2×03 Bad Moon Rising

Then she began to weep bitterly, and said, “What can a poor girl like me do now?

At the Kempfer home in Portland, Jarold and his daughter Carly are discussing her plans for a senior home. Once they’re done, Carly goes up to her room to work on her essay… unaware that a coyotl wesen is outside on the street in a truck, watching the house.

Nick visits Juliette at the hospital, bringing her flowers, but she still doesn’t remember him. He has a laptop with photos of the two of them together and shows them to her, and notices the cat scratch on her left hand. Juliette doesn’t remember and looks at the photos, pointing out that say seemed to know each other very well. She remembers everything in her life except Nick, even the friends that they visited together. One photo shows the two of them kissing and Juliette realizes that they must have been close. Nick tells her that they’ve been living together for three years and Juliette is at a loss for words. She asks to keep the laptop but says that she’s tired and asks Nick to go. He starts to take her hand but Juliette pulls away and he leaves.

At the Kempfer house, two coyotls break into Carly’s room and abduct her.

Nick meets with Dr. Saliman and asks why Juliette doesn’t remember him but has all of her other memories. The doctor admits that they have no solid explanation until they run tests, and advises Nick to be patient and help her remember. Meanwhile, Juliette is in her room, crying, and wondering why she can’t remember Nick.

The coyotls take Carly to an old farm in the woods and then lower her into a well. Their leader, Hayden Walker, oversees them.

The next day, Hank is meeting with Dr. Hodgkins, a therapist. He tells her that he’s been having sleeping problems due to anxiety and that a lot of strange stuff is going on in his life. Hodgkins asks for details and Hank simply says that it’s hard to explain. He describes the incident in the theater where he had to shoot Brinkerhof in his wesen form and then saw him change to human form. Hank loses it and grabs Hodgkins, shoving her back, and then manages to control himself. The therapist says that they need to keep talking but Hank tells her that he has to get back to work and abruptly leaves.

Nick and Monroe go to the hospital in the hopes that Monroe might jar Juliette’s memories. She recognizes him and remembers him saving her life. However, she doesn’t remember Nick even though he was there when Monroe helped save her. They confirm that Juliette remembers the dinner when Monroe came over but she still doesn’t remember Nick. Nick leaves them to get reacquainted and Juliette asks Monroe how he knows Nick.

The coyotls pull Carly up out of the well and Hayden tells her that they haven’t seen each other since she was a young girl. He accuses Jarold of shaming their pack by taking Carly and his wife Lisa away and tells the girl that they’re bringing her back.

Nick gives Renard a report on Catherine’s murder and points out that she had a great many herbs and mirrors in the house, and had no obvious means of support. They’re trying to trace Adalind, who disappeared around the time that Catherine was murdered, and Nick goes to his desk. His partner comes in and Nick points out that he looks rocky. Hank admits that he’s feeling the stress of the job and attacked his therapist, and wonders if he should resign. Nick assures him that he’s a good cop and realizes he needs to tell Hank the truth before he snaps. However, Jarold arrives and Hank introduces him as his high school buddy. Jarold tells them about Carly’s disappearance and figures that it’s foul play. As they talk, Nick sees Jarold’s true face and obliquely asks if Jarold might have any “unusual” enemies. Hank promises his friend that they’ll find Carly and Nick makes an excuse to leave.

Monroe meets Nick at the trailer and confirms that Jarold is a coyotl, a wesen species that run in packs and are the street gangs of the creature community. He tells Nick that the coyotls run in packs and it’s a serious violation of pack law to leave. They check the Grimm journals and find references to the asveracion, a ceremony that coyotls perform beneath the full moon for females of their pack when she reaches the age of 17. After a feast, there is a ritual consummation. Nick heads back to the station but as he goes, Monroe asks if it may have been Adalind’s plan all along to wipe out Juliette’s memories of Nick.

When Nick gets back to the station, he finds the opportunity to talk to Jarold privately and tells him that he’s a Grimm and he knows about the asveracion. A shocked Jarold confirms that Hank doesn’t know about any of it, and explains that his dead wife’s family lived in Texas. Jarold left with his wife and child ten years ago and the pack was angry at his seeming betrayal. Hank comes back with coffee and Jarold suggests that Hayden might be involved. They check the criminal file and confirm that Hayden has recently moved to Portland and had several run-ins with the law.

