2×07 The Bottle Imp

“Let me out, let me out,” the spirit cried. And the boy, thinking no evil, drew the cork out of the bottle.

Nick and Juliette are at home watching the fireworks and making dinner, and Nick comments on how she used to talk about watching fireworks with her father. Juliette remembers telling Nick that, and then remembers everything about his life with her. They kiss and then Nick’s alarm goes off, and Juliette tells him that he has to wake up…

Nick wakes up from his dream and finds himself where he dozed off, on the couch in the living room.

A young girl, April Granger, waits on the porch of her home. Her father Bill pulls up in a truck loaded with building supplies and April runs to him holding a piece of luggage.

Monroe arrives at Rosalee’s shop and opens it for the day. She calls and tells Monroe that her aunt is doing better and asks how he’s doing since Angelina’s death. He tells her that he’s getting there and Rosalee tells him that a customer, Leroy Estes, will be coming by for medicine for his ear problem. Monroe assures her that he can handle it and Rosalee tells him how to mix the medicine.

Bill and April stop for gas and the attendant, Leo Stiles, tells Bill that his credit card is no good. As he tells him to run it again, Bill starts to lose his temper and then gives him another card. Bill then drives around to the side of the station to get air for his tires. When he goes back inside, Leo tells him that the second card was also declined. Bill goes back to the car, briefly losing control of himself and revealing his true face as a Drang-Zorn. Leo hears something fall in the garage, goes to investigate, and screams.

When Leo’s girlfriend comes to the station, she calls the police and Nick, Hank, and Wu are soon on the scene. They confirm that Leo was beat to death and that the murderer cleaned himself up in the bathroom before leaving.

Bill pulls over and April tells him that everything will be okay. He tells his daughter that they need to ditch the car and a local driver, Terry, stops nearby to get some food.

The detectives take the security footage and the credit card machine records back to the station. They confirm that both cards belonged to Bill Granger and that the license plate on the security footage is registered to him as well. Renard spots April in the cab of the truck and they figure that it’s Bill’s daughter. There’s a second car registered to a Lilly Anne Granger and they go to the house to talk to Bill’s wife.

When Terry returns to his truck, Bill asks for a lift because his own truck has broken down. Terry refuses until April pleads with him for help and the driver takes pity on the two of them.

Leroy arrives at the spice shop, dizzy from his ear problem, and Monroe assures the Mauzhertz that he can deal with the medicine. The Blutbad mixes up the medicine from Rosalee’s instructions and puts it in a bag with the administration device, which fastens around the patient’s head. Leroy thanks him and tries to leave, and Monroe gets him out the door.

The police break into Bill’s house and find a trail of blood leading to the bathroom. Nick follows it and finds Lilly on the floor, badly beaten and barely conscious. As they call in the paramedics, Lilly Anne asks where April is and Nick sees her change briefly into a Drang-Zorn before she passes out.

The detectives head back to the station to report to Renard. Bill and Lilly Anne are separated. Bill’s credit cards are maxed out and he was fired from his job as a construction worker a week ago when he got into fights. They figure that something has set Bill off and that he’ll dump the truck and get a new ride.

Terry is listening to the radio as Bill holds his sleeping daughter. The news comes on and mentions that April is missing, and a sleepy April mutters that they’re talking about her. Terry threatens to drive into a ditch if Bill does anything but the Drang-Zorn attacks him as the car swerves all over the road.

Wu brings in Bill’s laptop, pointing out that he would have taken it with him if he was going to leave. They also find receipts for construction supplies among the evidence taken from the Granger home.

Bill takes Terry’s body into the woods and April follows after a minute to see what her father is doing. He comes back and tells her to get back into the car, and refuses to tell her what she did with the driver.

After hacking the password, Wu checks Bill’s laptop and finds a browsing history of guns, survival gear, and plans for turning a construction container into a shelter. Juliette come in to see Nick, explaining that she was nearby for lunch. She hoped that Nick seeing her in the station would help him remember. As Renard comes out, Juliette stares at him in surprise. Renard assures her that everyone was hoping that she would recover and goes about his business. Nick thanks Juliette for coming by and she leaves, still staring after Renard. Wu finds two photos on the laptop of a clearing in the woods with building supplies and they figure that Bill has gone to ground somewhere. The sergeant assures them that he can find the clearing’s location.

Nick takes Hank to Marie’s trailer for the first time. He’s made a sketch of Lilly Anne’s true face and the two detectives go through the journals to find a match.

