2×04 Quill

Death stood behind him, and said: “Follow me, the hour of your departure from this world has come.”

Ryan Gilko, a parks and recreation worker, is driving to work downtown when a pickup truck slams into him. He gets out and checks on the driver, who is covered in lesions. When Ryan offers to call an ambulance, the driver attacks Ryan, who transforms into a porcupine-like Stangebar and drive him off with his quill. The driver staggers into a nearby building, breaking his way through the locked glass door

Nick and Hank are at a diner and Nick tells his partner about the Wesen and how he can recognize them sometimes and that somehow they can recognize him. Hank wonders if he’ll be see seeing more Wesen as they really are and Nick admits that he doesn’t know. Nick also admits that if Hank wasn’t partnered with a Grimm, Hank probably wouldn’t have started seeing Wesen. They get summoned to a crime scene and take off.

At home, Juliette goes through Nick’s closet but is still unable to remember anything about him.

Monroe is at home when Juliette calls and asks him how she and Nick were together as a couple. Monroe awkwardly assures her that the two of them were very much in love but Juliette wonders why she can’t remember Nick. The Blutbad asks what Nick says and Juliette abruptly hangs up on him.

Nick and Hank arrive at the accident and Wu tells them what happened. They have identified the license plate on the driver’s car as belonging to Carl Stanton but they don’t have a home address on him yet. Wu and the detectives go into the nearby office building to find Stanton and they discover that he’s torn up the place. Wu goes to notify the SERT and Nick and Hank move in and find Stanton. He transforms into his Reinigen true form and attacks them, and the detectives have no choice but to shoot Stanton down. Nick finds puncture marks on his arm and realizes that the lesions aren’t part of his transformation. Hank tells Nick that he didn’t see the transformed Reinigen and Nick tells him about the rat Wesen. Outside, they talk to Ryan, who tells them what happened and admits that he didn’t notice anything unusual about Stanton. As he leaves, he flirts with the female officer on duty but she tells him to back off.

At the station, Hank informs Nick and Renard that Stanton didn’t have any drugs in his system but he was using a lot of ibuprofen. They haven’t been able to find Stanton’s next of kin yet but have found a bag of painkillers in the car. Wu gets a report that Stanton is married and works at a software company, and relocated to Portland a month ago. Renard tells the officers to go home, and Nick stays to write up the case. Back in his office, Renard gets a call from one of his men in Europe. The man warns him that the Families are sending a Nuckelavee to recover the key despite Renard’s orders, and gives the captain the killer’s travel itinerary.

Nick visits Monroe just as Monroe calls him and the detective admits that he told Hank about the Wesen. He assures Monroe that he didn’t reveal Monroe’s true nature and the Blutbad isn’t sure if it’s a good thing or not that Hank knows about the Wesen. He tells Nick about Juliette’s call and how she hung up, and assures his friend that Juliette is trying. Nick thanks him for the information and leaves.

At home, Juliette has brief memories of Bud the repairman coming by the house. She’s interrupted when Nick comes in and asks how her day ways. She admits that she was busy at work and didn’t check in with her doctors, and then apologizes for not remembering him even though it isn’t her fault. Nick admits that he’s sorry as well and she leaves him alone in the kitchen.

At the station, Renard has Franco check the airports and see who is coming in from Europe on the flights that his contact passed on. He tells the lieutenant that the man coming in is a fugitive and to call in Homeland security if necessary.

At home, Ryan has nightmares of Stanton attack him at the crash scene. He goes to the bathroom to rinse off his face but doesn’t notice the lesions on the back of his head.

The next day, Rosalee arrives at the shop and discovers that Adalind’s cat has ripped its way out of the cat carrier. It is hanging from the ceiling, dumps down, and attacks Rosalee. She manages to get it out the door and into the street as Monroe arrives. As they hear the cat attacking a car, they figure that it’s best if they don’t go after it and Monroe invites her on a picnic.

As she goes through the house, Juliette finds the quilt that the Eisbiebers made for her and Nick and remembers more of Bud giving it to her.

Franco goes to see Renard, who is checking on the accident report about Kelly Burkhardt’s death in the car accident. The lieutenant reports that of the three men who arrived as scheduled, two are accounted for and the third one disappeared. A cab driver and his cab went missing a half hour after the man disappeared.

