2×12 Season of the Hexenbiest

Oh! There is a terrible witch in that house who spewed her poison over me and scratched me with her long fingernails.

Monroe steps out into the shop and finds Renard and Juliette kissing. Juliette looks up and sees her friend, and then immediately walks out. Renard goes after her but Juliette ignores him and drives away. A motorcyclist drives off after her and when Renard leaves shortly thereafter, a second motorcyclist follows him as well.

Adalind arrives in Portland and checks into an expensive hotel.

Renard drives back to the station and goes to his office. Meanwhile, Juliette calls Nick and asks if he’s coming home that night for dinner. She says that they need to talk and that she’s been having a bad day, but refuses to explain further. As Nick hangs up, Monroe calls him and says that they need to talk face-to-face as soon as possible. Nick says that he’s going home to see Juliette and Monroe insists that he stop by his place first without going into specifics.

The two motorcyclists go to Adalind’s hotel and show their Verrat brands to the other two Verrat Hundjagers that are guarding the room They report what happened to Adalind and she insists that they tell her everything that happened between Renard and Juliette.

When Nick arrives at Monroe’s, the Blutbad tries to avoid giving Nick the bad news. He finally explains that Juliette was at the spice store earlier and was kissing a man. Monroe tells Nick that he doesn’t know who the man is and that he doesn’t know everything that was going on. Nick assures him that it was better to have the truth and starts to leave. Monroe tries to stop him, pointing out that Juliette is probably under the spell that Adalind cast. However, Nick doesn’t care and points out that Juliette knows Monroe is his friend so she probably figures that Nick knows what happened.

Renard calls Juliette at home and she tells him that Monroe is a friend of hers and knows Nick. Unhappy, Juliette complains that she would rather go back to her normal life rather than have feelings for Renard. As she hangs up, Nick comes in and asks why she wanted to talk to him. Juliette finally admits that she has feelings for another man, even though she doesn’t know why. She tells Nick that it’s unfair to him but insists that nothing has happened. Nick asks who it is but then says that he doesn’t want to know because it’s none of his business and walks away.

Alone, Juliette goes to Monroe’s and he hugs her when she breaks into tears on his doorstep. He assures her that she’ll be okay and invites her in to stay the night.

Renard is going to his apartment when the two Verrat step in with him and show him their brands.

Hank is making a TV dinner when Adalind shows up at his doorstep. She apologizes for how she treated him, unaware that Hank knows she’s a Hexenbiest. She mentions that her mother was murdered and hints that Nick may have been involved, trying to turn Hank against his partner. He knows better but doesn’t let on, and Adalind says that she’ll see him around. Once she leaves, Hank goes to call Nick but Adalind’s guards jump him.

Next, Adalind goes to see Renard at his apartment. She offers her insincere condolences on his condition and Renard realizes that she’s been dealing with his brother Eric. Adalind tells him that she’s there on Eric’s orders and tells the captain to get the key from Nick within 48 hours. If he doesn’t, Adalind threatens to tell Nick who Renard really is and his connection to Marie’s murder.

The next day, Nick is sleeping when Wu calls him. The sergeant tells him that Hank was assaulted at his home and was sent to the hospital. Nick heads to the hospital to check on his partner.

After Juliette spends the night sleeping on the couch, Monroe makes her tea in the morning and she explains that she came there because it was the last place she could remember before her coma. Juliette also remembers that Monroe was going to tell her something, something that Nick doesn’t believe that she would understand. Monroe hesitates and finally makes up a story, saying that a crook with a grudge poisoned her to get at Nick. Juliette complains that everyone is leaving her in the dark and thanks Monroe for his help.

When Hank wakes up, he finds Nick at his side. He explains that he was trying to call Nick about Adalind when the thugs jumped. He warns his partner that Adalind believes that Nick had something to do with her mother’s death. Nick denies it but Hank realizes that he knows who did kill the mother. He figures that Adalind had her men attack Hank to get him out of the way so she could get to Nick and force him to turn over the key.

Renard calls his man in Paris, who warns that the Family has caught one of their people. As the Frenchman hangs up, a Verrat attacks and kills him. Meanwhile, Nick enters Renard’s office and tells the captain that Adalind visited Hank right before the attack. They both figure that they should find Adalind and look deeper into her connection to her mother’s death. Nick goes out and tells Wu to allocate all their resources to finding Adalind. When Nick gets back to his desk, Monroe calls to tell him that Juliette is remembering and asking questions. Nick tells his friend about Adalind and asks Monroe to keep Juliette with him, but the Blutbad admits that Juliette left.

Juliette is at home and sees the incoming call from Nick. She ignores hit and leaves, only to interrupt Adalind as she knocks at the door.

Nick gets home a little later and discovers that Juliette is gone. He hears someone moving around and draws his gun, only to discover that it’s Monroe. Monroe came over to look after Juliette and Nick calls Juliette again.

Juliette and Adalind have gone to a coffee shop and Juliette ignores Nick’s next call. She tells Adalind that she’s been having issues with Nick ever since Adalind’s cat scratched her. When Juliette wonders what happened to her, Adalind says that she went to Europe after breaking up with Hank. She got a job in Vienna, learned that her mother was murdered, and came back to the states. Adalind tries to get information from Juliette about her issues with Nick, asking if it has to do with another man. Juliette admits that it goes well beyond that.

