10 Mar 2016

Happy Birthday Bree Turner!

The staff at Grimm Fan would like to wish Bree (and my son Easton) a very happy birthday today!

05 Oct 2015

Season 4 Gag Reel!

I’ve just added the season 4 gag reel to the video archive, you can also watch it below. Enjoy!

21 Apr 2015

Jacqueline Toboni Bringing Trubel Back to Grimm in Episode 4.21 – Headache

NBC’s “Grimm” is moving full steam ahead toward its Season 4 finale on May 15th, but in the episode just before it, #4.21, entitled “Headache,” a familiar face is returning to Portland. Yep, Trubel is about to hit town once again, and we have the early details!

“Grimm” Episode 4.21 – “Headache” (5/8/15; 8-9 pm)
THE MANHUNT CONTINUES FOR A VICIOUS SERIAL KILLER – While investigating a grisly murder, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) get closer to uncovering the identity of the serial killer while Wu’s (Reggie Lee) life is put in grave danger.

Having turned down Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) offer, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) solidifies a new alliance as she works to get her revenge.

Elsewhere, Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) makes a surprising return to Portland. Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee also star. Nico Evers-Swinderll guest stars.

16 Mar 2015

On the set in Portland, the stars hint about what’s coming and celebrate renewal

Inside one of the vast Northwest Portland warehouse spaces used as shooting stages for “Grimm,” Sasha Roiz is in bed.

Temporary, low-rise walls create a sort of cubicle effect, as Roiz, in character as Portland Police Captain Sean Renard, is surprised by a visitor to his bedroom.

Co-star Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette Silverton, and Roiz rehearse their lines. The director calls for the camera to roll, and the actors play the scene. Juliette bursts into Renard’s room, and the two have a heated exchange. They go through the scene a few more times, until the director calls cut, and Roiz and Tulloch take a break.

Onscreen life is one stressful thing after another for the “Grimm” characters, who contend with supernatural creatures, a power-mad European royal family, ancient keys, and Portland’s ever-unpredictable weather.

But on an early February visit to the “Grimm” set, the stars are all smiles. There’s no mystery about why: just the day before, the “Grimm” cast and crew got the good news that NBC renewed the set and filmed-in-Portland for a fifth season.

On this day, “Grimm” life is good.

“We’re so excited,” Tulloch says. “We didn’t expect to get the renewal announcement this early.”

04 Feb 2015

Bitsie Tulloch dishes on a highly anticipated showdown

Fans of NBC’s Grimm have a lot to be excited about. Season four has served up some incredible storylines, one being Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) unexpected transformation into a Hexenbiest. Juliette’s decision to confide in Capt. Sean Renard and keep her beau, Nick, in the dark about her new “identity” is a hot topic among fans of the show.

We got the chance to chat with Tulloch about Juliette’s reason for keeping her secret from Nick and a highly anticipated upcoming showdown between Juliette and a certain blond Hexenbiest.

BITSIE TULLOCH: I think it makes sense. I think her gut reaction is, she knows Nick’s mortal enemy is the Hexenbiest, and he’s a Grimm and now she’s a Hexenbiest. She doesn’t even want to look at him because she can’t control it. She doesn’t know what’s going on; she doesn’t know when she’s going to morph. So she needed to go to somebody who had the same affliction, so to speak—and the only person who really understood her is Sean Renard. And they have a little bit of a history because of everything that happened in season two with the love triangle, and they’re close enough that she would go to him.

Also, she wanted to go to him anyway, because she’s sort of blaming him indirectly because it was his mother who set the ball rolling on this whole issue with the Hexenbiest. [Renard’s mom] is the one who did the spell, and she had warned Juliette and everybody else that there might be side effects. But obviously Juliette would never have ever done this if she had known she was going to turn into a Hexenbiest. She did it because she thought her lover, Nick, would be happier getting his powers back, and she also did it more immediately because Rosalee and Monroe were being threatened. But at the end of the day, it just completely uprooted her entire existence. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore. So she goes to Sean being like, “Your mom did this, call her and have her fix this.”

19 Jan 2015

Reggie Lee Tells Fans What to Expect From Sgt. Wu In Upcoming Episodes

Just a few days ago the winter premiere of Grimm aired on NBC and fans of the TV Show managed to get their first glimpse of Sgt. Drew Wu’s inner struggle that will unfold throughout the season. Being one of the last regular characters in the show to learn the truth, Wu and his mix of emotions will be a major part of the upcoming episodes, as revealed by Reggie Lee in a recent interview with TvLine.

In the interview the actor stated that as his character is coming to terms with the revelation, fans of Grimm will be able to see him far more often until the end of the season, than they did before. Evident in the winter premiere of the show, Wu’s emotions will take him on a different path than the ones taken by Hank and Juliette seasons ago. Speaking about the inner struggle of his character, Lee stated that “for someone who’s really good at his job, it’s almost worse than checking myself into an insane asylum”.

Becoming a part of Nick’s inner circle, now that Wu has confronted Nick and Hank, the character will take part in Wesen education and will be seen on almost every action scene of Grimm in the remaining episodes of the season. In his interview, Reggie Lee also stated that he speculated with his co-stars David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby how often his character will be part of the action, but while he was “waiting for the script“, in which Wu wasn’t involved in the action the script “never came“.

If you are a fan of Grimm and Reggie Lee’s performance, be sure to follow the TV Show and it’s newest episodes, which air every Friday at 9/8c on NBC.