rage,” but not necessarily from Capt. Renard.

Tulloch confirmed that we probably shouldn’t expect any more love triangles or dalliances from Juliette, who merely acted out of the effects of the love potion she was under last season. So it looks like Nick and Juliette will have different battles to face this time around, starting with where we left off at the end of last season with a zombie apocalypse. And Nick being turned into a zombie.

Yeah, I think that’s enough trouble for now for the two.

But she’s definitely excited about getting a chance to be part of the “Scooby gang”… obviously filling the Daphne role.

“I’ve been really excited to be part of the Scooby squad and I’ve been having a blast with David just shooting scenes where our characters can actually finally talk about Wesen, and it’s, for her, learning this new dialogue and kind of a dictionary of various creatures.”

Tulloch also commented on how close the cast has become, going out to movies as a group and even working out together. The working out part was pretty apparent last season during a rather notorious scene when Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) drank a purification potion that induced a rage… a rage that made him just rip his shirt off.

Aforementioned incident has now become known as “shirtless rage.” And the demographics showed a surge in female viewership. Can we expect more beefcake this season?

“The showrunners are aware of how much the fans loved the ‘shirtless rage’ scene, so I’m sure we’ll probably see more of that , but then also you might see a little shirtless rage in other characters!”

As a woman, I can only hope she means David Giuntoli or Russell Hornsby, and not herself or Bree Turner.

Source: Examiner


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