1×17 Love Sick

Forgive me for the evil I have done you; my mother drove me to it; it was done against my will.

Nick goes to Marie’s trailer and takes out the key that Marie gave him and the small device attached. He goes through the drawers and shelves but doesn’t find the keyhole that matches it.

As Renard goes to his car, a man comes up behind him and captures him at gunpoint. Renard recognizes the man as Woolsey, and Woolsey informs Renard that his cousin wants to see him.

As Nick sits down, he knocks over some items on Marie’s desk and spills some ink on the key. Realizing that there’s a pattern, he stamps it onto a piece of paper. Juliette calls to remind him that they have reservations and he assures her that he’s on the way.

Renard drives to a warehouse to meet his cousin, Anton Krug, who apologizes for his “invitation” and explains that his time is limited. He tells Renard that the family is concerned and that Renard should either give them the key or let them take it from the Grimm. Renard says he’s on it but Krug says that they want answers. After a moment, Renard disarms Woolsey and shoots Krug, and then tells Woolsey to relay the message that his answer is no. When Woolsey says that they’ll kill him, Renard agrees and shoots him as well.

Later, Nick and Juliette go to the restaurant to meet Hank and his mystery date. Nick admits that Hank hasn’t told him who he’s dating. Inside, Hank introduces Adalind, who Nick remembers as the creature who killed his aunt. While Hank goes to get their table, Adalind makes small talk with Juliette and Nick makes several pointed remarks.

Renard goes to the home of a woman, Catherine, who smells violence on him but doesn’t have a problem with it. She invites him in.

Over dinner, Adalind talks about her law career and Nick notes that two her lawyers were recently killed at her firm. When Adalind takes a call from her office, Hank says that she’s genuine but Nick notes that it sounds a little too good to be true. He then gets up, claiming he’s going to the restroom. Once he leaves, Hank admits that one day he woke up and just couldn’t stop thinking about Adalind.

Nick goes after Adalind and asks her what she’s doing, and she claims she’s just falling in love. He tells her to stay out of Hank’s life and doesn’t believe her claim, and threatens to scream if Nick doesn’t let her go. As she walks away, Nick goes into the restroom and hit the wall in frustration. Hank comes in and tells them that they’ve got a call on two dead bodies, and asks what’s going on. Nick says that there’s something going on between him and Juliette and he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Catherine asks if her debt is paid if Adalind succeeds, and he assures her that it will be. Renard flirts with her briefly and then tells her that he needs to make sure his plan goes as intended. She wonders what will happen if he finds the key, and Renard tells her that those that help will be remembered.

Nick and Hank arrive at the crime scene and Wu tells them that there are two dead bodies in a Cadillac. As they talk, Nick notices that Wu is eating chapstick, but the sergeant insists that he wasn’t. Hank IDs the two bodies and asks Nick what he thinks of Adalind, and Nick says that he doesn’t see it working out. He suggests that Adalind might be taking advantage of him and that as cops, they can’t get involved. Hank suggests that Nick try getting to know her and then finds a cell phone beneath the car. As Wu brings him an evidence bag, he eats more of the chapstick.

Back at the station, Wu buys a soda and then eats the change without noticing, while Renard asks the detectives what progress they’ve made. They figure that Krug and Woolsey shot each other, but they drove together and flew in together. Nick suggests that there might have been a third man but admits that they don’t have evidence. Hank shows him the cell phone but says that it broke when it hit the ground. After the captain leaves, Wu reports that the two men checked in their guns through the airport. Realizing that it’s late, Hank leaves to go see Adalind. Wu tells Nick that he’s been having some stomach problems recently but says that he’s been eating well. As he goes, he tells Nick that he’s going to pass out and then collapses. As Nick goes to help him, Renard picks up the bag with the cell phone and walks away.

Adalind comes home and finds Catherine waiting for her. She welcomes her mother and says that she’s working for Renard. Catherine tells her to make sure that everything goes the way that Renard wants, and figures that Adalind still loves Renard. Adalind says that it doesn’t make a difference, and warns Catherine that Hank’s partner is the Grimm. She figures that things will get ugly and Catherine assures her that she can handle it. Hank calls and Catherine tells her to answer it and smile. He apologizes and suggests that he stop by for a few minutes, and Adalind says him that his mother is here and asks to take a rain check. Hank is parked outside and sees Catherine through the window, and then hangs up.

At the hospital, the doctor explains to Nick that they discovered that Wu was eating a variety of small objects. She suggests that Wu is doing it because of stress and tells Nick that he should get him some help. Nick then goes to see Monroe and tells him what happened with Adalind. Monroe warns that breaking up with a hexenbiest is dangerous and explains that they always captivate their men using potions. He suggests that Rosalee might know more and Nick asks him to call her.

Renard puts on a pair of rubber gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints and replaces the sim card in Krug’s phone with a different one.

