08 Jun 2015

‘Grimm’ Season 5 to Begin Filming Next Week; Series to Feature Nick’s Darker Side

“Grimm” will be back on NBC with new twists and turns for Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) in Season 5. Apart from the death of his mother Kelly Kessler Burkhardt (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and his girlfriend Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch), he will also have to deal with his relationship with Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) and the baby.

Executive producer James Kouf stated that 12 episodes of the upcoming sequel will feature the detective sitting alone in a room, grieving and feeling bad about his situation.

But co-creator David Greenwalt revealed that he will have to deal with a lot of personal issues and solve several mysteries. “And his relationship with the force will probably have to change a little bit,” he added.

They even said that Burkhardt will have to take the responsibility of Schade’s child in one way or the other because he “got to step up at some point” and “can’t abandon his child”. The two characters are likely to work on their relationship in Season 5 of NBC’s supernatural series, according to TV Line.

“I think it’s going to be even darker still in a way. You know, it’s not going to be the same ‘Grimm’. I think it will be even bigger, even darker, even weirder. You know, I think it’s where it naturally will go,” Greenwalt said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In the meantime, Grimmsters are still debating on Tulloch’s return to the series as Silverton and they may get a clear picture after the filming of Season 5 begins next week, according to Giuntoli. He tweeted last week, “2 weeks until we start filming season 5 of @NBCGrimm. It’s going to be a wild one.”

21 Apr 2015

Jacqueline Toboni Bringing Trubel Back to Grimm in Episode 4.21 – Headache

NBC’s “Grimm” is moving full steam ahead toward its Season 4 finale on May 15th, but in the episode just before it, #4.21, entitled “Headache,” a familiar face is returning to Portland. Yep, Trubel is about to hit town once again, and we have the early details!

“Grimm” Episode 4.21 – “Headache” (5/8/15; 8-9 pm)
THE MANHUNT CONTINUES FOR A VICIOUS SERIAL KILLER – While investigating a grisly murder, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) get closer to uncovering the identity of the serial killer while Wu’s (Reggie Lee) life is put in grave danger.

Having turned down Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) offer, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) solidifies a new alliance as she works to get her revenge.

Elsewhere, Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) makes a surprising return to Portland. Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee also star. Nico Evers-Swinderll guest stars.

16 Mar 2015

season 4 spoilers: A twisted frog prince and more

Let’s face it: What when it comes to “Grimm” is not twisted in one way or another? This is a show that tends to spin fairy tales and non-fairy tales into something insane, and this looks to be happening all over again with the upcoming April 3 installment entitled “Heartbreaker.” NBC, in their short tease for this episode, claims that this is a take on the classic Frog Prince story. However, let’s just say that this one has a much more tragic ending to it, and Nick and Hank are called in order to piece together what happened.

If you want to see some more news in terms of what to expect, be sure to check out the official synopsis for this episode right away:

“A cyclist’s homicide introduces Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) to a Wesen with a tragic fatal touch. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Adalind (Claire Coffee) learn the Royals have stepped up their efforts to find their child, and another member of the Royal family (guest star Nico Evers-Swindell) is introduced. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) ponders the idea of embracing what she’s become as opposed to fighting it.”

Good for Juliette! Clearly, there is no real escaping what is happening to her right now, and embracing this may be much better for her in the end than any alternative.

Ultimately, we’re perhaps most excited at the moment in seeing more of these Royals, and what they are going to ultimately mean to the end of the season. This is something that seems to be setting up for more than a few big surprises at the end of the season. We’ll just have to figure out whether or not we’re right with this.

04 Feb 2015

Bitsie Tulloch dishes on a highly anticipated showdown

Fans of NBC’s Grimm have a lot to be excited about. Season four has served up some incredible storylines, one being Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) unexpected transformation into a Hexenbiest. Juliette’s decision to confide in Capt. Sean Renard and keep her beau, Nick, in the dark about her new “identity” is a hot topic among fans of the show.

We got the chance to chat with Tulloch about Juliette’s reason for keeping her secret from Nick and a highly anticipated upcoming showdown between Juliette and a certain blond Hexenbiest.

BITSIE TULLOCH: I think it makes sense. I think her gut reaction is, she knows Nick’s mortal enemy is the Hexenbiest, and he’s a Grimm and now she’s a Hexenbiest. She doesn’t even want to look at him because she can’t control it. She doesn’t know what’s going on; she doesn’t know when she’s going to morph. So she needed to go to somebody who had the same affliction, so to speak—and the only person who really understood her is Sean Renard. And they have a little bit of a history because of everything that happened in season two with the love triangle, and they’re close enough that she would go to him.

Also, she wanted to go to him anyway, because she’s sort of blaming him indirectly because it was his mother who set the ball rolling on this whole issue with the Hexenbiest. [Renard’s mom] is the one who did the spell, and she had warned Juliette and everybody else that there might be side effects. But obviously Juliette would never have ever done this if she had known she was going to turn into a Hexenbiest. She did it because she thought her lover, Nick, would be happier getting his powers back, and she also did it more immediately because Rosalee and Monroe were being threatened. But at the end of the day, it just completely uprooted her entire existence. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore. So she goes to Sean being like, “Your mom did this, call her and have her fix this.”