When Nick returns to the station, Wu informs him that Adalind arrived on a flight from Vienna and either took a cab or had someone pick her up. They figure that she’s staying at a hotel under a different name and Nick asks Wu to triangulate Juliette’s phone. Meanwhile, Renard calls Nick into his office and discusses Nick’s relationship with Juliette. Nick admits that things aren’t going well and tells the captain that she’s seeing another man. Realizing that Nick doesn’t know it’s him, Renard advises him to let things work out. They’re interrupted when Wu comes in to tell Nick that they’ve pinpointed Juliette at a coffee shop.

Adalind discusses Juliette’s memory loss and asks her if she remembers Marie. When Juliette says that she does, she mentions that the woman had a trailer. Nick calls again and Juliette finally takes it. He asks if she’s with Adalind and Juliette takes offense until Nick claims that he was trying to get hold of the woman. Adalind cheerfully agrees to talk to Nick and they make veiled small talk since Juliette, Renard, and Wu are listening in. When Nick suggests that they talk in person, Adalind invites him to join them at the coffee shop. Once Nick hangs up, Adalind asks Juliette what she remembers about Marie’s trailer. Juliette remembers the interior and how Nick moved it later, and then when he took her to it. Struggling, Juliette recalls that it was at a storage yard.

Nick, Wu, Renard, and a squad of men arrive at the coffee shop and place Adalind under arrest. Nick tells Juliette that Adalind is a suspect in her mother’s death and they need her to answer some questions. Juliette realizes that Nick used her to find out where Adalind was and tells him to stop worrying about her. Meanwhile, Renard talks to Adalind in the squad car and she explains that she wanted to be arrested so that she would be safe in police custody. She warns Renard that she knows that Kimura died in his custody and that it would look bad if she was hurt or killed. Satisfied, she tells Renard to close the door.

Monroe goes to Hank’s house and picks up the scent of his attackers, identifying them as Hundjager.

Nick interrogates Adalind about her involvement in her mother’s death. She insists that she has travel receipts proving that she was in Vienna at the time of the murder. As Renard watches via one-way mirror, Adalind glances at him and then tries to distract Nick by asking about his current relationship with Juliette. She denies beating up Hank, pointing out that there’s no way she could out-muscle him, and provides an alibi for the time when Hank was attacked. When Nick points out that she isn’t registered at the hotel under her name, Adalind says that she’s registered under GQR Industries, the company that employs her. She finally tells Nick that the company wants the key and tells him to give it over. As Nick walks out, Adalind taunts him further, asking what happened to her cat, and then turns and winks at Renard. Nick meets with Renard, who asks about the key Adalind mentioned. The Grimm says that she’s just making up stuff to throw them off the track and goes back to his desk.

As Nick checks on GQR Industries, Monroe calls and tells him that Hundjager Verrat attacked Hank. Nick realizes that the ship that delivered the Family assassin belonged to the same company and asks Monroe to check out Adalind’s hotel room.

Renard goes to Adalind in her cell. She points out that Nick is attracting the Family’s attention due to all of their agents that he’s killed. Smirking, Adalind says that Renard should have killed her when he had the chance and she now knows that Marie’s trailer is at a storage yard somewhere in Portland. She figures that Nick hid the key there and Renard goes back to his desk and has his people start searching storage yards.

Monroe goes to Adalind’s hotel room and knocks on the door. When one of the Verrat answer it, Monroe claims that his friend is inside. He finally admits he might have the wrong room and the Hundjager slams the door shut.

Nick goes to the trailer and gets the key, and Monroe calls to tell him that the Hundjagers are at the hotel. The Grimm tells Monroe that he’s on his way and grabs a spiked staff. Meanwhile, Monroe goes back to the room and bothers them again. He finally leaves and the Hundjagers, figuring that Monroe is up to something, follow him.

Monroe meets Nick at a deserted outdoor café and tells the Grimm that the Hundjagers are coming. They show up and Monroe draws their attention long enough for Nick to flank them. A fight breaks out and the two friends take them down. They try to question one of the motorcyclists but the other one recovers and cuts her throat before she can reveal who they’re working for. Nick disposes of the other motorcyclist and then has Monroe take all of the Hundjagers’ identification and cell phones back to his place.

Nick goes to the station to talk to Adalind, telling her that he’s dealt with her Verrat. Unimpressed, Adalind assures him that she can get more and admits that she killed Marie. Nick figures that Royal in Portland put her up to it and asks for his name. Adalind refuses but offers to give him the information if Nick gives her the key. Nick considers the offer but then leaves.

Juliette wakes up when Nick enters the bedroom. He tells her that he’s not sleeping on the couch any longer and she tells him that he’s not getting into bed with her. Nick says that he knows, takes his suitcase, and leaves. He goes to Monroe’s house where his friend has prepared the guestroom. Nick worries that Juliette is in danger but the Blutbad points out that now she’s out of the line of fire. Reaching a decision, Monroe finally decides to show Nick a recording he made of the man with Juliette. He explains that he saw the man at a press conference a week ago and plays the recording back. Nick is surprised and shocked to realize that it’s Renard.

Renard’s people find the trailer for him and he goes to the storage yard to break into it and find the key.