2×14 Natural Born Wesen

So the animals debated how they might drive the robbers out, and at least settled on an idea.

Nick collapses after drinking the purification potion and Rosalee assures that the others that it’s part of the process. Juliette wants to call 911 but Monroe warns against it, explaining that Nick is doing it for her and there’s nothing that modern science could do for him. While he explains to Juliette that the spell Adalind cast is tampering with her and Renard’s pheromones, Renard admits to Rosalee that he doesn’t remember what happened to him or if it’s the same thing that Nick is going through. Nick wakes up and Juliette figures that everything is okay. However, Rosalee tells her that she and Renard have one more thing to do and leads them to the back room.

Monroe pricks Nick’s finger and takes some blood, and then they go into the back room and add the blood to the potion that Rosalee is mixing. The Fuchsbau then has Renard and Juliette drink it, explaining it should restore them to normal. However, she has no idea how long it will take. Juliette insists on going home to wait alone for the outcome. Once she leaves, Nick insists on following her to make sure that she does get home alone.

Juliette takes a taxi home and goes inside, unaware that Nick has parked down the street. When she goes in, she recoils in horror at the sight of the entire floor of the living room… gone. There’s nothing there but a gaping black abyss.

The next morning, Monroe goes to his bank to make a deposit. Three robbers, two men and a woman, burst in, apparently wearing animal masks, and fire into the ceiling. They order everyone down and one of them grabs Monroe. He realizes that they are Wesen revealing their true faces. Once the robbers have the money, they run out, go down the street to an empty lot, and escape in their truck.

Nick meets Hank for breakfast and shows him the key that Renard stole and then gave back to him. The Grimm explains that the map impression on the key is one of seven that, when put together, will reveal an item hidden during the 12th century. Nick tells Hank about Renard being one of the Royals and then puts the key on a chain round his neck for safekeeping. When Hank asks about Juliette, Nick tells his partner that he’s giving her some space.

At home, Juliette tries to run up the stairs only to discover that the upstairs of the house has disappeared.

Hank and Nick are called to the bank and get there as Franco takes statements. Monroe talks to them privately and explains that two Blutbads and a Skalengeck committed the robbery using their true faces. He warns Nick that the Wesen broke the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex, the code of honor that forbids Wesen from publicly revealing their true natures. They go to the trailer to check the Grimm journals and find a reference to a conference that was held 400 years ago to put the code in place. Monroe warns Nick and Hank that the code was created because the Wesen feared that humans would launch a purge against them. He also worries that when the Portland community learns what happens, there will be a widespread panic. While Nick and Hank go to the station to check on any similar robberies, Monroe goes out to see if he can get a lead from the Wesen community.

At the house, Juliette hears her phone ring and tries to answer it. She fumbles and drops it, and it falls out of sight into the pit.

At the station, Nick and Hank use surveillance cameras to track the robbers’ escape route, but come up empty. Wu confirms that the robbers have struck twice before and is impressed at their realistic animal masks. Renard calls Nick into his office so they can talk privately and assure Nick that his induced feelings for Juliette have subsided. The captain insist that the two of them have to work together and that he’s been working behind the scenes to protect Nick from forces that want to destroy them both. Nick tells Renard that he’s brought Hank into the loop and wonders why the captain didn’t give the key to his brother Eric. Renard admits that he trusts Nick more than he trusts Eric.

Nick asks if they’re done and Renard says that covers it for the moment. Monroe calls Nick and the Grimm takes it outside. The Blutbad informs him that he’s gotten a lead on the robbers and that they may frequent a Wesen hangout, the Junkyard Dog Bar.

Juliette stares in surprise as electrical sparks fly out of the abyss and drift around the room.

That night, Nick and Hank go to the bar and meet Monroe. He warns them that only Wesen are allowed in and offers to check the place out first. Monroe asks for ten minutes and goes in, showing his true face to the bouncer to gain admission. Once inside, Monroe starts asking blatant questions about the robbers and the violation of the code. Most of the customers tell him to get lost, including Gus Campbell, the Skalengeck robber, who warns his two Blutbad partners, Cole Fletcher and Krystal Fletcher, that someone is asking question. The two Blutbads go over and confront Monroe. Cole recognizes him from the bank and Monroe, playing along, says that he wants a cut of the heist money in return for his silent with the police. The robbers throw him across the room and a fight breaks out, and Gus slips out the back. Nick and Hank hear the commotion and go to investigate. They break up the fight and let Monroe go, and then demand ID from Krystal and Cole. Krystal claims that Monroe harassed her and started the fight, and Cole says that they won’t press charges. Realizing they won’t get anywhere, Nick tells them to go home and then he and Hank to the spice shop to meet with Monroe and Rosalee.

Juliette cowers in a corner, staying as far away from the pit as possible. Electrical sparks dance in the air around her.