27 Dec 2014

Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers: Juliette Will Accept Living as a Hexenbiest in ‘Wesenrein’

New spoilers reveal that the next all-new episode of NBC’s “Grimm” will be very intriguing, as Juliette will actually consider living her life as a Hexenbiest while Nick and Hank race against the clock to save Monroe from evil Wesens.

During the last episode of “Grimm,” which was titled “Chupacabra,” Monroe was kidnapped by a Wesen hate group, Juliette became a Hexenbiest and Wu discovered the truth about Nick.

In addition, Monroe and Rosalee suffered from another attack by the Secuddum Naturae Ordinem, a purist group that targets interspecies marriages. Not only was the couple forced to postpone their second attempt at a honeymoon, but one of the KKK-like group members kidnapped Monroe.

Another unexpected twist occurred when Juliette transformed into a Hexenbiest.

According to a press release issued by NBC, Nick and Hank will do all they can to rescue Monroe, while Juliette will embrace being a Hexenbiest in the next episode, titled “Wesenrein.”

“Nick and Hank will have to save Monroe from the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen while Juliette considers life as a Hexenbiest,” reads the synopsis, according to Hollywood Hills.

“Grimm” star David Giuntoli also dropped spoilers about Adalind and Wu’s coping with the world of Wesen.

In an interview with TVLine, he revealed that “there are even more side effects to Juliette turning into Adalind.” He added: “There should be, in the Spice Shop, some type of side effects list. We’re in the 21st century.”

When asked if and when Trubel will return, he said: “I don’t know. We will not be seeing Trubel in the next episode.” However, he added that “hopefully, we will be seeing her down the line. Even more hopefully, she gets her own spin-off show, which I think is great. I can do guest-star [appearances] every now and again. The aging Grimm. I can put my children through Ivy League universities by going on The Trubel Show,” he joked.

Giuntoli also hinted about how Wu will deal with knowing the truth about the supernatural activity in Portland.

“I don’t want to speak for him, but when he’s been through so much torment and mental anguish that the news that this is in fact for real is a little easier to swallow. Reggie’s been playing it like he’s got an eye on us, on Hank and myself a little bit. But he is tentatively accepting this as OK. This is all making sense.”

Lastly, he confirmed that Nick and Hank will do all they can to make sure Monroe and Rosalee get the honeymoon they deserve.

“Of course they’re going to get their honeymoon!,” he said.

“I assure you that Hank and I will go to every length to get them onto that stinkin’ plane to wherever they decide to celebrate.”

Season 4, Episode 8 of “Grimm,” “Wesenrein,” premieres on NBC on Friday, Jan. 9, 2015, at 9 p.m. ET.

Watch the teaser video below.

20 Dec 2014

Season 4, Episode 9 Update: Bitsie Tulloch Dishes Thoughts On New Hexenbiest, Trubel MIA (Spoilers)

“Grimm” Season 4, Episode 9 airs Jan. 9 on NBC, according to reports. The fall finale left viewers shocked with the latest twist, which could dramatically change the dynamics of the show. Bitsie Tulloch talks about the new Hexenbiest in town. Meanwhile, there is no news yet on Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni).

Spoiler alert: This update contains Grimm Season 4 spoilers. A new Wesen has emerged. Read at your own risk.

Grimm Season 4, Episode 9 is called “Wesenrein,” Tulloch teased with a script photo she posted on Twitter.

Tulloch’s character Juliette delivers the big shocker in the fall finale of Grimm Season 4 (Episode 8). After successfully helping Nick (David Giuntoli) become a Grimm again, Juliette becomes something else. Just like Adalind (Claire Coffee), the woman she hates the most, Juliette has become a Wesen, specifically, a Hexenbiest.

Nick’s longtime girlfriend is not an outsider anymore. But Juliette will fight desperately to get her old self back, Bitsie Tulloch told Zap2It.

“[Juliette is] going to try to hide [her transformation to a Hexenbiest] from [Nick] while she figures out how to correct it,” Tulloch said, noting that Juliette is “scared.” The next Grimm Season 4 episode is not likely to show Juliette talking to Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) about this development, either.

“I think she’s not going to turn to her closest friends or Nick for help with this one. She’s too scared of how they will react,” Tulloch said.

Juliette’s transformation occurs just when Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) has seen the real answer he has been looking for since seeing an aswang in Grimm Season 3. David Giuntoli dishes his thoughts on this update.

“Reggie’s been playing it like he’s got an eye on us, on Hank (Russell Hornsby) and myself a little bit. But he is tentatively accepting this as OK. This is all making sense,” Giuntoli told TVLine in an interview.

Both Tulloch and Giuntoli teased about a must-watch Hexenbiest battle sometime in the Grimm (Season 4) future. Both actors also said there is no update yet on when Trubel will return to Portland. Tulloch has seen the script up to Grimm Season 4, Episode 14, and still no Trubel.

For his part, Giuntoli has brought up a spin-off idea for Trubel. Grimm showrunner and co-creator David Greenwalt has discussed the same possibility, too.