1×02 Bears Will Be Bears

She looked in the window and then peered through the keyhole; seeing nobody in the house, she lifted the latch.

Two teenagers, Gilda Darner and her boyfriend Rocky Babb, break into an expensive house in the woods, a house filled with aboriginal art and bear sculptures. The owners are out and the teenagers go to the kitchen, take out some food, and then dress up in their clothes. They make their way to the bedroom and start to make love, but hear someone pull up outside. The two teenagers try to go out the window and Gilda makes it, but something yanks Rocky back. Gilda runs to their car and manages to drive away as something runs after her, growling.

At the hospital, Nick is getting checked out and the doctor tells him that he received a small dose of a spider-based neurotoxin. A larger dose might have been fatal, but Nick is okay. Nick goes out and finds Hank waiting for him. The partners stop by to see Marie, but Dr. Rose tells Nick that his aunt is conscious but unstable and she can’t have visitors. Captain Renard arrives and makes sure that Marie is under guard, and Nick tells him about the fake nurse that attacked him. Hank has already sent the security tapes to the precinct and Renard figures that they can use them to identify the killer.

Back at the station, Renard, Nick, and Hank go over the tapes. Renard casually asks the last time that Nick saw Marie, and Nick admits it’s been a few years. They see Adalind enter Marie’s room but don’t get a clear shot of her face. Renard leaves and a cop tells the partners that they have a DUI and the driver, Gilda, claimed that her boyfriend was attacked. Nick glances at the girl and analyzes her, and the partners decide to talk to her.

Hank and Nick go to the house and discover that the owners, Frank and Diane Rabe, have already called in the police because of the break-in. As Nick looks around, he finds claw marks on the windowsill which match those on a Germanic bear-mace. Hank talks with Diane, who explains that she and her husband belong to a number of organizations dedicated to protecting Native Indian lands from exploitation. As the partners leave, Hank figures that Rocky is sleeping it off somewhere.

In a cave, Rocky is tied up and blindfolded. Something enters the cave, growling, and advances on him.

Back at the station, Hank and Nick talk to Gilda, who says that they broke in just to have fun but didn’t mean any harm. She asks Nick to do something, and he talks to her privately to see if she can identify who or what chased her. When she’s unable to provide anything useful, Nick meets with Hank and Wu, who have checked with Rocky’s father and learned that the teenager didn’t come home. Hank figures that Rocky died in an accident and Gilda hid the body, but Nick doesn’t buy it.

Before they can pursue the investigation, Marie calls Nick to the hospital. She warns him that he has a responsibility to kill the bad creatures and that’s why he has what it takes to be a cop. Marie then tells him that there is a secret organization dedicated to wiping out the Grimms, although she doesn’t have contact with others of their kind. She warns Nick that the organization knows who she is and that they’re closing on her, and tells him not to let them know that the trailer exists. Marie’s condition worsens and Dr. Rose orders Nick out for the time being.

Down in the parking garage, Nick tells Hank about his aunt’s condition. Hank has checked on the Rabes and confirmed that there is 500 acres of forest behind their home. As the partners drive out to the woods, three motorcyclists cut them off and then drive to the house. The officers follow them and confront the teenagers. One of them is Barry Rabe, the couple’s son, and Hanks asks if they’ve seen Rocky or Gilda. Barry and his friends, Jason and T.B., claim they haven’t seen them, and Diane comes out to call them to dinner. Nick tells her that they’ve identified the boy who broke in. The Rabes don’t recognize the photos of Gilda or Rocky and assure Nick that Barry stayed over with his friends. As they talk, Nick see Barry’s face change into that of a bear-like creature. Meanwhile, the Rabes dismiss Gilda’s claims that someone attacked Rocky and Frank tells them to talk to him at their law firm if they still want to discuss the matter.

Adalind meets with Renard in a bad neighborhood, and he tells her to find normal humans to dispose of Marie. A ganger approaches them and warns them off, and Adalind walks over and brutally kills him.

That night, Nick is at home researching bear totem poles when Juliette comes in. She wonders how he’s doing and he says that he’s doing the best he can given Marie’s medical condition.

In the woods, Barry and his friends toss a dummy into a pit filled with spikes.

