2×05 The Good Shepherd

Dressed in the skin, the Wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter.

Nick goes to a bar to meet with Bud and discuss how Juliet called the eisbiber in. Bud admits that he inadvertently told Juliet that Nick was a Grimm, but he thinks he covered by claiming it’s a nickname for a good cop. Nick suggests that Bud say he’s unavailable if Juliet calls again and starts to leave. He notices a man at the bar, seemingly watches, but dismisses his suspicions and leaves.

At McFadden’s Mulch, Norm Brewster is finishing his accounting work for the night and says goodnight to the secretary, Paula. When Norm leaves a few minutes later, he hears someone moving in the alleyway. A hooded figure with glowing eyes steps out and Norm reverts to his Wesen form as a Seelengut. The intruder knocks him out, chains him up, and drops him into the company’s wood chipper.

When Nick comes home, he’s surprised to discover that Juliet isn’t there. He calls her cell phone and she tells him that she went out drinking with two of her friends, Brianna and Ricki. Juliet apologizes for not leaving a note but Nick assures her that it’s fine and cuts off. Brianna and Ricki admit that they’re surprised that Juliet doesn’t remember Nick and tell her that he proposed to her. They tell her that she refused and they don’t know why.

The next day at the station, Nick discusses his problems with Hank and his partner tells him to take it slow. They meet with Reverend Lance B. Calvin, who reports the theft of $357,000 from his church’s bank account. He’s checked with the bank and determined that the money was wired to a bank in Curacao, and the bank’s online system recognized the computer as belonging to Norm, a member of Calvin’s congregation. Calvin explains that Norm does the church accounting for free and has stopped by his home and realized that he’s disappeared. He gives Nick and Hank all of the information he has and leaves, and Nick looks into Norm’s background while Hank calls the bank.

At McFadden’s Mulch, two of the workers start up the wood chipper but it soon jams.

Hank tells Nick that the bank won’t release the transfer information without a court order, and by then the funds will be shifted. Nick hasn’t found out anything on Norm’s background. Wu calls to tell them that they’ve found Norm’s car at the train station and a receipt in it from the mulch company. They go to the company and talk to Paula, who says that Norm has been a model accountant. One of the workers comes over and tells them that they’ve found something. The detectives check it out and find Norm’s body in the chipper. The metal hip part in his leg kept the body from going through the wood chipper and being completely destroyed.

Back at the station, the detectives ID Norm’s body and figures that someone killed him and then used his laptop to transfer the church funds. Nick checks Calvin’s background and discovers that he worked at another church in Little Rock and an another accountant there disappeared with money. The money was traced to an account in Barbados and never recovered, and Calvin moved to Portland. They brief Renard who suggests that they tell Calvin about Norm’s death and see if they can shake something out of him.

Nick and Hank go to Calvin’s church and the reverend’s assistant, Megan Marston, welcomes them in. She apparently doesn’t know about the murder and tells them that Calvin is explaining the theft to the board members. The detectives go to the rectory and listen as Calvin tells his parishioners that they should pray for Norm’s safe return. When the parishioners see Nick and realize that he’s a Grimm, they transform to their Seelengut forms while Calvin turns into a Blutbad.

Calvin ushers the detectives into his office and confirms that Hank is a human that knows about the Wesen. The reverend insists that he believes in redemption for his people no matter how much that they have sinned, and that he became a man of the cloth to make up for his own past. Nick mentions the incident in Little Rock but Calvin says that it’s a coincidence, and believes that God is showing them that humans, Wesen, and Grimms can all work together peacefully. When they ask if he has an alibi, Calvin calls Megan in and they alibi each other for the time of the murder. Nick thanks them for their help and Calvin says that he hopes it will be the start of a good relationship.

Nick and Hank visit Monroe and explain the situation, but Monroe notices that Hank keeps staring at him uncomfortably. The Blutbad doesn’t believe it’s possible for one of his kind to settle with the sheep-like Seelengut but admits that if he can reform, anything’s possible. Nick asks Monroe to go undercover at the church and the Blutbad eagerly agrees.

When Monroe goes to the church later, Calvin is holding a memorial for Norm. The Seelengut recognize Monroe as a Blutbad and transform, but Calvin says that they’re safe. Monroe explains that he’s looking for skeptical and the reverend tells his flock that they must accept anyone who wishes redemption. When Monroe admits that other churches have shunned him, Calvin admits that he knows what it means to flesh-hunt but assures Monroe that he threw away his sins. He assures Monroe that he has found the light and invites him to stay at the church’s spare room.

