1×18 Cat and Mouse

“Perhaps some accident has befallen him,” said the king, and the next day he sent out two more huntsmen who were to search for him.

Nick is at his aunt’s trailer, making journal entries on his recent cases.

In Washington, DC, fuchsbau Ian Harmon is trying to avoid a hundjager that is on his trail. He manages to make his way cross-country to St. Louis, but the hundjager continues on his trail and breaks into Ian’s hotel room. Ian manages to ambush the man, takes his gun, and kill him. He confirms that the dead man has a tattoo on his right palm and then climbs out the window to escape. The next morning, the hundjager’s partner, Edgar Waltz, finds his partner and checks the phone number written on the desk pad to confirm that Ian is heading for Portland by bus.

Ian gets off the bus at the Portland bus depot and finds Edgar waiting for him. The hundjager opens fire and hits Ian once, shooting through his rucksack. When Edgar goes over to check, he finds the rucksack and blood on the ground, but no sign of Ian.

When Renard comes home later that night, he finds Edgar waiting for him. The two know each other and Edgar identifies himself as a member of the Verrat by the tattoo on his right palm. Renard draws a gun on him and warns him not to break into his home again, but Edgar simply explains that he’s hunting Ian, a member of the Laufer resistance in Europe. He’s there to kill Ian and any other members of the resistance in Portland. Renard isn’t interested in helping the Europeans, but Edgar warns him that the High Command won’t be happy if he refuses to assist.

The next day, Hank stops by the house to pick up Nick. Juliette talks about Adeline and Hank admits that she must have drugged him since he doesn’t remember anything from the night she disappeared until he woke up in Adeline’s bedroom with Monroe and Rosalee there. Nick comes down and grabs a quick bite to eat, and Hank tells him that they’ve been called to the bus depot to investigate the shooting.

When Rosalee opens the shop for the day, the wounded Ian grabs her. She manages to escape him but soon realizes who he is and recognizes him as a former associate. Ian explains that he’s a wounded fugitive and asks to talk to Freddy, and Rosalee explains that her brother was killed a few weeks earlier. The resistance member tells her that he needs a passport to get out of the country because he lost the one in his rucksack, and that Freddy was his last hope.

When the detectives get to the bus depot, Wu brings the up to speed on what happened. The killer used a 9mm gun and the bus driver witnessed the whole thing. The driver, Melvin, explains that he tried to follow Ian to return his discarded hat and saw the whole thing. He describes Ian’s rucksack and has Ian’s (fake) name from the bus ticket he handed over in St. Louis.

Monroe comes to see Rosalee and immediately realizes that something is wrong. She introduces him to Ian and explains that they can’t take him to the hospital because he’s on the run and wouldn’t be able to explain the gunshot wound. Monroe knows about the Laufer and Rosalee explains that Ian works as a journalist but also leads the resistance in Europe. When he wonders what she plans to do, Rosalee gets her father’s surgical tools out and prepares to remove the bullet.

At the station, Nick checks the surveillance footage from the depot and locates Ian, carrying the discarded rucksack. Hank reports that the 9mm bullets from the crime scene are manufactured in Germany and date back to the early 20th century. While they call the St. Louis police to see if they can find out anything, they figure that the would-be killer will keep going after Ian.

Edgar goes to a bar for wessen, still carrying Ian’s discarded rucksack. As he goes through the contents, including Ian’s passport, two wessen get into a fight. Quinn the bartender, a lausenschlange, tosses the two drunks out and gives Edgar a free beer as way of an apology. Edgar asks Quinn if he can recommend someone that can forge a passport and the bartender gives him an address. However, as Edgar leaves he inadvertently leaves Ian’s passport behind. Quinn recognizes the face and Edgar reveals his true face and then shoots the lausenschlange dead.