Nick toes to Marie’s trailer and sketches out the totem he saw. Marie comes in recognizes the totem that he’s drawing, and then goes to her weapon cabinet and takes out a knife and drives it into Nick’s hand…

… and Nick wakes up from his nightmare. He tells Juliette what happened and she dismisses it as a dream as she leaves for work. Nick then goes to the trailer and checks his aunt’s weapon cabinet, and finds a claw-weapon like the one the Rabes had. He takes it to Monroe, who is less than thrilled to see the cop at 6:30 in the morning. However, he does confirm that it’s used by bear-creatures known as yaegerbaden, and that they perform it during a ceremony to connect with nature. Nick goes to the hospital and does a sketch of Barry for Marie, and she confirms that it’s a yaegerbat, and that they hold a rite of passage at sunset for their sons when they reach the age of 18.

Nick goes to the police station and Hank tells him that he checked the phone records. Barry made a call from his own home, placing him there when Rocky was attacked. Renard comes in and tells Nick that he had to withdraw the officers guarding Marie because they had no hard evidence of a second attack.

Monroe is working at home when Nick calls him and summons him to the hospital. The officer asks him to watch over Marie and admits that he trusts Monroe. Monroe reluctantly agrees to watch over her. As Nick leaves the hospital, Hank calls to tell him that Gilda has gone to Rocky’s house, taken his gun, and took off to confront the Rabes and either get Rocky back or kill the people who took him.

Gilda arrives at the house and confronts Diane, but Barry knocks her to the ground. His mother says that it’s better to hunt two than one and kicks Gilda unconscious, and then tells Barry to get rid of Gilda’s truck. Later, Frank returns home from a day at work just as Hank and Nick pull up. The officers warn the couple that Gilda is on their way but Diane pretends that Gilda was never there. Once Hank drives down the driveway to get a clear cell phone signal and call in reinforcements, Nick tells the Rabes that he knows what they are. Frank refuses to be intimidated but insists that no one does the ritual anymore. Nick says that Barry and his friends will go to jail if they kill someone during the hunt, and Frank realizes that his wife knows what’s going on. She storms off and Frank agrees to help Nick, explaining that he has an idea where the boys will hold the ritual.

As Hank calls the station, he spots tire trucks going into the woods.

As Frank and Nick drive into the wood, Frank asks the officer not to harm the boys. Nick promises that he will if he can avoid it. He then calls Hank, who has found the truck hidden in the woods.

The three boys go to the cave and ritually cut themselves, and then paint Rocky with the blood and prepare to do the same to Gilda.

At the hospital, Monroe glares at Marie and talks about how the Grimms killed his grandfather, and he owes it to her family to kill her. She tells him to take his best shot, but Monroe smells something suspicious and goes after a nearby man, who ducks away.

Nick and Frank come to the end of the road and Frank says that they have to go in on foot.

Monroe goes after the man, who flees to the boiler room where his partner is waiting in ambush. They attack, Monroe, who transforms to his blutbad form and rips them apart. Monroe manages to regain control and admits he might have gone too far.

Frank and Nick go to the cave and Frank offers to go first. Nick insists on going with him and they enter the cave together. There’s nothing but a piece of Gilda’s clothing. Frank gets the scent and transforms into his yaegerbat form, and then runs into the woods.

The three boys are chasing Rocky and Gilda through the forest and quickly capture them. Nick arrives and holds off two of the boys. When Barry shows up, Nick draws his gun and fires into the air, telling them to stop. Frank arrives and holds back his son, but a giant bear charges out of the wood. Barry yells at his mother to stop, but she falls into the pit that they prepared earlier. As she lies injured, Diane transforms back into her human form.

Later, the police arrive. Diane is taken away in an ambulance, still insisting she did nothing wrong and that they have to respect their ancestors. Gilda and Rocky are arrested for breaking and entering, while Barry and his friends are arrested for kidnapping and assault. Frank and Nick watch, and Frank admits that his wife didn’t know the danger of teaching her son his heritage. As Frank walks away, Nick gets a call from Monroe, who says that he may have gone too far and has to leave the hospital. He tells Nick to get there as soon as he can since he doesn’t know if got all of the killers.

A third killer, disguised as a priest, tries to kill Marie. She grabs him and the struggle takes them out into the hallway. Marie finally kills the man with his own scalpel and collapses just as Nick arrives. With her dying breath she tells him to trust his instincts.

Later, Nick moves the trailer and then goes with Juliette to Marie’s grave. She asks if he’s all right and Nick says that he isn’t… but he soon will be. As they walk away, a shapeshifted Monroe watches from the woods.