1×19 Leave it to Beavers

“Wait!” the troll said, jumping in front of him. “This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to go across.”

Nick takes some of his aunt’s medieval weaponry out into the woods to spar with Monroe, who is using his blutbad form. After practicing some hand-to-hand fighting, Nick tries out a double-shot crossbow with drugged darts from Marie’s collection. While he aims, Nick explains to Monroe that there are some wesen that he can’t use normal weapons against. Nick splits a melon with one shot and then goes to work with a weighted club.

That night, building inspector Salvadore Butrell goes to a bridge construction site and meets with the construction company’s owner, an eisbiber named Robert Grosszahn. Robert refuses to pay Sal any further, threatening to go to the district attorney rather than give into his extortion demands. Sal transforms his into troll-like hasslich form and beats the man unconscious. He’s unaware that an eisbiber worker, Arnold Rosarot, is at the site. As Arnold watches, Sal drowns Robert in cement. The eisbiber calls 911 and gets through, but then panics and backs into some pipes. Sal hears the noise and goes after him, but Arnold manages to escape in his truck before the hasslich can catch him. Arnold drives to the home of John Oblinger, Bud’s cousin, and hides in the basement. John hears Arnold moving in the basement and goes to investigate, and Arnold tells him that he saw something horrible.

The next day, Hank and Nick are called to the crime scene and Wu tells them who the victim was. They have a report on the 911 call and have it traced, and find Robert’s PDA in his truck. The record shows that he had a 9:30 meeting with a SB. When they get Arnold’s address back from the 911 trace, they go there and find no sign of Arnold. However, Nick spots a photo of Arnold posing with Bud and John, who Nick recognizes, and he realizes that their witness is an eisbiber.

At home that night, Juliette catches a glimpse of Nick’s notes on the case and wonders what an eisbiber is. He puts her off and she suggests that they invite Monroe over to dinner since he saved her life. Nick tries to dodge the issue, warning her that Monroe is a loner, but Juliette persists until Nick gives in.

The next day, Nick goes to see Monroe and warns the blutbad that they’d have trouble explaining to Juliette how they met. Monroe is shocked to realize that they’d have to lie about everything but is interested in the free food and warns Nick that they can’t duck the issue forever. Nick suggests they pick a simple story and stick to it, and Monroe says that they should tell the truth as much as possible.

Nick and Hank go to Robert’s office and talk to his secretary, Diana Massey. She insists that Robert didn’t have any enemies at the company and that they’re all one big family. The only problems he was having was with the Portland planning commission. Diana doesn’t know anything about SB or the 9:30 meeting, which didn’t go through her. She does direct them to Sal at the city inspection office. When the detectives talk to Sal, has says that he didn’t really know Robert and that he was at a poker game at his club at the time of the murder. When Nick shows him the PDA, Sal briefly loses control and Nick sees his true face, and Sal realizes that Nick is a Grimm. To cover for the PDA appointment, Sal says that Robert scheduled a meeting with him but never called back, and has his assistant Herman Nimerfro confirm his poker game alibi. However, once Nick and Hank leave, Sal calls in his other assistant Sammy and tells the two hasslichs that they’re dealing with a Grimm.

Nick goes to see bud at his repair shop and asks for his help finding Arnold. Bud is surprised that an eisbiber saw the murder and admits that he hasn’t seen Arnold in weeks. He recognizes Nick’s sketch of Sal’s true face and explains that hasslich consider bridges their private property. Since all of the construction companies in town are owned by eisbiber, the hasslich always demand payment when they build bridges. Bud reluctantly agrees to help track down Arnold and contact Nick once he finds him.

That night, Monroe arrives for dinner and he and Nick awkwardly greet each other. At dinner they stick to their story, claiming that Monroe has helped Nick with several cases starting with the postman’s abduction of the little girl. However, they soon get their stories tangled up and get even more confused trying to explain things without contradicting each other.

Bud figures that his cousin John is hiding Arnold, and they warn Arnold that he can’t hide for the rest of his life. They figure that if Arnold testifies then they can help out Nick and him on their good side. However, Arnold warns that even if he can avoid the hasslichen after testifying, the trolls will go after the rest of the eisbiber community. John admits that he’s right and suggests that since it’s a community decision, they should take it to the Lodge, and Bud agrees with his cousin.

