1×22 Woman in Black

It shall not be death, but a sleep of a hundred years, into which the princess shall fall.

Hank wakes up from a nightmare of being attacked by the creature he saw in the woods.

Nick meets with Monroe at a coffee shop and discusses how Hank is upset about what he saw but is hiding his reaction. Monroe warns Nick that he’s seen that kind of reaction before when someone tries to process something that can’t be processed. Nick points out that Hank got a clearer look at Brinkerhof as he transformed, and Monroe hopes that Hank can handle it better because he’s a cop. As they leave the coffee shop, they’re unaware that a detective, Nathaniel Adams, is taking photos of them. The man goes to his hotel room and adds the photos to his collection of surveillance photos, and then calls Akira Kimura and tells him that he’s found Marquesa, one of the thieves after the gold coins.

At the station, Nick is looking at an Interpol photo of Kimura when Hank comes in and admits that he didn’t sleep very well. He doesn’t make anything of it and Nick explains that Kimura was tied to the beating death of a coin dealer in Hamburg, the dealer who sold the three cursed coins to Bertram in Portland. In the photo, Kimura has a tattoo of the Aegishjalmur, the “Helm of Awe,” a Viking symbol worn to give invincibility. Kimura was last seen is Lisbon fourteen months ago.

Kimura arrives in Portland and meets with the detective, who tells him that he’s found more than just Marquesa.

Adalind prepares a liquid, pours it into some milk, and feeds it to a stray cat that she’s captured.

Adams tells Kimura about how Marquesa killed a police officer and tried to kill Renard. He then learned that the three gold coins turned up in Bertram’s stomach, and has turned up photos on Nick, Hank, and Renard, as well as Monroe, who he figures is a police informant. Adams figures that they need to negotiate a new deal, but Kimura turns into his schakal form and kills him.

Later, a woman in a black outfit and veil arrives at the hotel room and finds Adams’ corpse. She isn’t surprised to discover it, and figures that he found something that wasn’t good for him.

Adalind brings her sick cat to Juliette for treatment. Juliette assures her that she doesn’t hold her breakup with Hank against her, and Adalind explains that the cat has been sluggish and eating poorly. The cat scratches Juliette on the hand and the vet isn’t concerned. However, she’s not aware that the cat’s eyes have turned solid black.

Hank and Nick are called to the hotel to investigate the murder and Wu gives them what little information they have on Adams. The detective’s throat has been ripped out and Nick realizes that someone rolled the body over. There’s a coat hanging behind the bathroom door with a key to a rental in it. They go out and find the car, and discover that Adams had surveillance equipment in his trunk.

Kimura attacks a housekeeper at the condo where Renard lives.

At the station, Nick downloads the footage from Adams’ camera and discovers that the detective was watching them. Nick calls Renard while Hank puts officers on security detail.

Renard comes home and finds that someone has torn up his apartment. Drawing his gun, he checks out the kitchen and finds the maid dead. As Renard’s phone rings, Kimura in his schakal form attacks and knocks him out. He then ties up Renard, wakes him up, and demands to know where the coins are. When Renard refuses to answer, Kimura beats him and repeats his question. Renard says that they were taken from him by Farley Kolt. Kimura tells Renard that he questioned Kolt in Los Angeles and confirmed that he didn’t have the coins. He then gets a kitchen knife and prepares to cut Renard unless he tells him where the coins are. Renard remains silent and Kimura prepares to cut his throat. However, Wu knocks at the door and calls out that Nick sent him to check on him. Kimura checks and confirms that Wu and another officer are out there. When they get no answer, Wu goes to get the key from the landlord.

The woman in black is outside Renard’s condominium. Nick and Hank arrive and Nick briefly notices her, and then goes inside. Wu tells them that Renard isn’t answering his door and they go upstairs. When they get there, they find the other officer unconscious. Hank and Nick go inside and find Renard, unconscious but alive.

Kimura goes to his motel room and goes over the photos he took from Adams.

Renard tells Nick and Hank that Kimura was asking about the coins, and the captain figures that Kolt is dead. They tell the captain about Adams and he describes Kimura. Back at the station, they show Renard the photo of Kimura and he confirms that was the man who attacked him. The detectives have checked and learned that Kimura is a member of a secret organization known as the Dragon’s Tongue, dating back to 1901 and connected to the Imperial Army and the Yakuza. Renard tells them to find Kimura no matter what it takes.

