1×15 Island of Dreams

Soon he was so in love with the witch’s daughter that he could think of nothing else. He lived by the light of her eyes and gladly did whatever she asked.

Renard and Adalind meet at an art museum and she reports that Hank hasn’t responded to her romantic overtures because he feels it would be unethical after he saved her life. Renard reminds Adalind that she can make herself irresistible to the detective and gives her a vial of blood that he obtained from Hank after his recent physical. When Adalind wonders why Renard is bothering with a normal human, the captain reminds her that he’s Nick’s partner, and that they can get to Nick through Hank.

Nick and Juliette are at home having dinner and she starts to suggest something to him. Nick assumes it’s about her recent abduction and admits that it’s been tough, but Juliette says that she wants him to teach her how to shoot so she can feel safe. Someone knocks at the door and Nick cautiously goes to check it out since they’re not expecting visitors. It’s Bud, their former repairman and secret eisbiber. He has a gift for Nick and explains that he feels bad about how they were spying on Nick. When Juliette comes over, Bud gives them the package and promises that nothing like the spying will happen again. He notices their broken door jamb from the troll break-in and offers to fix it, and then makes a hasty exit. Juliette wonders what’s going on and Nick gives her a vague explanation of how Bud and his neighbors thought he was someone else and were spying on them, but he cleared things up. The gift is an elaborate hand-crafted quilt and Juliette wonders why Bud would have felt that bad.

Two skalengecks, Clint Vickers, and Joshua Hall, are in their cheap apartment dosing themselves up on a drug known as J. It psychs them up and they grab their guns and go charging out to get more of the drug.

Adalind goes to the fuchsbau spice and tea shop and tells the owner, Freddy Calvert, that she has a list of supplies that she needs. Clearly intimidated, he gives them to her for free and sighs with relief when she leaves. Vickers and Hall charge in and beat Freddy, demanding the J. He directs them to the basement where they find several vials of the drug, and then the owner manages to set off the alarm. The thieves try to run out but Freddy grabs Vickers by the leg, transforms to his fuchsbau form, and rips out a piece of flesh. Vickers shoots him dead and limps off after Hall, while Freddy transforms back to his human face as he dies.

Nick and Hank get the call and check out Freddy’s body, and find the flesh in his mouth. Nick, having met Freddy before and knowing he dealt in illicit creature goods, goes down to the basement and the partners realize the killers took something. They have the tech teams check for drugs and head back to the station. Freddy’s only known family member is a sister, Rosalee. Nick calls to tell her that her brother is dead.

In her kitchen, Adalind mixes the ingredients from the spice store into cookie dough. As the final step, she includes Hank’s blood sample and some drops of her own blood, for the deceived and the deceiver, respectively.

Rosalee comes to the station to find out how her brother died, insisting that he was a simple shopkeeper. She claims that she has no idea that Freddy was doing anything illegal and insists that she just wants to close up the shop, bury her brother, and leave. Nick goes with her to the shop and watches as she sniffs at her brother’s blood, and sees her true face as a fuchsbau. Rosalee realizes that Nick is a Grimm and backs away, but he assures her that he didn’t kill Freddy. He admits that he knows that Freddy dealt in human organs but figures that the robbery was over something else, but Rosalee still insists she doesn’t know what Freddy was involved with. Hank calls to tell Nick that the lab tests on the spices have proven negative for drugs, and Nick tells his partner that Rosalee looks clean. Once he hangs up, Nick gives Rosalee his card and says to contact him if she finds out anything, and she admits that he’s not what she expected from a Grimm.

Vickers and Hall go back to their apartment, and Vickers sterilizes the bite with alcohol. As he stitches it together, he tells Hall that they have to go back. The cops won’t realize what is missing so they can just go in and get the rest of the J.

After work, Hank comes home and finds Adalind on his doorstep. She has some chocolate chip cookies him for a reward and convinces him to take some. Hank tries one and admits that it’s delicious, and Adalind half-jokingly warns him not to give any away as she leaves.

Nick visits Monroe and shows him the report, but Monroe says that he doesn’t understand the toxicology reports. He goes with Nick to the shop and they find Rosalee there. Monroe offers his condolences on the death of her brother, and then checks the basement and tells Nick that Freddy was handling J, a highly-addictive mold derivative that has an opiate effect on creatures. Rosalee overhears him and points out that Jay isn’t illegal under human drug laws. She agrees to help Nick find the thieves so that he can bring Freddy’s killer to justice. As Monroe starts to leave, Rosalee grabs him arm and shows him her true face, and Monroe shows her that he’s a bludbat. Since Monroe is a civilian, she realizes that Nick’s co-workers don’t know that he’s a Grimm and wonders how it works. Monroe admits that it’s complicated and Rosalee warns him that the situation with the thieves is also complicated.

When Juliette comes home through the back door, she hears someone at the front door trying the knob. She opens it and discovers that it’s Bud, working on the broken jam. He apologizes and gives her a cherry pie that his wife made, and then quickly leaves.

Rosalee is going through the shop inventory when Vickers and Hall come back. She hides in the basement as they search for the Jay and realize that someone has taken it. Rosalee’s cell phone rings and they quickly realize that someone is in the basement with them. After a brief struggle, Rosalee manages to get up the stairs, locking the door behind her to buy enough time for her to escape from the skalengecks.