Dr. Harper calls Hank and Nick to ask them down to the morgue to see Stanton’s corpse. Before they can leave, Renard comes over and asks Nick about Juliette, and then tells them to keep an eye out for the fugitive even though they don’t have a solid description yet.

Monroe and Rosalee go to the park and set up their picnic on a blanket. They’re unaware that Ryan is nearby, trying to do his job despite the fact that he’s feeling progressively worse.

Harper tells Nick and Hank that Stanton had a hemorrhagic fever similar to the Ebola virus. However, she’s confident that it’s not contagious and points out that neither one of them is symptomatic. Harper wants to take blood samples from them just in case. Once they’re done, Hank suggests that they do a background check on Stanton. As they leave, the European Nuckelavee follows them in the stolen cab.

Juliette invites Bud over and she tells him about her memory loss. The Eisbieber assures her that she and Nick are a perfect couple as far as he knows of. When Bud starts talking about how much Nick has done for his people and mentions that he’s a Grimm, Juliette wonders what he means. Realizing that he’s said too much, Bud tries to cover by saying that Grimm is a nickname for a cop that helps the needy and then quickly gets out.

Nick and Hank get back to the station and get Stanton’s address from Wu. He tells them that Stanton had a wife, Phyllis, but she isn’t answering her phone. Nick tells him to go out there and bring her in. Nick leaves for the trailer while Hank digs up more on Stanton. At the trailer, Nick finds pictures of Wesen with plague and references to yellow fever, fluuvus pestilencia, which is spread by pigs. Hank calls to tell his partner that Phyllis Stanton is a field researcher, and Nick accurately predicts that she specializes in pigs.

Wu goes to the Stanton house but nobody answers the door. He hears someone moving around and goes inside, drawing his gun. The infected Phyllis attacks him with a knife and a screwdriver and Wu has no choice but to shoot her when she comes at him.

As Rosalee and Monroe relax at the park, Rosalee tells him about how she has rushed things in the past with her relationships. Monroe agrees not to talk about it and they start to kiss, but an infected Ryan approaches them in his Stangebar form. Monroe hits him with his picnic basket and then grabs Rosalee and runs for his car. They drive away just in time as Ryan tries to chase after them.

Nick and Hank get the call and go to the Stanton house. Wu tells them what happened and they have him wait outside while they check on Phyllis’ body and realize that Ryan is probably infected as well. Nick finds Phyllis’ test-sample case and her reports on infected pigs, and Hank calls to confirm that Ryan is working at the park. They get a report of an assault at the park and Hank figures that Ryan is a Wesen. Nick agrees that it’s possible but admits that he doesn’t know what breed. As they head for the park, the Nuckelavee continues following them from a distance.

Monroe and Rosalee go back to the shop and she talks about how they were going to kiss. He suggests that they don’t rush things but Rosalee throws herself at him. Nick calls and tells Eddie about the yellow fever, and asks Monroe to see if Rosalee knows about a cure. She continues kissing Monroe and tells him that there is a cure. Monroe is familiar with the disease and tells Nick that the first signs are an increased libido… and he realizes why Rosalee is still kissing him. He spots a scratch on her neck and realizes that she’s infected.

Nick and Hank go to the park and Ryan comes out of the woods to attack them. However, he quickly passes out as the fever burns him from the inside out.

Monroe tries to calm Rosalee down but she persists, saying that she’s infected with love. He finally gets her to focus but she starts to weaken as the disease enters its next stage. Rosalee finds the book with the cure and tells Monroe that she has all of the ingredients, but then passes out. Monroe makes her comfortable and goes back to work, while Rosalee mutters that he has to restrain her before she goes berserk. He knocks over a vial and tries to scoop up what he needs just as Nick and Hank arrive with Ryan. When Monroe tells them what has happened to Rosalee, Hank realizes that both of them are Wesen. Rosalee howls from the next room and then runs out into the alleyway. Nick goes after her while Hank and Monroe administer the cure to Ryan.

In the alleyway outside, Nick confronts Rosalee. She turns on him and attacks him in her full Fuchsbau form, and he manages to subdue her and carry her back inside so that Monroe can give her the antidote. Both Wesen soon recover while Monroe tells Hank that he was the creature that Hank saw in the woods. Rosalee calls Monroe into her room and tells him that she’s doing better. She admits that she doesn’t remember if they kissed and he tells her that she did. When he suggests that she kissed him because of the disease, Rosalee tells him that it was more than that.

As they talk, the Nuckelavee watches them through the skylight.