2×06 Over My Dead Body

While he thus gazed before him, he saw a snake creep out of a corner of the vault and approach the dead body.

Mia arrives on a private jet from Europe and lands at the Portland airfield. She then calls Renard on his cellphone and who she is. Mia offers to make up for their last encounter in Vienna and tells Renard that she is staying at the Deluxe Hotel.

Nick comes home to find Juliette cooking supper. He admits that he stopped to grab a burger but she tells him to throw it away and enjoy the dinner she’s making. Nick is surprised to discover that she knows what he likes despite her amnesia, until she explains that his favorite dishes are highlighted in the recipe book. Juliette admits that she still hasn’t remembered him but says that she’d like to get to know him.

Monroe is cooking dinner when the doorbell rings.

Angelina Lasser, Monroe’s former girlfriend, is dancing at the End Up Bar when her partner Buxton James tells her straight up that he wants to have sex with her to celebrate the new job he’s got. Angelina refuses and goes outside, but Buxton follows her outside and says that she owes him. When Buxton tries to rape her, Angelina clubs him over the head with her motorcycle helmet. He turns into a snake-like Konigschlange and attacks her, and Angelina reverts to her Bludbad form and rips his throat out. He takes her wallet but then another man, Will, gets the drop on her.

Monroe and Rosalee enjoy dinner and then he shows her his favorite cuckoo clock.

Renard meets Mia at her hotel and they circle around her visit there. She says that she never agreed with how the Family treated him and suggests that she could play a part in his future. Renard refuses to make a commitment and says that when he returns to New York to take back his throne, it will be on his terms. Mia points out that he killed her cousin and suggests that Eric might disagree with his plans, but Renard says that he and his brother typically work things out.

Will takes Angelina to a nearby car where his boss, Arbok, is seated in the backseat. He reveals himself as a Konigschlange and admits that he’s impressed with how she handled Buxton. Arbok figures that Angelina can handle herself and gives her three choices: he kills her, he turns her into the police for Buxton’s murder, or she does Buxton’s job for the same $25,000 he was going to get. When Angelina wonders what she has to do, Arbok shows her a file and Angelina recognizes the target. She demands $15,000 up front and Arbok agrees, but warns her that she’ll have to deliver the corpse in 24 hours to collect the remainder.

Juliette asks Nick how they met and he talks about how he interviewed her about a hit-and-run accident and they hit it off. She remembers talking to a good-looking officer but doesn’t specifically recall Nick. Nick tells her that once they started talking, they never stopped.

Monroe and Rosalee listen to zither music and share their mutual appreciation, and Monroe starts to kiss her. Angelina barges in and says that they need to talk. She’s disgusted that Monroe is dating a Fuchsbau and Rosalee starts to leave, but Monroe tells her that she’s fine. As Monroe ushers Angelina into the next room so they can talk privately, he hears Rosalee slam the door behind her as she leaves. Once they’re alone, Angelina tells Monroe that she’s there to kill him. She explains about Arbok and admits that she doesn’t know why the Konigschlange wants Monroe dead. Angelina offers to help her ex-boyfriend pack but Monroe wants to find out why Arbok wants him dead. When he starts to call Nick, Angelina reminds him that she’s wanted for two murders, but Monroe insists. He asks for a description and Angelina refuses to help, and he wonders why she bothered to come there in the first place.

Juliette asks about the proposal and Nick admits that she turned him down. When she wonders why, he finally admits that she thought he was keeping things from him. Before they can discuss it further, Monroe calls. Nick is hesitant to interrupt but Juliette tells him to take it, realizing that it’s important. When Monroe tells Nick that his life is in danger, Nick apologizes to Juliette and she tells him to go. When Nick gets to Monroe’s, the Blutbad tries to avoid telling him about who is trying to kill him. Angelina finally comes out and Nick draws his gun. Monroe explains that Angelina is there to help him and he hoped that Nick would overlook her past. Nick agrees to drop the murder charges for the moment and Angelina tells them that she doesn’t know who hired her. Meanwhile, Monroe gets a call from Rosalee and goes in the next room to take it. She explains that she had to leave suddenly because she got a call that her mother was in the hospital and that she’ll be leaving town immediately. Rosalee asks Monroe to watch the spice shop in her absence and he’s glad to help. Once they’re alone, Angelina tells Nick that she killed Buxton and ended up taking his place. As Monroe comes back, she shows Nick Arbok’s phone number that he gave her but a prepaid and Nick can’t trace it. Nick asks her to take him to the End Up Bar so he can check out the crime scene. When Angelina points out that he could still arrest her, Nick insists that he’s working with her to help Monroe. Monroe is happy that they’re working together but as they go, Angelina warns Nick that it’s not over between them. Before they leave, Nick takes Monroe to Hank’s house for safekeeping. Once Nick leaves, Hank offers Monroe a drink.