The detectives take Jarold with them and go to the garage where Hayden works. The owner tells them that Hayden hasn’t been to work in two days. As they talk, one of the coyotls, who works at the garage, listens in on their conversation. The owner gives them Hayden’s address and the detectives drive there with Jarold. They have him stay in the car and go inside, and discover that the sink and bathtub are filled with rotting dog corpses. Looking around, Hank finds a deed for a foreclosed farm and figures it belongs to

The detectives drive to the garage where Hayden works and have Jarold wait in the car. The owner says that Hayden has been gone for two days, while one of the mechanics, a coyotl, overhears them talking. The detectives get Hayden’s address and go back to the car, and Hank tells Jarold that they’re going to take it slowly. They go to Hayden’s apartment and find rotting dog organs in the tub and the sink. Hank finds a deed for a foreclosed farm as he looks around.

At the farm, Hayden’s sons Todd and Kyle strip Carly and scrub her down for the ceremony.

Nick and Hank tell Jarold what they found. The wesen insists on going with them, and Nick suggest that he could be useful.

The coyotls dress Carly for the asveracion and take her to the barn where the ceremonial matrix is hanging from the ceiling. As they prepare for the ceremony, the coyotl mechanic arrives on his motorcycle and tells them that the police are on the way. Hayden, unconcerned, tells the pack that they’ll finish it.

Jarold smells the rotting flesh on Hank and asks what they found and warns that Hayden is dangerous. However, he’s unable to tell his friend what Hayden really is. They approach the farm and the detectives ask Hayden where they can find his niece. He claims he hasn’t seen her since Jarold left Texas and an angry Jarold comes over and demands answers. When they hold him back, Jarold breaks free and runs into the barn looking for Carly. Hank goes after him and they find the matrix but no sign of Carly. Jarold runs back outside while Hank notices the motorcycle that he saw at the garage earlier. He warns Nick that Hayden knew they were coming, and Nick spots a rope hanging into a well. Nick and Hank pull Carly out while Jarold leaps at Hayden, but the other coyotls restrain him. They start to fire at the detectives but Hayden tells them to stop before they hit the girl.

Nick and Hank take refuge in the barn with Carly. She realizes that Nick is a Grimm, begs him not to kill her, and fully transforms while a shocked Hank looks on. Hank draws his gun and prepares to shoot her, and Nick manages to calm him down by saying he can see the same thing. He assures his partner that Carly is the same person no matter what she looks like and Hank gets control of himself.

Outside, the coyotls tie up Jarold and Hayden leaves him for later while he goes in to kill what he figures are the unsuspecting cops.

Hank figures that Nick is as crazy as he is, but Nick assures him that he’s not. Carly apologizes for panicking and inadvertently blurts out that Nick is a Grimm. When Hank wonders what that is, Nick says that they don’t have time for him to explain and asks Hank to trust him. Hayden calls to them from outside and offers to come in and work things out. Carly warns them that he’s lying, while Hayden tells them that his men will kill Jarold if anything happens to him. Nick figures that Hayden plans to reveal his true face and kill them while they stand shocked, but he figures that they can surprise Hayden because he doesn’t know the detectives both know about the wesen. Hank agrees and they tell Hayden to come in. When the coyotl comes in, they put him under arrest and he transforms. Unimpressed, Hank knocks him down and Hayden warns that his packmates will kill them.

The detectives send Carly out, screaming that Hayden is killing the officers. Kyle stands guard over Jarold while the others run in to help Hayden. Nick and Hank come up behind them and order them to surrender. Much to Hank’s surprise, once the coyotls realize that they’re facing a Grimm, they eagerly surrender.

Outside, Jarold jumps Kyle when the coyotl is distracted by the commotion in the barn. Kyle knocks down the older coyotl but Carly clubs him unconscious from behind and runs to her father.

Later at the station, Hank takes Carly’s statement and admits that it’s the first time he couldn’t write what he knew really happened about a case. Jarold says thanks him for saving Carly’s life and apologizes, saying that he would have told his friend the truth if he could have. Hank assures him that they did the right thing by coming to him and that nothing has changed between them. Once the Kempfers leave, Nick comes over and Hank admits that no matter else happened, the day turned out well because he knows that he’s not crazy and he’s not alone. As they talk, Dr. Saliman calls to tell Nick that Juliette is being discharged.

That night, Nick brings Juliette home and hopes that she’ll start to remember him now that they’re in familiar surroundings. She half-heartedly agrees with him and then goes up to her bedroom alone.