1×06 The Three Bad Wolves

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in,” said the wolf to the pig. “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin,” said the pig to the wolf.

At a geodesic dome in the Wuds, Hap Lasser is eating pork, drinking peppermint schnapps, and smoking. He lifts weights along with the trainer on the TV, before managing to throw it out the window by mistake. He goes to get it and the barn explodes behind him, as the men stares in dazed surprise.

The next morning, the police are cleaning up the crime site and Hap tells Hank and Nick what happened. Nick wonders if he was involved in any kind of bomb-making, but Hap says that he has no idea how to make bombs. As he talks about how he lost everything he had, Nick sees him briefly morph into a wolf-like creature. Hap mentions how his brother will be unhappy that his stuff was also blown up. When Nick suggests that he call his brother, Hap tells him that his brother Rolf died a month ago in a similar explosion.

The detectives take Hap to the station and he calls someone to ask if he can stay with him. He quickly hangs up when Nick comes over, and tells the detective that he doesn’t have an enemy in the world.

At the barn, a helmeted woman pulls up on her motorcycle and surveys the ruins. She finds a broken gas line and then a photo of four children, and then leaves the way she came.

At the station, Hap rattles off a list of people that might be angry at him, but none of them are connected to Rolf as far as he knows of. Nick is surprised when Monroe shows up to pick Hap up, and he talks to them privately. Monroe explains that they went through a treatment plan a few years ago, and Nick asks him to keep an eye on Hap for a few days. When Hap starts to talk about their past together, Monroe hastily agrees and gets him out of there before Nick can lose anything else.

Later, Nick and Hank talk to the arson investigator, Lt. Orson, who tells them that a corroded valve and carelessness caused the explosion. A similar accident lead to Rolf’s death. Orson admits that it’s an odd coincidence, but there’s no other apparent explanation. Nick notes that an insurance adjustor contacted him after the fire on behalf of the beneficiary. He will only tell them that the beneficiary was related to Hap and Rolf. Nick goes to talk to Hap while Hank contacts the insurance adjustor.

That night, the woman motorcyclist pulls up outside of Monroe’s house. Meanwhile, Monroe is explaining the rules of the house to Hap, who is fascinated by all his collections and asks if they can have pork and peppermint schnapps for supper. Hap finally admits that things are inconvenient and offers to leave if Monroe wants him to. Monroe can’t bring himself to send him away, but insists that he’s done with the wild times. Hap says that with his near-death experience, he plans to clean up his act for real.

Nick pulls up outside of Monroe’s house, and the motorcycle woman grabs him and hauls him out through the window. She’s a blutbaden and realizes that Nick is a Grimm. Nick goes for his gun as Monroe and Hap run out and stop him, and explain that the woman is Hap’s sister Angelina. Everyone goes inside and Angelina explains to her brother that Nick is a Grimm and has killed hundreds of their kind. Monroe admits that he used to date Angelina, and that Nick isn’t like other Grimms. Nick insists that he’s there to protect Hap and wants to ask some question. When Angelina lunges at him, Monroe manages to hold her back. Hap accepts that Nick wants to help and tells the detective that he was the beneficiary when Rolf died. If Hap dies, Angelina gets the money. Angelina is offended when Nick asks where she was, but finally says that she was visiting Adam Haupfman, a butcher in New Orleans. She goes to get a drink and Hap goes with him. Monroe insists to Nick that Angelina wouldn’t hurt her family, and promises to keep Hap in the house.

As Nick leaves, he spots Angelina’s motorcycle and has the station run the plate for him. He then goes to his aunt’s trailer and goes through her book on blutbadens. He finally comes to a reference of a human killing blutbadens by striking at a particular nerve cluster in their backs.

At Monroe’s house, Angelina tucks Hap in and thanks Monroe for taking care of her brother. She admits that she misses Monroe and asks if he misses what they had. Monroe insists that he prefers being in control and wonders why she’s there. Angelina says that she’s there to protect her brother, but now there are other reasons. She offers Monroe a drink and he reluctantly takes it, and they talk about old times when they roamed the wilderness. When Angelina suggests they indulge for nostalgia’s sake, Monroe hesitates and Angelina kisses him. She then goes outside and invites Monroe to go with her for a run in the Wuds. Monroe makes sure that Hap is asleep and then runs into the Wuds after her. He finally brings her down, both of them in their bestial form, and start making love.

Nick is checking the book’s info on how to kill a blutbaden when Wu calls to confirm that the license belongs to Angelina and provide an address. Nick goes to her house and searches the place, and finds a family photo of Hap and Angelina as children with their family. Someone knocks him aside as they run out, and a stunned Nick catches a blurry glimpse of some creature as it runs out the door.

In the morning, Monroe wakes up in Angelina’s arms and realizes that his hands and her mouth are covered in blood, and then sees a nearby rabbit torn to pieces.

At the house, Hap wakes up when he hears the 24/7 deliveryman from the ribs joint at the door. Suspecting nothing, Hap opens the door and the “deliveryman” shoots him repeatedly in the chest. The last thing Hap sees as he dies is the killer’s pig-like face.

Nick arrives with the other officers and they confirm that the hit was done by a professional. Angelina and Monroe return to the house. Angelina kneels at her brother’s side and Nick sees her face starts to transform, while Monroe tells him that they were at the park across the street. Hank points out that she has blood on her clothes and they take her in for questioning. He questions the blutbaden, who says that she and Hap are the only remaining family, and that there’s no one alive who can threaten her. Angelina freely admits that there is blood on her clothes, takes off her shirt, and invites him to test it.

