1×08 Game Ogre

“Fee fi fo fum… I smell the blood of an Englishman…”

Judge Logan Patterson arrives home, resets his security alarm, and goes to his desk. He’s unaware that a man is watching from outside. As he goes through his papers, Patterson hears something out in the yard. As he goes to investigate, the man smashes through the window and attacks the judge. Patterson manages to get his gun and shoots the intruder in the chest, but the intruder doesn’t seem to notice and keeps fighting. He quickly beats Patterson down and then reaches for the judge’s gavel.

A few minutes later, officers Wu and Messina are called to the scene to investigate the alarm and discover that the intruder rammed Patterson’s gavel into his mouth and through the back.

The intruder goes to his car and casually pulls the bullet out of his chest, and then pours alcohol on it to sterilize the wound. As he grits his teeth in pain, the man’s faces swim into an ogre-like visage.

Nick and Hank arrive to investigate the murder. Wu has found Patterson’s gun and casing, but no sign of the bullet. The detectives figure that Patterson shot his killer and put out a warning to hospitals. Captain Renard comes in and warns them that a lot of politicians will be unhappy at Patterson’s death. They figure that the killing was personal and tell Renard they’ll go through Patterson’s case files, and the CSI techs find a fingerprint on the gavel.

At the docks, the killer tosses a severed hand into the bay.

Back at the station, Hank is going over Patterson’s files and finds three likely suspects. Nick goes to check their alibis while Renard comes in with a report confirming that the fingerprint belonged to Vince Chilton, an ex-Naval officer with no criminal record. Renard and Hank take a team to Chilton’s apartment and discover that he’s dead, his right hand ripped off. The fingerprint came from the right hand and the figure that the killer wanted them to know he killed Chilton. The corpse has an antique woman’s watch on the wrist with an engraving to Mary on it. The watch doesn’t belong to Chilton and they figure that the killer left it. Hank remembers that Nick knows Monroe, a watchmaker, and figures that he can help them.

The next morning, Nick calls Monroe to warn him that they’re coming over. Monroe agrees and greets Hank and Nate when they arrive at his doorstep. He identifies the watch and determines that someone put glue in the works to jam it at a particular day and time. March 11, 10:15. Monroe agrees to make some calls and tells Nick to make himself some coffee. When he realizes that he’s given away to Hank that Nick is a regular visitor, Monroe tries to cover. He locates the last owner of the watch, Mary Robinson, and Hank recognizes the name as a district attorney that he’s worked with in the past.

The officers call it in and head to Robinson’s apartment. Wu and his people are there and have confirmed that Robinson has been killed. The killer ripped out her tongue and put it on a statue of the scales of Justice. Unaware that the killer is parked across the street watching him, Hank tells Nick that he knows who the murderer is.

At the station, Hank tells Nick and Renard that a contract killer, Oleg Stark, was convicted of a triple homicide five years ago. Stark had killed a man named Lambert and his wife and child when he discovered that Lambert had stolen his gold. When he found out, Stark took the family to a quarry and tortured them to death. Stark was sent to a California penitentiary but escaped 24 hours ago when he was in the infirmary. The medical records show that the killer suffers from congenital angelsia, a conditioning leaving him all but immune to pain. Stark also has abnormally dense bones. Patterson was the presiding judge at Stark’s case, Chilton was the foreman, and Robinson was the district attorney. Hank was the lead investigator, and the verdict was hand in at the same time as was on the watch. Renard orders Hank into protective custody, ignoring Hank’s objections, and has the partners check for stolen cars between California and Portland.

As they go over the records, Nick admits that he agrees with Renard but Hank insists that he’s the one who has to capture Stark. Wu gives them a report on a stolen Cadillac and the officers put out an APB on the license plate.

Stark pulls the Cadillac into an apartment parking lot, gets out, and rigs the gas tank to explode. He then helps an old lady cross the street so that he can escape without attention as the car explodes behind them.

At the station, Hank tells Nick that Stark had no family or no known background, and was only caught because he made the Lambert killings personal. Wu tells them about the explosion and Renard orders Hank to stay put. He and Nick go to the parking lot, and the fire captain confirms that Stark’s fingerprints were all over the Cadillac. As they talk, they’re unaware that Stark is watching them and paying particular attention to Nick.

