1×16 The Thing With Feathers

Sing my precious little golden bird, sing! I have hung my golden slipper around your neck.

At the station, Nick is checking with Hank about their outstanding cases, and his partner tells him that everything is under control and he can leave for the weekend. However, Nick still hesitates and worries that Juliette is going to say no when he proposes to her. Hank assures him that he has nothing to worry about and Nick gives him the address of Whispering Pines, the lodge where they’re going for the weekend.

At Whispering Pines, Robin Steinkellner is in the woods waiting for her friend, Gary Cardero. When he doesn’t show up, she calls and says that she can’t stay any longer, and that her husband will be angry if he finds out. Gary says that his car broke down and he’s waiting for a tow, and promises to be there tomorrow. Robin runs into the woods and says that she doesn’t have much time.

At the station, Hank tries to focus on his work but keeps staring at a photo of Adalind. Wu comes by and says that he’s going to be hanging out at home watching TV with his cat. As he sits down, he casually picks up a paper clip and eats it, but Hank is too distracted to notice.

Robin goes back to her home and her husband, Timothy, catches up to her outside the house and says it isn’t safe to be outside. He transforms into his bestial form and then tells Robin it’s time to eat, and she begs him to stop as she transforms into her own birdlike form. However, Timothy says that it’s important she get her vitamins in her condition and takes her inside. He then blends earthworms and other substances together for her.

Nick and Juliette drive to Whispering Pines and he tries to find the address for the house they’re staying at, the Owl’s Nest. They pull up to the corral and Nick gets out to ask for directions. Timothy answers the door and tells Nick that he’s there. Glass breaks inside and Timothy briefly transforms, and Nick notices him. Timothy, unaware that Nick is on to him, says that he’s cooking and gives him directions to the house. Meanwhile, Juliette sees Robin looking out briefly. When Nick gets back to the car, she admits that there’s something creepy going on but he says that they’re not staying there so they don’t have to worry about it. They continue on their luxurious lodge.

That night, Hank is parked outside of Adalind’s apartment, watching her. He tries to call her and watches as she checks her phone and then hangs up. A man, Peter, pulls up and Adalind kisses him and brings him inside, while Hank looks on and grows increasingly angry.

At the lodge, Nick pours champagne while Juliette lights the candles. However, she looks out the window and sees Timothy struggling with Robin. He drags her inside and Juliette calls for Nick to take a look. By the time he arrives, Timothy is already back inside, and Nick calls the police to report a domestic disturbance.

Inside the house, Timothy straps Robin to a table and force-feeds her the earthworm blend.

When Peter comes outside, Hank confronts him and tells him to stay away from Adalind. When Peter objects, Hank draws his gun, grabs Peter, and repeats his demand, and Peter quickly leaves.

As Nick and Juliette watch, Sheriff Munson pulls up to Timothy’ house and knocks at the door. Timothy answers and lets the sheriff come inside. Nick figures that settles things and goes back to Juliette, who wonders if trouble is following them. She wants to talk about all the things that have been happening recently, and Nick admits that it’s been a lot. However, he assures her that it’s going to calm down. The sheriff drives away and Juliette wonders why he isn’t arresting Timothy, but Nick points out that if the wife doesn’t press charges then there’s nothing the law can do. Juliette isn’t convinced and wonders if Robin will be dead the next time Timothy attacks her. Nick says that they did all they can do but Juliette doesn’t think that it’s enough. As Nick looks out the window, he sees Timothy looking toward them and closes the drapes.

Peter meets with Renard and tells him what Hank did, and the captain is satisfied that everything is going well. He dismisses Peter after he thanks Renard for giving him the opportunity to help.

Nick calls Monroe at 2:30 a.m. and describes Timothy to him. Monroe confirms that he’s a klaustreich, a cat-like creature that tends to abuse the women close to them. His girlfriend in high school left him for one, got pregnant, and gave birth during prom, and then slashed her face later when her parents called the cops on him. Nick thanks him for his help and Monroe warns him to sleep with one eye open.

The next day, Nick has everything planned for the day, and he plans to get some groceries for a special dinner he’s preparing. Meanwhile, Robin goes into town and meets Gary, who works at the grocery store. He tells her to meet him with the money at 6 and says that they have to get out soon. Juliette is shopping and runs into Robin, and explains that they’re staying at the house near hers. Robin looks around nervously and becomes interested when Juliette mentions that Nick is a police. Elsewhere in the store, Gary is putting cans on the shelves and Timothy follows him. Juliette offers to help Robin if she’s in trouble, but Timothy interrupts to tell her that it’s time to leave. Nick is up at the checkout counters and sees Robin transform briefly and deliberately so that he can see her.