At the station, Renard starts getting flashes of having kissed Juliet, awakening her from her coma. He dismisses them and takes a call from his contact among the Families. The man sends Renard a file on the Nuckelavee, David Hargrund, who the Family sent to Portland.

Hargrund breaks into Nick’s home and searches the place, finding a sketch of the map key.

Monroe goes to his room and hears people talking outside. He peers out and sees Calvin and Megan kissing.

Back at the station, Nick discovers that Calvin has no history on paper before seven years ago. Monroe calls to update Nick on his status and says that Calvin seems like the real deal, but Nick warns him that the reverend is a conman. When he learns that Calvin and Megan are involved, Nick suggests that Monroe leave but the Blutbad insists on staying.

Juliet returns home and the Nuckelavee hides in the shadows. Once she goes by him, he slips out of the house.

At the station, Hank finds a photo from the Little Rock church and confirms that Megan was in the photo. At the time she was married to the missing accountant and then changed her name later when he disappeared. Renard suggests that they bring her in and the detectives interrogate Megan. She explains that she joined the church as a temporary secretary and had an affair with Calvin, and her husband found out about it. She blames herself and eagerly asks if they’ve found her missing husband. When they pressure her, Megan cowers in the corner, revealing her Seelengut form, and begs Nick not to hurt her. Hank assures her that the Grimm isn’t a killer and Megan tells them that she couldn’t have killed another Seelengut.

When Calvin goes to his room that night, Megan is in his bed waiting for him. She tells him what happened with the police and that she didn’t tell them anything. She wants to leave Portland with Calvin and go to a Caribbean beach, but Calvin says that they have to see it through a little longer. He’s confirmed that Monroe has no alibi on the night of Norm’s murder and plans to have Megan plant Norm’s laptop in the spare room during the fundraiser the next day. Calvin will then call Monroe into his office, kill him, and claim it was self-defense. Megan would rather leave and Calvin tells her that once they’ve set up Monroe for the murder, they can go to Curacao together.

At the trailer, Nick researches the Seelengut and then leaves, only to find Hargrund waiting to ambush him. The two men fight and the assassin slips back into the trailer. After a brief struggle, Nick grabs a bludgeon and beats Hargrund to death. He searches the killer’s body and finds the sketch of the map key.

The next day, Nick is making breakfast and Juliet is preparing to go to work. She thanks Nick for not pushing her despite their past relationship but admits that it isn’t easy. Nick is equally uncomfortable and Juliet tells him that she’s trying. When she blames herself, Nick says that it isn’t her fault and asks if she would be happy if he moved out. Juliet says that she doesn’t know but thinks that they’d be better off if they both stay. Nick agrees and Juliet promises that she’ll be home for dinner that night.

The Seelengut are at the church preparing the fundraiser and reluctantly help Monroe’s help. As he works, Monroe hears a young pregnant girl, Harmony, confront her boyfriend Patrick. He insists that the child isn’t his and storms off, and Harmony goes into the church. Megan finds her and tries to reassure her, and Harmony explains that the baby is Calvin’s.

At the station, Wu tells Renard that Interpol has identified the dead man that they found in the river that morning. When Renard learns that it’s Hargrund, he smiles in satisfaction.

After Calvin calls Monroe into his office, Megan goes out and tells the other Seelengut that Calvin deceived them, killed Norm, and stole the bank money. She denounces all Blutbad as evil.

Nick calls Customs and confirms that both Calvin and Megan have taken trips to Curacao and Barbados in the past.

In Calvin’s office, the reverend tells Monroe that freedom is finally within his grasp. He gives Monroe a letter opener as a gift, much to Monroe’s surprise. When he tries to give it back, Calvin says that his fingerprints are on it and he can set him up. The Seelengut flock comes in and Calvin claims that Monroe was attacking him. One of them, Nathaniel, finds Norm’s laptop and they realize the truth. A disgusted Calvin tells them that they’re pathetic and will never inherit the earth, and they transform and tear him to shreds. Megan walks calmly out of the room while the Seelenguts turn on Monroe and accuse him of working with Calvin. They don’t believe his claim that he’s working undercover and he runs out, calling Nick.

Nick and Hank arrive as the Seelengut corner Monroe on the church balcony. The detectives interrupt and order everyone back just in time.

Later, Hank and Nick inform Renard that all twenty-five parishioners claimed that Calvin attacked them and they were forced to defend themselves. None of them believe it but they have no choice as long as the Seelengut stick to their story… and they’re not too interested in prosecuting them anyway. Nobody has seen Megan but the detectives have a good idea where she went.

On a beach in Curacao, Megan and Harmony enjoy the sun, the beach, and the stolen money.