Suspecting creature involvement, Nick goes to his aunt’s trailer and checks her journals. He finds pictures of an ogre-like creature, a siegbarste, and an old-fashioned triple-barreled elephant rifle with an etching of a siegbarste on the butt. Nick also finds a bottle filled with “siegbarste gift.”

That night, Stark knocks out a driver and steals his pick-up truck.

Nick goes home for the night and realizes that Juliette isn’t there. She calls and tells him that she’s on the way, and that he should heat a pot of water for the ravioli. Once he hangs up, Nick goes to the living room and Stark leaps through the window. The killer savagely beats Nick and demands to know where he can find Hank. Nick can see the siegbarste’s true face and realizes what he is, and Stark realizes that Nick is a Grimm. He beats Nick and prepares to kill him just as Juliette comes in. Nick tells her to run and she tries to escape through the kitchen. When Stark cuts her off, she throws the boiling water in his face. Nick manages to fire two shots at the killer and the wounded Stark runs away, while Juliette runs to her boyfriend’s side.

At the hospital, the doctors assure Renard and Juliette that Nick will live but is in bad shape. Renard assigns men to watch Nick and Juliette, promising her that Stark won’t get near her. Nick calls Juliette over and apologizes for putting her at risk, but she says that she’ll be fine. As she leaves, Nick calls Monroe.

Messina takes Juliette home and tells her that they’ve surrounded the house. Juliette tries to clean up and breaks into tears as she looks at a photo of herself and Nick that was broken in the fight.

Wu gives Hank a report on what happened, and Hank figures that Stark went after Nick when Hank didn’t show up at the parking lot. Hank prepares to leave for the hospital but Renard and Wu stop him. hank insists that it’s his responsibility and that Stark won’t stop until he kills him. Wu suggests that they use Hank as bait and lure Stark into a dead-end valley, and Renard agrees. Hank agrees to the plan as well and then goes to see Nick.

Nick is dreaming of Stark’s attack when Monroe arrives. Monroe knows about siegbarstes and warns Nick that he knows from childhood experience that they’re extremely dangerous. The only thing that can stop them is a rare poison. When Nick tells him about the bottle he saw, Monroe explains that “gift” is German for “poison.” The poison calcifies the siegbarste’s bones, killing it from within. Nick asks Monroe to get the elephant from the trailer and bring it to him. Monroe drives to the trailer and admires the weapons, and then gets the rifle and dips its bullets in the poison.

Stark is watching the hospital, his face burned by the boiling water, and sees Hank goes in. Nick tells Hank to go back to the precinct, hinting that the killer isn’t normal, but Hank tells him that they’re preparing a trap. When Nick wonders why his partner is so determined, Hank finally admits that he and Robinson suppressed evidence at the trial that would have gotten Stark released. The evidence was faked by Stark, but it wouldn’t have made any difference. Hank plans to go to the quarry where Stark killed the Lamberts, figuring that the killer will meet him there. Once he leaves, Nick calls Monroe and tells him to give the rifle to Hank. Monroe spots Hank as he comes out and wonders how he can get him to use the unusual rifle, and Hank drives off before Monroe can approach him. Nick tells him to go after Hank and Monroe reluctantly agrees.

Monroe follows Hank to the quarry, and soon sees Stark following Hank as well. When Hank arrives, he gets out his shotgun, spots the stolen pick-up truck, and yells at Hank to come over and finish it. Monroe pulls up a short distance away without either man seeing him, and wonders what to do.

Stark tells Hank that he owes him five years, and then rams Hank’s car. Hank’s shotgun jams and he fights Stark hand-to-hand, but the siegbarste easily beats him down. Meanwhile, Monroe manages to assemble the hunting rifle and load it. As Stark grabs a stone and prepares to crush Hank’s head in, Monroe fires and brings him down. Hank stares at the corpse and tries to work out who fired the shot. When he doesn’t see anyone, he calls in the shooting.

Monroe goes back to the trailer and then calls Nick to tell him that Hank is okay. Meanwhile, Hank visits Nick at the hospital and tells him what happened. He admits that he doesn’t know who saved him but figures that he owes the shooter.

Later, Renard calls Hank into his office and complains that he went off on his own. A quiet Hank agrees to resign if that’s what the captain wants, but Renard says that he’s just glad to have his officer alive. He then shows Hank the three bullets that they pulled from Stark’s corpse. Ballistics has confirmed that they came from an antique elephant gun, and both men are interested to find out who is using one.