Nick talks to Monroe privately and asks if Angelina convinced him to leave the house. Monroe tells him that Angelina didn’t convince him to do anything, and blames himself for leaving Hap alone. When Nick suggests that Angelina might have hired someone else to kill her brother, Monroe says that Angelina wouldn’t do that and that blutbadens don’t kill their own. Wu gives Nick the lab report confirming that the blood on Angelina’s clothing came from a rabbit. Monroe privately tells Nick that he lapsed and the detective suggests that Angelina might not be the girl for him. Nick then tells Monroe that there was someone at Angelina’s house and tells the blutbaden to watch himself. Afterward, Hank tells Nick that he’s going to run Angelina’s prints against the ones they found at the two “accidents” and see if they can get a match.

Monroe leaves with Angelina, who figures that the cops want to hang her brothers’ murder on her. Monroe claims that Nick isn’t a friend and warns her that the killer could come for her. Angelina is glad to hear it and insists that Hap didn’t deserve to die. Monroe suggests that she shouldn’t go home and passes on Nick’s warning that someone was in her house. Angelina is more upset that Nick was in her house and walks away, unaware that someone is watching her.

That night, Nick comes home and finds Juliette tending a local boy’s dog. Once the boy and his mother leave, Juliette explains that the dog got into a fight with a cat and the cat came out on top.

Angelina returns home and catches a scent that she recognizes as pig.

When Nick comes back to the station, Hank tells him that Angelina’s prints didn’t match the ones at the explosions. However, they did get a match on her prints against those found at a double-murder in Eugene two years ago. The victims were two brothers who lived next to each other, George and Stanley Orson, and the officers confirm that Officer Orson was their brother. They figure that Orson went after Angelina for killing his brothers, and take their suspicions to Renard. The officers explain that Orson could easily have set both fires and make an accident. Renard tells them to bring in Orson but to be careful because he has a clean record.

Angelina drives back to Monroe’s house as he cleans up Haps’ blood. She tells him that she knows who killed Hap and Rolf: a bauerschwein. She vows to make the killer pay and says that Monroe owes Hap. Monroe points out that they should have been there for Hap the previous night, and a disgusted Angelina walks away, saying that she still loves him despite everything. Inside, Monroe paces around nervously and finally smashes one of his beloved clocks. He then calls Nick and explains that the killer was a bauerschwein, a pig. When he realizes that Nick knows who the killer is, he warns the detective that Angelina is out of blood.

At the station house, Nick approaches Orson and tells him that they’re sending his reports to the Seattle lab for a second opinion. He asks Orson about his two brothers and sees the arson investigator briefly transform. Orson realizes that Nick is a Grimm and says that he doesn’t have a problem with him, and then walks away.

Nick goes to see Monroe and find Angelina. He points out that Angelina is a murderer, and Monroe notes that the bauerschwein killed members of her family as part of a long-standing family feud. Monroe warns that Angelina will never let the police arrest her and Nick wonders if he’s still in love with her. The blutbaden says that he used to, but he gave up on the days when he was a beast. Nick warns that somebody is going to hurt, and Monroe informs him that he wants Orson dead as well and it’s taking every bit of self-control he has to avoid killing him.

Angelina drives to the station and tries to pick up Orson’s scent. She goes to his office and starts searching, and another officer comes in. Angelina claims that she’s Orson’s friend and asks if the officer has Orson’s home address. When he refuses to give it out and tries to stop her, Angelina throws him over the desk and leaves. Nick is coming in as the station mobilizes to deal with the intruder. As the detectives go out, Hank wonders if Orson is looking for Angelina.

Monroe comes home for shopping and finds Orson waiting for him with a gun. Orson says that he doesn’t want to shoot if he doesn’t have to, and tells him that the feud ends with him and Angelina. Monroe gets angry and says that he can’t forget that Hap is his friend. Orson tells him that Angelina killed his brothers so he killed hers, and tells Monroe to give her the message that they’re even. Monroe warns him that Angelina won’t accept it but Orson says that he tried and then leaves.

At the station, Wu tells Hank and Nick that someone torched Angelina’s house. Nick goes to Orson’s house while Hank goes to Angelina’s house to confirm if her body is there. When Nick gets no answer, he goes in and searches the place. He finds the bathtub filled with mud and turns around, and Orson rises out of the mud behind him. Nick turns and Orson explains that he’s taking a mud bath to soothe the skin.

Orson figures that he and Nick are on the same side as officers, and insists that Angelina is a murderer. When Nick points out that he killed Rolf and Hap, Orson says that they were monsters, not people, and that Angelina killed his brothers for sport. Nick tells him that it’s over but Orson explains that it’s the first time a bauerschwein has fought back. When he appeals to Nick as a fellow officer, Nick tells him that he’s under arrest. However, Orson gets Angelina’s scent and goes for his gun. She jumps him and slams him to the ground. Nick tells her to surrender. Angelina tells him that she’ll let him go because he was good to Hap, and then starts to rip out Orson’s throat. Nick hits her in the nerve cluster, stunning her long enough for Orson to shoot her. When Nick stops Orson from firing a last fatal shot, Angelina runs out, trailing blood.

Later, the police secure the house and the EMTs take Orson away. As he goes, Orson tells Nick that sometimes being a cop gets in the way of what you have to do.

At his house, Monroe looks at photos of himself, Angelina, and Hap together and happy. Nick calls to tell him that Angelina has been shot, and asks Monroe to help him find her. Monroe tells him not to push it and hangs up. He hears a noise outside and goes to the porch, and finds the broken family photo on the ground as something howls in the distance.