Bree Turner Teases About Season Finale

Consider this your spoiler warning: “Grimm’s” second season is gong to end with a big ol’ cliffhanger. Star Bree Turner knows what’s in store, and she says that fans are going to be in for a shocker when a major character gets into some dire straights in Tuesday’s episode, “Goodbye, Sweet Grimm.”

“Someone’s life is definitely in balance and it’s very, very, very scary to be this person,” Turner admits during a recent conference call. “I honestly don’t know how we’re going to resolve it in terms of storyline. I’m nervous and excited about how Season 3 is going to begin with this cliffhanger.”

Even with the cliffhanger, Turner says the cast of “Grimm” is really excited to share “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm” with the world. The script is more than she could have asked for, she says.

“Seeing the finale script, I don’t know what more they could have put in this script,” Turner says. “Every storyline gets blown out and exposed, resolved, challenged and then just the level of production value in this finale is like feature film quality stuff that we did in terms of effects and story and set and environment. It was all just really at the top of our game, I felt.”

In last week’s “The Waking Dead,” Juliette learned about the world of the Wesen. Turner says that major change is welcome on the set of the series.

“I think it’s a well-deserved breath of fresh air for everyone to have her memory back and to have her involved in this world, and also just for another female energy in the group,” Turner says of Bitsie Tulloch’s character. “I think it will bring some lovely new sort of dynamic to the scenes and to the show itself. I’m excited for us to be a little girl power duo.”

Rosalee has evolved a lot since her character was first introduced, and Turner says embracing Rosalee’s “light and her kindness and compassion” was a nice part of Season 2. With Rosalee’s confidence evolving, it’s offered Turner a lot of new facets of her character to play with.

“I think at her core she’s a truly compassionate soul and loving spirit,” Turner says. “It’s been really fun to not play the dark and play the light this season.”

Still, Turner hopes that the “Grimm” writers chose to explore some of the darkness in Rosalee’s past in Season 3.

“In terms of Season 3, who knows? I think it would be fun sort of to let some skeletons out of the closet,” she teases. Turner adds of Rosalee’s connection to the Wesen Council, “We don’t know where the writers are going to take us, but I think that’s a pretty juicy storyline to explore, for Rosalee in particular.”

She also teased that all might not be well for her relationship with Monroe. Turner and Silas Weir Mitchell have had their chance to explore the positive side of their characters’ romance, but she teases that there could be some problems in paradise coming in Season 3.

“It’s grim. People don’t stay happy very long on this show. The Rosalee and Monroe romance has had such a beautiful journey this season that, let’s be real, only complications are coming, I’m assuming,” Turner says.

“Grimm’s” Season 2 finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Season 3 returns in the fall on Fridays at 9 p.m.



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