As Rosalee cuts out the bullet, she admits to Monroe that she was involved with Ian for a year and a half and trusts him. Monroe jealously asks why they separated and Rosalee admits that she wasn’t happy when Ian decided to leave her to devote his time to the Laufer. Once she removes the bullet, Monroe suggests that they get Nick involved. The delirious Ian wakes up and transforms into his fuchsbau form, and Rosalee transforms as well to reassure him.

Nick and Hank are called in on the bar shooting and the CTU techs confirm that the same gun was used at the bus depot. They also find the discarded passport and use the ID photo to confirm that Ian was the man at the bus depot. Edgar, using a fake ID, claims that he saw the shooting and Nick takes his statement where he claims that he saw Ian shoot Quinn. Nick shows Edgar the passport, startling the hundjager and causing him to momentarily reveal his true face. When he realizes that Nick is a Grimm, the detective assures him that he has noting to worry about from him and Edgar agrees to help.

As Ian recovers at the apothecary shop, he warns Rosalee and Monroe that he’s being tracked. They suggest that he turn to Nick at help, explaining that he’s different from other Grimms that they’ve heard about. Ian is reluctant to accept a Grimm’s help but reluctantly agrees to put his life in Nick’s hands.

Nick and Hank meet Renard and tell him what they’ve discovered, but don’t believe that the facts add up to Ian being the shooter as Edgar claimed. The captain tells them to track down Ian and the shooter from the bus depot. As Nick steps out of the office, Monroe calls to ask him to come to the shop and meet with Ian. Meanwhile, Edgar calls Renard in his office and asks about the investigation. He tells Renard that he can now track down Ian using the police department as cover, and then asks about Nick. Renard admits that Nick doesn’t work for him or even know who he really is, and Edgar warns him that he’s playing dangerous game. The hundjager then goes to the address that Quinn gave him, of a camera shop owned by a mauzhertz named Reginald. Edgar admires the man’s photos of his family and then threatens to kill them unless Reginald tells him the truth about whether he’s seen Ian.

When Nick gets to the store, Monroe tells him what happened but Nick draws on Ian when he recognizes him as the man from the bus depot. He warns Monroe and Rosalee that Ian is wanted for Quinn’s murder, but Rosalee explains how Ian lost his rucksack with the passport and confirms that she was operating on Ian when Quinn as killed. Ian explains that Edgar is setting him up so that Nick will arrest him, putting him where the hundjager can easily find him. Nick lowers his gun and Ian explains that Edgar is an enforcer for the Verrat, an organization of seven royal houses that use the hundjager as their enforcers. The Verrat has infiltrated European governments at every level and only the Laufer oppose them. The Calvert family has been resistance members for centuries, but Rosalee wanted no part of the struggle. Ian admits that he was suspicious of Nick because in Europe, the Grimms work with the Verrat to help them control the wessen and maintain order. Monroe and Rosalee explains that Ian needs a passport since he lost his original one, and that he came to the shop to get Freddy’s help. Nick says that his first priority is finding Edgar and tells Ian to stay put.

Rosalee offers to help Ian and goes to one of Freddy’s contacts to get a passport: Reginald. He recognizes the photo of Ian and glances at his family photos. He eventually tells Rosalee that he’ll help.

Nick goes back to Marie’s trailer and goes through some of the antique film reels that he had obtained,. One of them is set during the Spanish Civil War and has Verrat hundjagers executing wessen simply for breeding outside of their own kind. The detective is interrupted when Edgar calls to suggests that they meet at the bus depot under the conditions of something he calls “friedenreden.” Nick doesn’t know what the term means but agree and writes the word down.

At the apothecary, Monroe nervously waits for Rosalee to come back. When Ian suggests that he must care deeply about Rosalee, Monroe says that he cares about all of his friends, including Nick. Nick calls to ask for a translation of Edgar’s term, and Ian explains that it’s a truce where both parties meet, unarmed, to discuss their differences. However, he warns Nick that once the truce is over, either side is free to attack the other. As the Laufer hangs up, he realizes that Edgar is closing in on him.