Nick goes to Monroe and warns him that Adams had photos of him, and warns his friend that Kimura may come after him to get the coins. The detective explains that Kimura is linked to his parents’ death and that he wants to capture Kimura and interrogate him. Monroe is glad to help and they go to the trailer to check Marie’s files. They find records of a Grimm capturing a siegbarste with a crossbow treated with a sleeping toxin. Nick gets out the double-shot crossbow and finds a bottle of it among Marie’s collection. They treat a crossbow dart with it and move out.

Later, Nick returns home and checks with the officer watching the house. Inside, Juliette says that she made a reservation for dinner and points out that he’s been more attentive. Nick notices the scratch on her hand and she says that a cat caused about it. She finally mentions that the cat belonged to Adalind and Nick realizes that something more is going on. He insists that they get Juliette to a doctor but she refuses until Nick tells him what is going on. Nick finally tells her to get her coat and he’ll show her the truth.

Nick drives to Marie’s trailer and tells Juliette that if she wants to understand the attacks on him and Marie, and why she was kidnapped, then she’ll have to trust him. She agrees and they go inside, and Nick explains that when Marie arrived in Portland, he started seeing strange creatures. Marie told him that his ability ran in the family, and his ancestors hunted the rogue creatures, the wesen. Nick shows her the drawings of the various wesen and the weapons Marie left him. He shows her a drawing of a hexenbiest and explains that it’s what Adalind really is. When Nick turns his back, Juliette goes back to the car and Nick goes after her. Frightened, she tells him that he needs to talk to a psychiatrist, but Nick asks her to come with him as he shows her one last piece of proof.

Monroe greets Nick and Juliette when they arrive at his doorstep. He invites them in and Nick tells Monroe to show Juliette what he really looks like. Juliette starts to go home and Monroe asks for a second to get into it. However, before he can transform, Juliette passes out from the poison.

The woman in black breaks into Kimura’s motel room while he’s out and searches through his luggage.

Wu is canvassing the area and the motel owner recognizes the photo of Kimura.

The woman in black finds Adams’ photos of Nick. When Wu arrives, she walks away and another officer comes from the opposite direction. She easily subdues both of them and then leaps off the balcony and the top of a second police car as it arrives. The woman gets away before Wu and the others can stop her.

After Monroe and Nick take Juliette to the hospital, Nick tells Monroe about what happened. Monroe warns his friend that they have to find the cat or there’s nothing they can do. The doctor informs Nick that it may be an infectious disease and there’s nothing Nick can do while they run the tests. Nick realizes that they have to find the cat and takes off, but Hank calls to inform him that the woman attacked Wu. They figure the woman is working with Kimura and they’re both dangerous.

Nick and Monroe go to Juliette’s office and check the names of the cats’ owners. They find the right cage and the cat slashes at them.

Hank arrives home and checks with Franco, who is watching his home.

Monroe and Nick take the cat to the apothecary and Rosalee prepares to get a sample of the poison while Nick goes after Adalind.

When Hank enters his house, he discovers that someone has torn the place up. He draws his gun and looks for the intruder, and hears something moving in the closet. Still remembering the attack in the forest, Hank braces himself and approaches the closet, and then fires into it. When he looks inside, Hank discovers that it’s empty. Franco comes in behind him and narrowly avoids being shot when Hank turns around.

Nick goes to Adalind’s old apartment but she’s not there. Hank calls and tells his partner that Kimura was there, and Nick tells him about Juliette. As they talk, Nick notices the saucer of milk that Adalind used to feed the cat the potion.

Kimura breaks into Nick’s apartment.

Rosalee prepares a potion to knock the cat out.

Hank sits in his house, holding a rifle.

At the hospital, Juliette wakes up, her eyes solid black.

Nick returns home and discovers that the officer watching his home is gone. He grabs his crossbow and goes inside, and discovers that Kimura has torn up the place. When Kimura comes down the stairs, Nick shoots at him but the schakal dodges the bolt and attacks Nick. He realizes that Nick is the Grimm and tells him to hand over the coins. Nick renews his attack and demands to know why Kimura killed his parents. However, once he knocks Kimura out, the woman in black steps in. Nick attacks her and she clearly is the better fighter. Kimura goes for the crossbow and tries to shoot Nick, and the woman attacks and kills him. When Nick draws his gun, the woman tells him she’s his mother.