When Nick returns home, Juliette shows him the pie and wonders why Bud keeps giving them gifts. The best Nick can suggest is that they’re very generous. Rosalee calls Nick and tells him that the skalengecks came back to the shop looking for Jay, and offers to identify them. Nick sends officers to bring her to the station and meets her there, and he finds them in the police database based on her description. As Nick works, Rosalee wonders how he manages to successfully have two lives, and envies his ability to do so. The detective points out that he checked her background and discovered that she had been arrested for a few B&Es. Rosalee insists that it’s behind her now and asks Nick to get Monroe to stand guard at her house because she wants someone there that she something in common with.

At home, Hank is trying to sleep but starts having hallucinations of Adalind taking a shower in his bathroom. When he opens the door, not sure if he’s awake or sleep, there’s no one there.

Monroe agrees to help and goes to Freddy’s apartment where Rosalee is staying. She thanks him for staying and tells him to take the couch while she sleeps in the bedroom.

The next morning, Hank gets up and eats another of the chocolate chip cookies.

Rosalee finds Monroe dozing on the couch and wakes him up. She heads off for the shop against Monroe’s advice, and the blutbad calls Nick to tell him where she’s going. At the station, Hank comes in and Wu notices the cookie that he’s eating. When he asks if Hank brought enough for everyone, Hank simply glares at him. Franco calls in to tell them that he’s spotted Vickers’ car and Nick tells Wu to go to the spice shop to keep an eye on Rosalee while he and Hank check out the car. Wu notices that Hank has left the cookie behind and starts eating it.

When the detectives get to the address, Franco tells them that he’s placed the suspects in a nearby tenement. While the officer goes around the back, the detectives go in the front. The skalengecks open fire on them, forcing the partners to split up and flank them. However, Hank sees who he thinks is Adalind walking through the building and goes after her. Nick is unable to contain the skalengecks on his own and they get away. When he finds his partner, Hank says that he saw someone but doesn’t know who, and that he went after them to keep them out of trouble.

At the spice shop, Rosalee explains to Monroe that her parents were apothecaries and she tried the profession but gave it up. As they talk, Wu suddenly stumbles into the shop, sweating and dizzy. He collapses and the two wesen go to him and discover that his face has erupted in feverish blisters.

Nick and Hank search the skalengecks’ belongings and find their drug equipment. Renard arrives and demands to know what happened, and Hank speaks up, ignoring Nick’s efforts to cover for him. He says that he got distracted and the perps escaped as a result. While Hank is talking, Nick gets a call from Monroe about Wu’s situation and that Rosalee thinks she can deal with it. Nick makes an excuse to go to the shop to check on Wu and leaves, and Renard tells Hank not to mess up again.

At the shop, Rosalee prepares a cure for Wu as Nick arrives. He wonders if they should take the sergeant to a hospital but Rosalee warns that they won’t know what to do. Nick and Monroe hold Wu down while Rosalee first dabs the blisters with the cure and then pours the rest down Wu’s mouth. Delirious, Wu sees their faces fall off before passing out.

Hank tries to call Adalind from the crime scene and finally gets through to Adalind. Well aware that he’s been trying to reach her, Adalind assures Hank that she’s fine and asks if he’s okay. Hank suggests that they go out for dinner but Adalind turns him down, and then says that he should try calling at the end of the week. Renard has overheard the whole thing with interest.

Rosalee manages to stabilize Wu’s condition and the blisters fade away. They take the sergeant to his apartment and Rosalee explains that she saw her father deal with a similar poisoning when someone took a potion designed for someone else. Monroe recognizes the potion and explains to Nick that it’s meant to cause a deep emotional bond between the victim and the creator, but will kill anyone else. When he hears about the drug paraphernalia at the thieves’ apartment, Monroe figures that they’ll come back for the remaining Jay. Nick has already figured out that Rosalee is a former Jay addict and asks if she can help. The fuchsbau admits that she was hooked until her brother helped her get cleaned, and knows that the skalengecks can get more Jay from an “island of dreams,” a crackhouse for monsters.

Nick convinces Rosalee to help and she goes to her old dealer, Cecil, to get tickets to the crackhouse. When she succeeds, they go to the address but Nick tells her to stay in the car. He and Monroe go inside and start searching for the skalengecks amidst the tents inside the warehouse. The two men push through the various wesen taking drugs and finally spot Vickers. Nick struggles with the skalengeck while his partner Hall runs out the door. Monroe goes after him but Hall gets the drop on him… and Rosalee knocks out the skalengeck from behind.

Later, Nick goes to see Wu, who admits that he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him. All he remembers is being hungry. Nick tells him to take it easy and call if he needs anything. As soon as he leaves, Wu starts taking the stuffing out of his sofa cushion and eating it.

Monroe goes to the shop to see Rosalee and offers her flowers in gratitude of her saving his life. He realizes that she’s moving in and Rosalee explains that she’s decided to stay in Portland for a while. Monroe offers to help her get settled in and she accepts.

Nick takes Juliette to the shooting range to practice, and discovers that she’s a natural marksman.

As Hank sleeps, he imagines Adalind stroking his forehead.