Adalind finally calls Renard and demands to know who killed his mother. He tells her that he doesn’t know and informs her that Juliette is awake. Adalind is surprised and figures that Renard somehow woke her up. Smirking, she tells him to look for her cat and that he’ll soon be having some fun, and then hangs up. As Renard goes back to his work, he discovers that he has typed Juliette’s name hundreds of times on his computer without realizing it.

Hank finds a journal entry on the Drang-Zorn, confirming that are easily provoked and go to ground when threatened. They figure that Bill is using a cargo container as a makeshift bunker and went there after killing Leo. As Nick gets a weapon from his cabinet, Hank notices an elephant gun and points out that it’s the same weapon that someone used to kill Stark a year ago. He wants to know who saved his life since Nick was in the hospital at the time and his partner admits that Monroe killed the Wesen.

Bill takes April to the converted cargo container, buried underground in the woods. He tells his daughter that he’ll go to town to get some food in the morning and promises that he’ll be nearby as she sleeps.

The next morning, Rosalee calls Monroe to see how he’s doing. He assures her that he’s fine… until he realized that he used a wrong ingredient in Leroy’s medicine. He hypothetically asks Rosalee what would happen if such a mistake might have happened and she warns that it wouldn’t be good.

Terry manages to free himself and crawl out of the woods and onto the road.

At the safehouse, Bill tells April that he’ll be back in a few hours, promising that he’ll come back for her. Once he leaves, April sits in the darkness, holding back tears, while Bill heads to town.

Nick and Hank receive a report from the state police that they’ve picked up Terry and he’s beaten but unharmed. Wu uses satellite photography to pinpoint the location of Bill’s photo to within two miles. The detectives take a squad with dogs out and track down the shelter. As they prepare to go inside, Bill returns, sees them, and starts to aim the rifle he’s carrying. However, he hesitates and then runs off without firing. Meanwhile, Nick goes inside and finds April, and promises her that she’ll be safe. Crying, she runs to embrace him.

Monroe goes to Leroy’s apartment with the proper medicine and hears the Mauzhertz inside, giggling hysterically. He goes in and discovers that Leroy has torn up the place. The Mauzhertz, still wearing the headpiece, cuts open a grandfather clock with a chainsaw and then attacks Monroe with a pan. He manages to knock himself out against the wall and Monroe pours the antidote into the headpiece and then leaves.

Nick and Hank take April to the station and she asks to see Lilly Anne. They tell the girl that her mother is in the hospital as Ms. Kidler from Child Services arrives to take April to a temporary home. Meanwhile, Hank gets a call confirming that Bill went returned to the house and found out from them which hospital Lilly Anne was taken to.

At the hospital, Bill finds his wife’s room and goes inside. Hank and Nick arrive seconds later and find Bill standing at his wife’s side. However, Lilly Anne tells them that her husband hasn’t done anything wrong. She tells them that Bill was coming to get April because she couldn’t control her anymore. April was the one who killed the gas station attendant, and Bill tells them that her daughter is going through the change earlier than they expected, and as a result they weren’t ready for her.

Ms. Kidler drops April off at the temp home after introducing her to the house parents, Dave and Patty. One of the kids, Johnny, calls Lilly a dork and she glares at him. The parents send the kids into the backyard to play on the swings, but Johnny soon pushes April off the swings. She shoves the boy back and Patty and Dave give them both timeouts. When April refuses, Dave orders her to sit down and stay there until he tells her to get up. April leaps at him and bites his arm, and the family runs screaming. Nick and Hank pull up outside and finds April on the swings, her mouth bloody. She remembers that Nick was nice and she likes him, and smiles at her, baring her fangs.

Later, Nick calls in Jess Reilly, a woman who works security at Juvenile Hall and a friend of Monroe’s. Nick tells her that April is going to plead out and will be in Juvie until she’s eighteen. Jess admits that girls tend to change early and assures Nick that she’ll get April assigned to her block and make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. The guard briefly reveals her true Wesen face and goes to see April. Nick gets a call from Juliette asking if he’ll be home for a candlelit dinner that night and he assures her that he’ll be there.

That night, Nick and Juliette have dinner and then listen to some music. He admits that they used to dance to music and Juliette comes over and dances with him. They kiss but Juliette suddenly sees Nick as Renard. Shocked, she tells Nick that something is wrong with her and leaves the room.