1×13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau

“For me there are neither locks, not bolts, whatsoever I desire is mine.”

Three men, Soledad Marquesa, Ian Flynn, and Hans Roth, argue among themselves, and two of them revert to their creature form. Soledad aims a gun at both of them and tells them to stop fighting or he’ll shoot them both, and says that they have a job to do. They then go to the Bertram Estate Jewelry store, burst in, and open fire. The owner runs to the bank vault and locks himself in. While the intruders start to drill their way in, the old man takes a case and opens it, revealing three thin gold coins within. The thieves then set off an explosion, blasting the door in and sending shrapnel everywhere.

Later, Wu greets Hank and Nick as they arrive. He tells them that the owner, Samuel Bertram, was killed by the thieves, who took the security camera with them. Hank knows that Samuel from when he bought his engagement ring there and is aware that he collects rare coins.

At their headquarters, the thieves go over their loot and discover that they didn’t get the coins. Soledad has been working on the theft for two years and figures that one of the other thieves took the coins. Soledad draws a gun on both of them and tells them to empty their pockets, but they refuse, insisting they’re innocent. After a moment Soledad leaves to go back to the store while Ian and Hans fight among themselves, wondering if one of them is secretly working with Soledad to cheat the other. They hear someone outside, draw their guns, and go to investigate. They’re unaware that something else is in the house, moving in the darkness. The two thieves end up shooting on each other. Once they’re down, the intruder, a bird-like creature, comes out to make sure that they’re dead.

At the jewelry store, Soledad watches from across the street as Hank and Nick check the local businesses for surveillance cameras that might have recorded something. Nick spots him and recognizes him for what he is, a creature, and follows Soledad as he gets in his BMW and drives off. Back at the station, Nick and Hank check the footage and confirm that the thieves emerged from the car that Nick saw Soledad drive off in. They pull a New York license plate number off the footage and put out an APB, and Dr. Harper calls them to say she’s found something.

Soledad returns to the house and finds his two accomplices dead. The bird creature, Farley Kolt, is waiting for him, disarms Soledad, and explains that the two robbers killed each other. Soledad tells him that the coins aren’t there and admits that he doesn’t know where they are. Farley orders him down on the floor and asks why they’re in Portland. Soledad explains that he caught up with Stanislav in Morocco.

At the morgue, Harper says that Samuel didn’t die in the blast. Rather, his system just shut down and she cut him open and found the three coins. They have a swastika on them, but they look much older. Samuel’s organs swelled as if he had a toxic reaction, but gold doesn’t cause a reaction like that. Hank starts to take the coins and Harper objects, saying they could be vital to her research. Nick gets a call that the police found the BMW and leaves over Harper’s objections. Nick and Hank meet a uniformed officer, Brenner, at the house and Hank immediately insists on going in. Nick runs after him and asks if he’s okay, but Hank insists that he’s fine.

Inside, Soledad insists that he doesn’t know where the coins are. He loses his temper and leaps up, just as the police arrived. Soledad runs out the backdoor and leaps over the fence past Brenner, while Nick and Hank run in. Farley is waiting for them and Hank grabs him and throws him to the ground, and Nick has to stop him. When Brenner comes in, Hank snaps at him for losing the other prep, and Nick tells him to calm down. Nick secures Farley and realizes that he’s a creature, and tells Brenner to call the coroner. As Brenner goes to his car to make the call, a creature attacks him.

At the station, Hank tosses Farley into an interrogation room and assures Nick that he’ll get the coins into evidence. Renard calls them into his office to give a report on the robbery. Hank interrupts his partner repeatedly, and insists that he has the coins and they’re safe. However, he’s fixated on Farley and wants some time alone with him. Renard demands to see the coins and Hank reluctantly takes them out of his pocket and hands them over. The captain notes that the swastika is a much older symbol and insists on holding onto them, and tells Hank to go home and get some rest while Nick interviews the suspect. Hank leaves and complains, insisting that he’s the primary on the case. He glares at Renard and then finally tells Nick that he’s going home. Meanwhile, Renard calls a man in Paris and tells him that the coins of Zakynthos have come into his possession. The man tells him to be careful and Renard hangs up.

Nick gets an ID on Farley and goes to interrogate him. Farley insists that ballistics will show that that Flynn and Roth shot each other. When Nick wonders why he’s there, Farley confirms that they’re off the record and then says that he’s in Portland because of a Grimm. Nick demands answers and Farley explains that gold was mined on the Greek isle of Zakynthos, and some coins mined from it were stamped with a swastika on one side and the Nemean Lion on the other side. Those who held the coins held a charismatic influence over others. The coins fell into the hands of the Romans and went from emperor to emperor. They eventually resurfaced in the Third Reich but disappeared after World War II. The only people who knew they went were Grimms, Nick’s ancestors. They took great care to protect the coins until 18 years ago, when the Grimm protecting the coins was found and murdered. The Grimm who died was the sister of the woman that Farley fell in love with. The woman left him to take care of her nephew when her sister died in a car accident in Rhineback, New York. Farley says that Nick should release him because he knows about the coins, and warns that once Nick has the coins, he will fight to the death to keep them.

Wu arrives to tell Nick that Brenner never reported back in, and they realize that Renard has gone to evidence to turn in the coins. Nick then checks on the car accident in Rhineback and discovers that a couple was killed in the crash.

Harper leaves work for the night and fumbles for her keys. Soledad is waiting for her and abducts her.