At the bus depot, Nick and Edgar meet and Nick accuses Edgar of killing Quinn. He says that he plans to arrest the hundjager and doesn’t care about the truce, saying that he brought a gun. Edgar says that he did as well and promises to shoot as many innocents as he can. The hundjager suggests that they work together, noting that Grimms work with the Verrat in Europe as allies of convenience. However, Nick refuses, saying that they’re not in Europe. Edgar receives a call from Reginald and takes it privately, and Reginald tells him that Rosalee is there trying to get a passport for Ian. The hundjager tells him to stall her and then tells Nick that he’s going. He warns the Grimm that if Nick follows him then he’ll shoot the first person he sees.

Back at the station, Nick meets with Renard and tells him about Edgar’s demands to turn over Ian. None of them agree to negotiate with an obvious lunatic despite the threat to innocents. Wu comes in to tell them that they coordinated the signal from the phone that Edgar used at the depot. It’s an untraceable burner phone but they have got a signal from its current location at the camera shop.

Reginald gives Rosalee Ian’s new passport and offers his condolences on her brother’s death. Once she leaves, Edgar comes out of the back and Reginald reminds him of his promise not to harm his family. Edgar assures him that he won’t touch his family. A few seconds later he goes after Rosalee, following her to the shop.

Nick and the others arrive at the camera shop and discover that Reginald is dead, killed by a single shot to the head. They also find Edgar’s burner phone and Renard figures that Edgar has been playing them.

At the shop, Edgar comes in and pretends to be a customer. Rosalee says that she’ll be with him in a minute but discovers that Reginald slipped a note into the passport warning her about Edgar. She tries to get her phone but Edgar draws his gun and tells her to call Ian and get him there. Rosalee calls Monroe at his home where he’s watching Ian, and Edgar takes the phone and tells him that he’ll kill Rosalee if Ian isn’t at the shop in fifteen minutes.

As Monroe and Ian drive to the shop, Monroe calls Nick and tells him what’s going on. Nick warns them that Edgar will kill them all anyway but Monroe says that he doesn’t have a choice. The Grimm asks Monroe to wait five minutes until he can get there.

At the shop, Edgar tries to rationalize his behavior, insisting that the oppressed inevitably become the oppressors and that his way is best because he stays above it all. Rosalee doesn’t believe him.

Monroe and Ian arrive outside and Monroe prepares to go in, figuring that Edgar hasn’t seen him and doesn’t know his connection to Rosalee and Ian. As Monroe starts to give in to his blutbad nature, Ian warns him that Edgar will use his temper against him. Nick arrives and says that he has a plan of sorts. He’ll stall Edgar, who doesn’t know that Rosalee and Monroe are his friends. Monroe reluctantly agrees and Nick goes in. He tells the hundjager that he has Ian outside. Monroe then comes in, saying that he’s a fuchsbau and that he has Ian, and has no idea who Nick is. Together they manage to distract Edgar long enough for Rosalee to throw some spices in his face. Monroe transforms into full blutbad mode and tackles Edgar, throwing him to the ground and disarming him. Ian comes in and picks up the gun and prepares to shoot his tracker. Nick tells him to stop but Ian says that Edgar won’t stop and shoots him twice. Shocked, Nick says that there should have been another way.

Nick has no choice but to arrest Ian, ignoring Rosalee’s warning that she’s endangering the Laufer leader. He assures her that she has nothing to feel sorry about as she hugs him. Monroe objects as well, but Nick tells him that he has to get Edgar’s body out of the shop. As Monroe and Rosalee go back into the shop, Nick drives Ian… to the bus depot. He gives him the passport and the money that Rosalee had saved for him and tells the resistance leader to get out of Portland and never come back.

Later, the police find Edgar’s body in a park. Renard and the detectives arrive and Nick confirms Edgar’s identity from his passport. He suggests that Ian may have shot Edgar and that they should track him down, but Renard says that someone else may catch up to Ian first.