David Giuntoli Directing on Final Season

David Giuntoli is stepping behind the camera for once. TVInsider reports the Grimm star is directing an episode of the NBC series’ final season.

Giuntoli plays Nick Burkhardt on the supernatural drama, which also stars Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, Sasha Roiz, Bree Turner, and Claire Coffee.

Speaking to TVInsider, Giuntoli said he had the best time directing for the first time:

Everybody was nervous about me directing because I’m a goofball on the set and don’t have a long attention span. But I was ready. I did a ton of homework. I didn’t want to let anybody down. It was the best time I’ve ever had professionally—without doubt and without exception. If you had put me in an MRI machine, you would have seen my entire brain light up!

The final season of Grimm debuts on January 6th. Giuntoli’s directorial debut airs on January 20th.


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  1. Catherine Jasinski says:

    Dera all cast members my name is Catherine Jasinski . i just wanted to tell the sadness i feel for the loss of the show. This show has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. It got me through a 63 and a 1/2 pound tumer i my abdomen. And overian cancer, and 9 other surgerys to correct all of the skin and 7 hernias i had. friday was the only day i looked forward to the watching of my friends on grimm so i know the last season will be an explosion of new fantastic out of my mind drama. I can’t wait to watch the last season and be very proud of all of you.Thank you for giving me 6 years with the best show out there I will miss my friday night this might sound crazy but In all 6 years I’ve NEVER missed an episode. Can’t wait to watch your season. Again THANK YOU for all you helped me with in my time in total dispare.I love everyone of you sincerely catherine Jasinski.

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