Sal and his men meet to discuss the situation and he figures that they have to call in the Reapers to dispose of Nick. Sammy and Herman warn against it, saying that the Reapers are dangerous to wesen as well, but Sal says that he had a great-uncle that was a Reaper and figures he can appeal to them for help.

Once Monroe leaves, Juliette and Nick do dishes and she admits that Monroe is strange but lovable. Nick gets a call from Bud asking him to meet at the old power plant the next night where the issue will be voted on, and Nick promises to be there.

Once Sal makes a call, the Reaper and his superior, Yannick, meet in Mannheim, Germany. They admit that Renard has Portland under his control. However, when a second Reaper, Junkers, arrives, the Reapers figure that Renard won’t be expecting two Reapers.

The next night, Nick goes to the power plant and Bud escorts him inside. The eisbiber explains that Nick will have to convince his people to take responsibility for their own lives.

When the two Reapers arrive in Portland, they contact him by phone and tell him to meet them.

The Lodge members gather and the arguments go back and forth between fighting back against the hasslichen and maintaining their current arrangement of payoffs. Bud introduces Nick and explains that Sal will get away with killing Robert if Arnold doesn’t testify. Nick promises to do everything he can for them, both as a cop and as a Grimm, but warns them that ultimately they have to help themselves. Arnold lurks in the back of the crowd and refuses to step forward. The eisbiber continue to argue among themselves but when they vote, the majority side with protecting Arnold and paying off the hasslichen. As Nick goes, Bud goes with him and apologizes, admitting that bravery isn’t in their nature. Nick thanks Bud for trying, saying at least some of them have some guts.

When Sal arrives at the meeting spot, the Reapers ambush him.

At John’s home, Bud tells John that they failed and that he realizes what Nick saw about their kind. He admits that for the first time in his life he’s ashamed to be an eisbiber. In the cellar, Arnold listens to the two men discuss their situation.

The Reapers wake Sal up and demand some answers.

Nick and Hank tell Renard that without Arnold, their case against Sal falls through. Renard tells them to put as many men on it as they need and dismisses them. As Nick comes out, he discovers that Arnold has come in with Bud and John and is ready to testify.

The Reapers accuse Sal of working with Nick to set up a trap for them. He points out that he called them and that he wants Nick dead. Meanwhile, Nick calls Sal on his cell phone and the Reapers take the call. They realize that Nick is calling Sal and figure that confirms their suspicions. They put Sal on and Nick tells the building inspector to come downtown. As a Reaper holds a knife to his throat, Sal says that since they know who the other really is, they need to have a private face-to-face meeting and asks Nick to meet him at his club.

Nick and Hank go to the club and find a beaten Sal waiting for them. He goes willingly with them while the Reapers watch from their car and confirm who Nick is. At the station, Arnold picks Sal out of a lineup and Nick tells him that he’s proud of him for testifying. The detective suggests that Arnold lie low for a while and Bud and John offer to take him to the power plant to hide. They lead in one truck while Nick and Arnold follow in another car… and the Reapers follow Nick.

As they arrive at the power plant, Bud spots the car following them and they call and warn Nick. When they arrive at the power plant, Nick sends the others on while he grabs his weapons and doubles back. The Reapers attack him with their scythes, knocking the gun out of his hands. Nick fights back with the club and manages to trick one Reaper into decapitating the other, Junkers. The Grimm then grabs his crossbow pistol and shoots the second one with a drugged dart.

Nick calls Monroe at home and asks him to come to the power plant. When the blutbad arrives, he’s surprised and impressed to see that Nick has disposed of not one but two Reapers. Nick figures that they’ll keep coming unless he sends them a message. Monroe agrees, grabs one of the scythes, and decapitates the drugged Reaper.

Later, Nick visits Sal and tells him that the Reapers lost their heads and then walks away. When the detective arrives home, a surprised Juliette shows him that the eisbibers have sent dozens of food baskets as gifts. When she wonders what Nick did, he says that he simply did his job.

In Mannheim, Yannick receives a package in the mail and opens it. Inside are the heads of the two Reapers. There’s also a note from Nick, reading, “Send your best next time.”