Nick goes to the trailer and checks Marie’s journals, and finds a picture identifying Farley as a steinadler, as well as one that identifies Soledad as a schakal. Monroe arrives in response to Nick’s call and agrees to translate the journal’s German writing. According to the journal, a Grimm encountered some schakal who were eating a baby and decapitated the creatures. Monroe warns that schakal are bad news and that the steinadlers are typically involved with the military in heroic roles. It’s hard to tell what side they’re on and the writer says that Grimms should trust their guts. Nick describes the coins and Monroe admits that he’s never heard of them. Once he’s done, Monroe starts to leave but notices an antique camera that belonged to Marie. He also finds a Kineclair projector and explains that his relative worked as a cameraman in Berlin in the 20s and his mother got all of his old stuff. Nick thanks him for his help and then looks at the cameras.

At home, Nick tells Juliette about how Farley says he knew someone in Rhineback… where Nick was born. Nick and Juliette figure that Farley is talking about his Aunt Marie, but Nick insists that he couldn’t bring his personal life into it for fear that Farley could use it against him. Juliette offers her help and Nick asks her to determine if Farley was living in Rhineback when he claims.

At home, Renard is holding the coins and looking at himself in a mirror.

Soledad takes Harper back into the morgue and asks what she found out about Samuel. She explains that he was poisoned and Soledad realizes that she found the coins. Once he confirms that the police have them, Soledad knocks her out.

Renard is unable to sleep, hearing the sound of cheering crowds in his head. He goes out on the balcony and looks out over the city to see thousands of people applauding him. Renard wakes up from his dream and makes sure that the coins are still on his bed stand.

The next day, Nick finds Hank waiting for him with a cup of coffee. Hank admits that he don’t know what happened to him. They have an ID on Soledad’s fingerprints, confirming that he has a length criminal record in Europe. Ballistics has cleared Farley, and shows him the hotel key that they took from Farley. The partners go to get a warrant.

Renard comes in, wearing his dress uniform, and has his men call a press conference at 2 that afternoon about the present state of law enforcement in Portland.

At a motel room, Soledad goes to Brenner’s corpse and shaves and trims his hair, and then removes Brenner’s uniform.

Nick and Hank go to the hotel room and find a suitcase beneath the bed. They also find some military gear and figure that Farley has trained in black ops. Inside the suitcase is a film canister with some old reels, and a letter from the OSS dated 1945. It’s signed by a W. Donovan, and talks about the discovery of 10 gold coins. They were to be shipped to Allied headquarters for safe keeping and contain arsenic. Hank admits that he was almost possessed, and Nick remembers that Renard took the coins. They get a call informing them that Harper was pistol-whipped and put into the hospital. Hank goes to talk to her while Nick takes the film reel.

Nick goes back to the station evidence room and examines the box that the coins were in. He finds the mark of the Nemean Lion inside of it, engraved in lead. Nick checks with the evidence officer, who confirms that Renard never brought the coins in. The officer then says that Renard has called a meeting and they have to go. As he leaves, Nick pockets the lead box. In the main room, Renard talks to the press and his officers about how they are going to fight back against moral decay. As Renard talks, Nick tells Hank that the coins were never checked in. Meanwhile, Renard vows to bring justice to every terrorized citizen in the city and the crowd cheers him. Among them is Soledad, wearing Brenner’s uniform.

After the speech, Nick and Hank tell Renard that the coins are missing, but Renard dismisses them. They figure that he has the coins. Juliette calls to tell Nick that Farley lived in Rhineback for five years and left the same year that his parents died. Nick tells Hank to watch Renard while he goes to Farley’s cell. He asks him to confirm that he was engaged to Marie Kessler, and neither side of the family was happy. Nick admits that Marie was his aunt and Farley realizes that she’s dead. He offers his condolences to Nick and wishes that he could have seen her one more time. Farley assures Nick that he can help him and warns that Soledad will soon make his move. He got the coins before in 1994, and was one of several creatures that killed Nick’s parents to get them. Farley figures that Soledad has fallen under the coin’s spell. Hank calls to tell Nick that they’ve found Brenner’s body. Farley figures that Soledad is there and asks Nick to get him out.

Soledad goes to the basement parking garage and disables the power. Meanwhile, Hank goes to Renard’s office and searches for the coins. Nick and Farley come in and Nick explains that Farley can help them. Renard has just left and they figure that Soledad will go after him for the coins.

Renard enters the darkened parking garage and makes his way to his car. Meanwhile, Nick, Farley, and Hank arrive in the basement and Farley can sense Soledad. Nick tells him to stay put and he and Hank go after Renard. They catch up to him just as Soledad attacks Renard. They exchange gunshots while Farley comes running and pulls Renard to safety. Hank finally manages to shoot Soledad and Nick runs to him and demands to know what happened with his parents, Reed and Kelly. Soledad begs to hold the coins one more time and then dies of his wound. Nick goes to Renard, who begs the officer to help him find the coins. There is no sign of Farley.

A few minutes later, Farley goes to his hotel room and discovers that his suitcase is gone. Nick is waiting for him and tells him to put the coins on the bed. Farley refuses and transforms, attacking Nick. Nick knocks him down and grabs the coins, and tells Farley to forget about them. He takes them to Marie’s trailer, puts them in the lead case, and locks them up. He then plays the footage on the projector, and confirms that Hitler wore two of the coins on his lapels while giving his speeches to the German people. As Nick studies the footage, he sees Hitler briefly transform into a creature.