Nick and Monroe go to Rosalee’s shop and notes that Hank fell under Adalind’s spell about the time that her brother Freddy died. She checks the records and confirms that someone bought three ingredients from her brother and that the recipe makes someone goes from deeply in love until deeply dead. Rosalee admits that she’s not sure if she can cure Hank if the relationship has gone too far. She promises to try and find an antidote and starts checking to see which recipe is involved.

Renard puts the cell phone back on Nick’s desk.

Monroe helps Rosalee go through her books and she realizes that Wu may have fallen victim to the same potion. She talks about real love being hard to find and Monroe commiserates.

Catherine tends to her daughter, who complains that she has to keep leeches on for a half hour to stay beautiful. Renard calls and tells Adalind to put things in motion.

The next morning, Nick goes back to the station and Hank points out that he forgot to take the cell phone down to evidence. Nick assures him that Wu is doing okay and Hank worries that he should have sent Adalind flowers after they were called away. Before Nick can say anything, Adalind calls Hank and invites him over to her place that night. She tells Hank to tell Nick that she says hi, and Nick takes the phone. He apologizes and asks what she’s cooking that night, and makes a veiled comment that she has Hank under her spell. Once Adalind hangs up, Renard compliments her on her performance and says that she’s incredibly powerful. Meanwhile, Nick tries to warn Hank again when the lab tech comes over with the cell phone. She says that the sim card is brand new and Nick wonders why there’s a new card in an old phone. Nick thinks that something is wrong, but Hank is more worried about taking flowers to Adalind.

Rosalee finally finds the potion recipe and wakes up the sleeping Monroe. The potion is a “death for love” spell.

Nick goes to see Renard and says that the facts in the case aren’t adding up. He suggests that there’s a third man involved and lays out what Renard did, including making it look like Krug and Woolsey shot each other. Renard says that the two men had political connections back in Europe and their families don’t want anyone involved. Nick gets a call from Monroe, who warns that Hank is close to death.

Back at the shop, Rosalee tells Nick that the potion is designed to cause obsessive behavior until the brain overloads and the body shuts down. She admits that she just treated Wu’s symptoms and didn’t cure him, and he could feel compelled to eat objects. Rosalee has all of the ingredients for a cure and figures that it will work on Wu and Hank. She goes to work and creates it, and then demonstrates the nasuflamme that Nick will have to use it to inject the antidote into Hank’s nostrils.

Wu is at home eating carpet in his underwear when Nick and the others arrive. They kick down the door when they realize that Wu is having another attack and Rosalee administers the antidote. Wu spasms and locks up, and then snaps out of it. He looks up and spits out carpeting, and wonders if he’s dreaming, and then runs to the bedroom to put on some clothes. Nick calls Hank, who is going into Adalind’s, and says he has big plans and hangs up. The three of them leave as a puzzled Wu comes back out of the bedroom.

Adalind lets Hank in and gets him into the bedroom. A few minutes later, she leaves out the back way. Out front, Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee arrive. Monroe warns that the hexenbiest can be dangerous and it will be hard for Nick to explain to Hank why he gunned down his girlfriend. They go inside and find Hank in the bedroom, unconscious. Rosalee confirms that he’s still alive but realizes that Adalind altered the potion so her antidote is useless. Since Hank had sex with Adalind, he’s in a coma. The only way to cure him is to kill Adalind and use her blood.

Adalind calls Nick and is glad to hear that he found Hank. She tells Nick that Hank will be dead by morning unless Nick meets her at the Bremen Ruins and gives her Marie’s key. Once Nick hangs up, Rosalee explains that Nick will need to use his blood to cure Hank.

Nick goes to the ruins and finds Adalind waiting for him. He tells her that he’s not giving her the key and that it’s time to settle their differences. Adalind attacks him and the two fight it out.

Monroe paces nervously in Adalind’s bedroom, and Rosalee assures him that Nick needed to do it on his own. If Hank wakes up, then Adalind is dead.

The Grimm finally manages to pin the hexenbiest down and he kisses her. She instinctively bites his lip, spilling his blood, and Nick backs away. Adalind wonders what he’s done and then her spirit is freed from her body and fades away.

Hank wakes up and Rosalee and Monroe go to his side.

Nick goes to Adalind, who wakes up and clutches at the blood on her mouth. She realizes that Nick has stripped her of her powers, taking everything from her. Now she’s just like everybody else. Stunned, Adalind wanders off into the forest. Monroe calls to tell Nick that his partner is fine but wondering what they’re doing there.

Adalind goes to Catherine’s home and her mother realizes that Nick got his blood into him. She slaps her daughter and says that she should have known what getting the key meant to them. Renard comes in and Adalind wonders how Nick knew about her weakness. The captain says that Nick is smarter than her and admits that he underestimated Nick. Catherine, disgusted with her daughter’s failure, says that she doesn’t need to do anything to Adalind because she’s nothing now but another pretty girl. Crying, Adalind leaves the house and walks off into the night.

Later, Nick goes to the trailer and gets a full impression from the key. He studies the pattern and realizes that it forms a map.