2×02 The Kiss

If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life.

At the warehouse, the Mauvais Dentes attacks Nick and the two of them fight. Nick manages to hold it off, forcing it to flee. Meanwhile, Kelly enters the warehouse and finds Durwell’s corpse hanging from the ceiling.

Nick goes after the Mauvais Dentes, which doubles back and attacks him. It knocks his gun out of his hand and beneath a tank, and Nick tries to get to it without success. The killer comes after him and Nick is forced to retreat.

Rosalee and Monroe go to the hospital and discover that Nick isn’t there to meet them. With twenty minutes left Juliette’s antidote expires, they wonder what the Grimm is doing. Rosalee warns that they’ll have to start all over again if Nick doesn’t get there in time.

Kelly arrives to help her son fight the Mauvais Dentes. She manages to grab it and demands to know who sent it. The Wesen admits that he didn’t know about Nick and is surprised that there are two Grimms in Portland. He manages to free himself but Kelly drives a knife into his throat. The Mauvais Dentes manages to climb up to the catwalk but then dies, falling to the floor below. Kelly prepares to search it for clues but Nick says that he has to get to Juliette and leaves. His mother reluctantly follows him.

A few minutes later, Nick and Kelly get to the hospital and go inside with Monroe and Rosalee. Rosalee explains that Nick has to administer six drops to each eye but warns that it will only stop Juliette’s memory loss. Kelly orders the nurse out so that Nick can work undisturbed and Monroe reluctantly helps the Grimm to hold the doctors off. Once Nick is done and goes outside, he gets a call from Hank. His partner tells him that the two FBI agents, Durwell and Kanigher, have turned up dead. Nick says that he’s on his way and asks Rosalee and Monroe to take his mother home.

At the sawmill, Nick arrives as the police secure the crime scene. Wu notices that Nick has been recently injured but the detective dismisses it as leftover wounds from the fight at his home.

Monroe and Rosalee drive Kelly home and awkwardly make small talk. Kelly finally asks Monroe how long he’s known her son and the blutbad tactfully avoids describing how they first met. She points out that Nick trusts Monroe and both Wesen admit that they trust Nick as well.

Renard informs Nick that they haven’t identified the third corpse at the scene. The FBI arrive to take over the crime scene while Wu finds a shell casing from when Nick fired his gun earlier. Hank dismisses it as a shot fired by one of the dead agents trying to defend themselves. FBI special agents Lofthouse and Kosloski and come in and tells the police to pull back, and Renard takes them to see the shell casing. As Nick goes outside, the agents find Kanigher’s phone and call the last number dialed… and discover that she called Nick when he answers it. On his way home, Nick tosses his gun into the harbor.

Monroe drops Kelly off and Rosalee tells her that Nick was ready to tell Juliette that he was a Grimm with some help from Monroe. Kelly admits that she doesn’t understand the relationship between Nick and the Wesen and Rosalee says that it doesn’t have to make sense. She gives the startled Grimm a comforting hug as Kelly goes inside.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank run the Mauvais Dentes’ fingerprints and determine that they match those found on the freighter. They tell Renard and suggests that the FBI agents tracked the killer to the sawmill and died trying to arrest him. Renard points out that the killer was wearing Durwell’s suit and figures that he did so to trick a third party they haven’t identified. He tells them to pass the info onto the FBI as the two special agents arrive and demand to know why Kanigher called Nick. He claims she told asked for info on the shipyard but they don’t buy it. They ask for Nick’s gun for a ballistics check and he points out that he doesn’t have it with him. Renard objects to the treatment of his office but the agents demand a DNA sample and Nick agrees to give it to them.

Later, Nick heads for home and Hank asks why he didn’t mention Kanigher’s call. He also points out that Nick has been in a recent fight and doesn’t buy Nick’s story. Hank says that he trusts Nick and wants him to know that he does, but warns his partner not to leave him exposed.

In his office, Renard examines the photo of the killer’s corpse and then calls Eric at his castle in Europe. The captain is well aware that Eric shipped the Mauvais Dentes to the States in one of his holding company’s ships and informs him that his killer is dead. Eric warns his brother that the family has waited long enough and won’t tolerate Renard’s interference, and Renard tells him that the Grimm can handle himself.