As Nick drives away with Angelina, she warns Nick that Arbok will just hire someone else if she doesn’t kill Monroe. The Grimm tells her that he’ll make sure that it ends with Arbok. Hank and Monroe drink and the detective finally asks how he changes and why he can’t see Wesen when they do change. Monroe explains that typically only revels their true face so that a human can see it when they lose their temperature. First he changes calmly and Hank doesn’t see anything unusual. Monroe then lets his temper flare and changes, startling Hank back. Intrigued, Hank asks him to do it again.

The next morning, Nick and Angelina arrive at the end up and discover a local detective securing the crime scene. Nick claims that he’s work a related case in Portland and the detective admits that he hasn’t found an ID on the victim. Angelina comes over, pretending to be Nick’s partner, and displays her deductive abilities by describing precisely how Buxton tried to rape a woman and she killed him and took his wallet. She points out where the killer threw Buxton’s wallet and sends the detective to find it while she recovers Buxton’s cellphone. Once they’re back in the car, Angelina has Nick get an ID on the last phone number that Buxton dialed. The number leads to a hardware store and when Nick and Angelina go there, they spot Will going in.

Nick sends Angelina in with a phone set to transmit and listens in as she confronts Will and intimidates him into telling her everything he knows. It isn’t much, as Will tells her that someone hired Arbok to hire a killer to dispose of Monroe to send a message to any Wesen that dares to befriend a Grimm. Nick drives back to Hank’s and tells him that Angelina from their previous case is involved. Hank is skeptical about letting Angelina run free with two murder charges hanging over her and Buxton’s murder as well, but Monroe points out that she could have simply abandoned him. Hank agrees to meet with hr and Angelina comes in. They compare notes and figure that a Royal may have hired Arbok to arrange the murder. The only way they can find out who is responsible is to give Arbok Monroe’s body, and Monroe suggests that he do a dead faint.

As night falls, the group goes to the spice shop and Monroe calls Rosalee. She’s on a bus going to her mother’s and Monroe explains that he wants her to give him the recipe to make a dead faint potion. Renard discovers that Mia met with the Dragons’ Tongue organization. When she call, Renard suggests that they meet that night and she invites him to join her at her hotel room in two hours. Rosalee is reluctant to endanger Monroe, warning that the potion can easily kill. However, Arbok will use his heightened senses to determine if Monroe is really alive and they need the potion to fool him. Rosalee warns them that if Monroe’s skin turns white then they need to resuscitate him.

When Angelina half-seriously suggests that she could let Monroe die and collect the money, Rosalee takes offense. Monroe finally convinces her to give him the recipe. As they work, Arbok calls Angelina and they listen in as she tells the Konigschlange that Monroe is dead. He gives her directions and hangs up, and they go to work.

Renard checks in with his men tailing Mia. They inform him that she’s filed a flight plan at the airport that night.

Monroe drinks the potion and tells Rosalee that he’ll be fine and then goes into a coma. Angelina then takes him to the rendezvous spot while Hank and Nick watch from the nearby forest. Arbok and Will arrive and check the body, and the Konigschlange confirms that Monroe is seemingly dead. He tells Angelina that she’ll get the remainder of her money when his boss arrives and confirms the kill. As he calls his employer in, Angelina glances nervously at Monroe’s body as the skin starts to turn white.

Nick and Hank spot the employer’s car coming, while Will wonders why Angelina keeps glancing at Monroe. Mia comes over and tells Angelina that she admires her for killing her own kind. The Royal tells Arbok to pay her and walks away, but Angelina realizes that Monroe has turned pale-white. She resuscitates him using mouth-to-mouth, much to the disgust of Arbok and Will.

When Monroe sits up, Hank and Nick order the crooks to surrender. Arbok runs into the woods while Will goes for his gun and prepares to shoot Monroe. Angelina throws himself at Will, taking the bullet meant for Monroe, while Mia drives away. As Monroe goes to Angelina, Nick and Hank split up to catch Arbok. He doubles back and attacks Nick, who manages to hold him off and demands to know who hired him. Arbok renews his attack and Hank is forced to kill him to save his partner. Monroe cradles Angelina in her arms as she dies from her wound. With her dying breath she tells him to be careful.

As Hank and Nick return, Monroe tells them not to call it in and that he’ll bury Angelina in the Blutbad tradition. When Mia arrives at the airport, she finds Renard waiting for her. She wonders if he’s going to kill her and Renard says that depends on what she tells him. Nick returns home and calls to tell Rosalee that Monroe is fine. Once he hangs up, he discovers that Juliette left him a note thanking him for the new memories.

The next day, Monroe takes Angelina into the woods and buries her beneath a cairn. He then smashes her wristwatch on the rocks and howls to the sky in mourning.