Monroe goes to the spice shop to help Rosalee and she finds passports from Brazil, Canada, and Germany. They all have photos of her brother Freddy but different names. Nick calls Monroe and gives him a description of Robin, and Monroe confirms that it’s a seltenvogel, a rare creature highly valued and usually kept prisoner. Once in their life, they produce a large glandular stone called a unbezahlbar. Rosalee checks Freddy’s book and determines that it’s a mineral deposit made out of gold that grows in the throat sac, similar to an egg. When it gets too big it needs to be delivered intact. When Monroe realizes that Robin is involved with the klaustreich, he warns Nick that as soon as Timothy gets what he wants, he’ll dispose of Robin.

Adalind is at home finishing her shower when the door behind her opens. She’s goes to check and Renard comes up behind her. He tells her that Hank is obsessed with her, just as they planned, and wants her to answer Hanks’ next call. Adalind points out how dangerous it is for her and Renard assures her that she can handle it. He starts to kiss her then turns away and leaves.

Nick and Juliette return to the cabin and look at Timothy’s cabin, and Juliette reluctantly admits that they did everything they could. Nick agrees and tries to focus back on them.

At the house, Robin mixes a vial of powder into Timothy’s tea and serves it to him. She starts knitting and suggests that he try the tea, but Timothy says that he’s not thirsty. The phone rings and Timothy takes it, and then tells Robin that a friend, Kevin, hit a deer and needs a ride home. Once he leaves, Robin goes to the window and makes sure that he’s left.

At the cabin, Juliette sees Timothy leave. She calls Nick over and they see Robin leave, and he agrees to go and check on her while Juliette stays at the cabin.

Adalind is at home and finally takes Hank’s call. She says that she’s been too busy to get back to him and accepts his offer to meet him for dinner the next night.

Nick goes over to Timothy’s house and approaches through the woods.

Gary is on the road waiting for Robin when he hears someone moving in the woods. Timothy in his klaustreich leaps out of the woods and attacks him.

Robin runs through the woods and gets to Gary’s car. However, she discovers that he’s dead. Timothy is waiting for her and says that Robin should never have involved Gary in their business.

Nick follows Robin’s tracks through the woods and hears something crash up ahead. He runs to investigate and sees Timothy driving away in his truck with Robin. The detective looks around and finds Gary’s car, dumped in the woods with Gary dead in the driver’s seat. He calls Sheriff Munson and tells him that Gary is dead. Munson tells him that he’s on his way.

Juliette sees Timothy and Robin return and calls Nick, who tells her to stay in the house. Meanwhile, Timothy forcefeeds Robin again and examines the lump in her throat. Nick comes in and tells him to turn it off, and Timothy turns it on high and then attacks Nick. Nick knocks him out the window in their struggle and then shuts down the feeding machinery. He frees her and takes her to the cabin, and Juliette goes to get her some water. Robin realizes that Nick is a Grimm and asks why he’s helping her, and he suggests they talk about it later.

Munson arrives but Robin tells Nick and Juliette that the sheriff is Tim’s cousin and is in on the whole thing. Meanwhile, Munson goes into the house and Timothy tells him that they’re dealing with a Grimm. They figure that Nick wants the gold for himself and they both head up to the cabin.

Robin tells Nick that there’s only one road out and Munson and Timothy will be waiting. She runs out and Juliette tells Nick to go after her while she sneaks out and calls the state police. Juliette gets out her gun and tells Nick that she’ll be okay. Munson and Timothy break into the house a minute later and realize that Nick’s car is still there. They figure Nick can’t get Robin far in her condition and go into the woods after him.

Nick runs after Robin and finally finds her, ready to “deliver.” He calls Rosalee and asks for her help removing the stone before it cuts off her airway. Monroe is there and watches as Rosalee walks Nick through the procedure. He gets it out safely and confirms that Robin is breathing normally again. Once he hangs up, Nick offers her the stone back but she says that she never wanted it. Timothy and Munson arrive and Nick threatens to break the stone if they don’t back off. They offer him a cut but Nick tosses it into the air and tackles Munson, while Timothy grabs the stone. Juliette arrives and Nick has her watch Munson while he goes after Timothy. The klaustreich trips and the stone flies up and smashes into a tree branch, shattering into a thousand pieces. As Nick arrives, the gold shards rain down and Nick takes Timothy into custody.

Back at home, Nick apologizes to Juliette for what happened and then proposes to her. She hesitates and then says that she can’t. Juliette explains that she wants to marry him someday but she can’t right now. When Nick wonders why, Juliette says that she feels like he’s been keeping things from her. She thinks that it has to do with Marie’s death, and won’t marry him until he opens up to her. Crying, Nick gets up and walks away.

Hank and Adalind have dinner.