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So Grimm is one of television’s most popular shows right now. What do you think makes the fans so loyal?

Grimm has a little something for everyone – it’s a procedural, it’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror (albeit a palatable kind of scary in my opinion), and there’s plenty of romance and humor. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf who created Grimm had previously been on Buffy and Angel – they EXCEL at mythology, which is one of the best things about this show, and Season 3 is delving deeper and deeper into that mythological Wesen family tree. I also believe that one of the reasons it’s been so successful internationally is that it’s not a show that is easily lost in translation – fairy tales and the format of a fairytale transcend language and culture. The fairytale format is often about a young protagonist forging his/her path and fighting against all odds in order to find his way home. But at the end of the day, as in life, it’s more about the journey than the end goal, which I think is something to which everyone can relate.

How do you see your character, Juliette, growing this season? Do you relate to Juliette on any level?

Juliette will be tested in many ways: both her physical and mental endurance, but also her understanding. She finally began to believe in the Wesen world in the penultimate episode of season 2, when all her Wesen friends morphed for her. In the next episode, she was literally thrown into the fire and having to fight for Nick’s life while fighting to save her own from a zombie invasion. Season 3 will see her getting much more involved in the action (the Scooby Squad, if you will) and putting to use her background as a doctor. As far as relating to her, I think I’m pretty thoughtful like she is, and I similarly tend to put my foot in my mouth. But I’m much more impatient and stubborn than she is, all of Season 1 she was incredibly understanding about giving Nick his space in the wake of his aunt’s death. If I was at all unsure about a friend or family member hiding something from me I think I’d last maybe 24 hours before confronting them.

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