The next day, Catherine returns to get the ingredient from Rosalee. When Rosalee raises the price, Catherine reveals her hexenbiest face and negotiates for a lower price before leaving.

When Nick returns home, he spots two FBI agents across the street keeping him under surveillance. He finds Kelly inside, exercising, and explains that he dozed off at the traitor. Nick warns his mother that the FBI is investigating their killing of the Mauvais Dentes. As they talk, Rosalee calls to inform Nick that Catherine came by. He gets another gun and starts to go after Catherine, but Kelly suggests that she talk to Catherine mother-to-mother. Nick agrees and draws off the surveillance team while his mother sneaks out the back.

When Nick gets back to the station, Hank tells him that they’ve linked the killer’s fingerprints to those of a dozen murders across Europe. Meanwhile, Renard is in his office going over the newspaper report on the death of Nick’s parents. Catherine calls to tell him that she has what he needs but he needs to pick it up in person. Before the captain can leave, Lofthouse and Kosloski come in and place Nick under arrest for the murder of Durwell and Kanigher. They take Nick’s gun and haul him away, and Renard tells Hank to go after him and keep an eye on his partner.

When the captain gets to Catherine’s house, she gives him the antidote but warns him that the person who awakens Juliette must be pure of heart. Catherine points out that Renard is only partially human so the process will be particularly painful for him. Once Renard leaves, Kelly comes inside and confronts Catherine, demanding an explanation about Juliette’s condition. Catherine insists that it was Adalind’s doing and that there is a bastard prince in Portland. Kelly grabs her throat and demands more information, but Catherine fights back. The Grimm finally slams the hexenbiest into a mirror, cutting open her throat. As Catherine dies, she warns Kelly that only one man can save Juliette.

The two FBI agents interrogate Nick, figuring that he killed the killer. When they ask why he didn’t have his gun the previous night, Nick claims that he didn’t have it with him because he was visiting Juliette and didn’t think he’d need it. All he can tell them is that whatever was in the cargo container was more than the two dead agents could handle. The agents then tell him that they found DNA at the crime scene that is close to Nick’s and figure that he’s protecting a relative. He tells them the truth but they believe Kelly is dead and dismiss Nick’s claim. Nick refuses to confess and suggests that they give the two dead agents credit for killing the murderer. Kosloski gives Nick his gun back and admits that they couldn’t match it to the shell casing, but warns Nick that they’re not going to let it go. When Nick leaves, Hank meets him and they get a call summoning them to Catherine’s house. When they get there, Hank realizes that Catherine is related to his former girlfriend, Adalind.

At home, Renard studies himself in the mirror, revealing his half-human/half-hexenbiest face. He then takes Catherine’s potion and collapses in agony.

Kelly is waiting for Nick at home and tells him what she learned from Catherine and how only the prince can save Juliette. Nick figures that Kelly has to go before the FBI pick her up and his mother agrees.

Renard, his skin turning a dark red, screams in pain and exhales puffs of black smoke. Finally, he passes out from the agony.

Nick and Kelly go to the trailer to get the coins. She admits that she doesn’t know how long it will take to deliver them and destroy them, and tells Nick not to leave the people he loves. However, Kelly admits that she doesn’t have an easy answer on how to protect them. Nick tells his mother that she doesn’t owe him an apology for her long years of absence and is just glad to have her back. They hug and Kelly says that she’ll come back when she can, and then asks for a ride to the bus station.

Renard wakes up, back to his human appearance and pain-free.

When they arrive at the bus station, Nick and Kelly say their goodbyes and express their love for each other. Once Nick leaves, Kelly steals a car and drives away. Meanwhile, Nick goes to the hospital to check Juliette. He’s unaware that Renard was there just before him and kissed Juliette. When Nick enters his fiancée’s room, he discovers that Juliette has woken up. However, when Nick goes to kiss her, Juliette draws away and says that she has no idea who he is.