06 Apr 2016

‘Grimm’ Renewed For Season 6 By NBC

NBC’s Friday night drama series Grimm will keep going as the supernatural crime drama has received another early renewal by the network for a sixth season.

Grimm was a lower-profile entry when it debuted in fall 2011 alongside another fairytale-themed drama that is still going strong, ABC’s Once Upon a Time. The NBC genre drama, produced by Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, became a sleeper hit, the first scripted success for the network’s new regime and the only series from Bob Greenblatt’s first batch of shows that is still around. NBC tried launching other genre dramas with Grimm on Friday, some with higher-profile pedigree, but Grimm outlasted them all — Hannibal, Dracula, Crossbones and Constantine. Grimm also is owned by NBC, which makes it a solid financial performer for NBCUniversal with solid international and SVOD sales.

Grimm joins previously renewed NBC dramas The Blindspot, Shades of Blue, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Law & Order: SVU as well as comedy Superstore.

“We absolutely love what our producers and cast have accomplished over the past five seasons,” NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke said. “They have created a whole new world of creatures and have a truly devoted fan base. We can’t wait to see what comes next.”

NBC logo 2016This season, Grimm originals are averaging a 1.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.4 million viewers overall in Live+7. Grimm is one of the most time-shifted series on the broadcast networks, growing by an average of +90% in adult 18-49 rating (from a 0.91 to a 1.73) and more than 2.4 million viewers overall (3.9 million to 6.4 million) from Live+Same Day to Live+7. Grimm also generates an upscale audience, indexing at a 111 among adults 18-49 living homes with $100K+ incomes (with 100 representing an average concentration of those high-income homes).

As the nefarious forces of Black Claw take hold of Portland, Nick (David Giuntoli) must take a stand to protect his city and those closest to him, especially his child with Adalind (Claire Coffee). It will take the full force of Nick and his allies to find a way to bring the Wesen uprising to a halt. Grimm also stars Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Sasha Roiz.

Grimm is a Universal Television and Hazy Mills production. The series was created by David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf and Stephen Carpenter. Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner and Norberto Barba serve as executive producers along with Greenwalt and Kouf.

14 Feb 2016

The new PC game “Grimm: Dark Legacy” coming 2016!

Hello fellow Grimmsters!

It looks like NBC’s Grimm has a new edition – the new PC game “Grimm: Dark Legacy”! Beta sign-ups are now open and the game is currently in development by Artplant. The release date is unknown, but the game will be launched later this year.
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13 Oct 2015

Sneak Peek Videos of Grimm Season 5 Premiere!

First, the promo:

Now, here are 2 sneak peek video clips!

08 Oct 2015

Season 5 Spoilers: Expect a different Nick Burkhardt

Season 5 of “Grimm” might just see a different, more vengeful Nick as he copes with the loss of his mother and girlfriend. As if the series is not already dark as it is, it would get even darker as Nick prepares to go out with revenge.

Season 4’s finale saw Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) holding his girlfriend Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) in his arms after she was killed by Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni). Trubel only did that in order to save him as Juilette had been turned into a hexenbiest. This will set Nick off on a path of revenge in season 5, and the preview for the season hints of a different Nick.

While Nick is off on a revenge spree, “Grimm” is also known for showing familiar monsters in the show. For season 5, the Loch Ness monster is said to be coming. How the Loch Ness monster will find its way into the show will be food for much speculation.

Madeline Brewer will also make an appearance in the show. The “Orange is the New Black” actress will appear as Billie Trump, according to TVLine. Her character is a lizard-like Wesen, which is called a Skalengeck. She is set to appear in episodes 6 and 7. Her appearance into the show bode of more bad things to come, as she would be part of a street gang who are, in reality, also Skalengeck.

Another “Orange is the New Black” cast will reappear in season 5 of “Grimm.” Elizabeth Rodriguez returns as FBI Agent Chavez. Carlson Young from MTV’s “Scream” will be guesting as well.

With so many things happening this coming season, “Grimm” will be more exciting and much darker than ever. Fans will have to wait and know if Juliette actually died last season, or as some speculated might still be alive, though that would make Nick’s revenge seem strange.

Season 5 of “Grimm” will premiere on Oct. 30, 9 p.m. on NBC.

03 Sep 2015

Season 5 Spoilers: Increased tension between Nick & Hank

“Grimm” season 5 is only two months away, and spoilers and updates are now available for the popular NBC fantasy series.

In an interview at the 2015 Comic-Con, Grimm star Russell Hornsby revealed a few details about his character Hank Griffin’s fate in the show’s fifth season. The recent death of Nick Burkhardt’s loved ones will bring out his darker side and will put a rift between him and his friend Hank, according to Movie News Guide.

In season 4, Trubel killed Nick’s girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) to save him. Nick had unsuccessfully tried to kill Juliette to avenge his mother, but found himself unable to do it because of his love for her. Trubel then stepped in and finished the job and the scene ended with Juliette dying in Nick’s arms, the Latin Post reports.

The events in the previous season will create a ripple effect in the next. Horsnby said there will be tension between the two pals in Grimm season 5 as Nick’s effort to move out of his comfort zone complicates his relationship with Hank.

“When you look at what he’s lost up to this point, I think there’s a lot more at stake then there was even in the first season,” the Latin Post quotes Hornsby’s statement about Nick. “When you lose your aunt who didn’t know, it doesn’t really set off the same amount of emotions as it does as losing your girlfriend and your mother, whom you’ve fought side by side with.”

Meanwhile, Juliette will end up inside a coffin at the beginning of Grimm’s next season. It can be remembered that Trubel killed her in the finale episode of the previous season. Despite fans’ desire to have Juliette included in the next installation of Grimm, show’s boss David Greenwalt confirmed that the character has already seen her end. She will most likely be seen only in flashback scenes, the report details.

Executive producer Jim Kouf also revealed that Grimm fans will witness Nick and Adalind try to fix their relationship and co-parent their baby. The child will be important because he will be the reason why his parents’ relationship will be restored. Nick and Adalind will strive to protect the baby from future harm.

As Nick and Adalind’s relationship mends, Monroe and Rosalee’s will crumble. The two will face problems in their marriage, the report adds.

Grimm season 5 will begin airing on Oct. 30 on NBC.

02 Jul 2015

Season 5 Update: Drama Will Continue Between Nick And Trubel, Premiere Date Announced

“Grimm” Season 5 will be coming to your T.V. screens this October as NBC has confirmed that the show will be coming back this fall. According to reports, the show will be kicking off from the hanging season 4 finale where Juliette, Nick’s girlfriend, was killed by Trubel.

According to Latin Post, Nick was supposed to kill Juliette by choking her to death in an attempt to avenger his mother however, he could not bring himself to do so. “Grimm” Season 4 ended with Trubel firing two hours into Juliette’s back causing her to die. The last episode for the fourth season of the show was indeed very dramatic as Nick cradled Juliet in his arms as she died inside their home.

In the last episode, an FBI agent arrived at the home of Nick and ordered a group of men to get her although it was not clear if the agent was referring to Juliette or to Trubel. Fans will have to wait for “Grimm” Season 5 to know more about the FBI agent, the group of men, and why they arrived in Nick’s home.

According to the executive producer of the show, James Kouf, Nick will be getting answers during “Grimm” Season 5 regarding Trubel’s decision to shoot Juliette with an arrow and that she had no chance of surviving anyway. He will reportedly be mourning a lot for many of the upcoming episodes of the show’s season. Co-producer David Greenwalt shared, “It’s 12 episodes of him, alone in a room, feeling bad,” Oregon Live reported.

In another report by Franchise Herald, “Grimm” Season 5 will show Nick seeking revenge for the deaths of his loved ones especially from the royals. However, King Frederick’s death remains to be unknown by Nick so it is yet to be revealed who he will be seeking revenge from.

“Grimm” will be airing on Friday, October 30 on NBC at 9 P.M.