At the spice shop, Monroe worries that more Wesen might get the idea to break the code, endangering the entire community. She points out that her brother Freddy tried to protect the Wesen as best he could before he died, but is interrupted when Hank and Nick arrive. They tell them about the two Blutbads and Monroe tells them that the third one, whose name he didn’t get, slipped out during the fight. Monroe warns Nick that he may have no choice but to deal with them as a Grimm, but Nick insists on bringing them to justice via the law. When he leaves with Hank, Rosalee realizes that Monroe didn’t tell Nick about the Wesen Council. He admits that he didn’t but figures that it won’t come to that.

Cole and Krystal meet Gus at his home. As they drink, Cole boasts that they have no reason to fear the humans and they can strike with impunity. Gus has photos from the next bank they plan to hit, but wants to discuss their violation of the code. Cole and Krystal ignore him and go to the bedroom.

The next morning, Nick and Hank go to the address they have on file for Cole. It’s an abandoned chemical factory and they spot a homeless man. He tries to run and they bring him down, and the man rambles about the “monsters” that live there. The homeless man tells them that a man named Gus threatened to kill him and then makes a break for it, and they figure that Gus is the third robber.

Juliette hears her phone ringing from somewhere in the abyss, even though she can’t see it. Realizing that she’s undergoing some kind of hallucination, Juliette focuses on the sound and walks into the abyss. The floorboards come up beneath her feet and the cell phone appears as the room reverts to its normal appearance. Juliette answers the phone and Nick asks if everything is okay. She says that she’s fine and he’s surprised to hear her thank him for his concern.

The next day, the three Wesen hit the bank that Gus scouted out. As they run out, a guard gives chase and Cole shoots him down along with a pedestrian passing behind him.

When Nick gets up, he discovers that Monroe has made a healthy breakfast for him. He passes on it and Monroe nervously mentions the fact that the Wesen Council enforces very strict penalties against those who break the call. Before Nick can pursue the matter, he gets a call about the new robbery and leaves. Once he’s gone, Rosalee calls Monroe and tells him that there is a situation at the spice shop.

The robbers drive to the abandoned chemical factory and threaten the homeless man into remain quiet. They then take the money inside and hide it in an airshaft.

Nick and Hank arrive at the bank and realize that the Wesen robbers have raised the stake by gunning down humans.

As the robbers count their money, Gus worries about their violation of the code. Cole tells him to get over it and they get into a shoving match, and Krystal finally splits them apart.

When Monroe gets to the shop, he discovers that representatives of the Wesen community have come to Rosalee to complain. They want to talk to Rosalee because her brother Freddy used to deal with potential situations like the one they have. Rosalee tells them that she’ll take care of it and asks them to trust her like they trusted Freddy. They reluctantly agree and leave, and Rosalee asks Monroe for his help.

Nick and Hank meet with Renard, who warns them that there has been a new robbery committed by a Wesen inspired by the robbers. Hank assures the captain that he knows what’s going on with Nick and the Wesen, and they try to work out a way to contain the situation.

At the spice shop, Rosalee tells Monroe that her father dealt with situations like the one they have now. When he died, Freddy took over and worked with the Wesen Council in Amsterdam. Her brother asked her to take over for him if he ever died. Rosalee finds a trunk containing a letter that the Council’s representative, De Groot, sent to Freddy. She insists that it’s now her responsibility and calls De Groot in Amsterdam. Once he realizes what he’s dealing with, he tells Rosalee to tell him everything.

At the station, Renard emails photos of Cole and Krystal to… De Groot, who he knows. Meanwhile, Hank gets an ID on Gus and confirms that he was Cole’s cellmate when they were both serving time. Nick and Hank get Gus’ current address and leave.

At Gus’ house, Cole and Krystal are watching Internet videos of the surveillance footage of their robberies. Gus insists on lying low, but Cole wants to show to the world that they’re the ones with the power. He warns Gus that they’re going to keep robbing banks and Gus refuses. He demands his share of the money and tries to leave. Cole attacks him and Krystal finally pulls her boyfriend off of their partner… so she can kill him herself.

Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive a few minutes later and find nothing in the house but Gus’ corpse. Hank spots the chemicals on Gus’ boots and realizes that he came from the industry. Wu secures the crime scene while Hank and Nick head to the factory.

In Amsterdam, De Groot studies the photos of Cole and Krystal. He then tells his operative to take care of the situation.

Hank and Nick arrive at the factory and move in. Cole spots them and he and Krystal open fire. The two detectives take cover and return fire, and finally manage to get the drop on the two robbers. Cole realizes that Nick is a Grimm and demands that he arrest him. Nick reluctantly agrees and he and his partner take the two Blutbad in. As they go, Cole boasts that they can’t prove he and Krystal were at the bank and that they’ll soon go free.

At the station, Renard has called a press conference about the capture of the robbers. Nick and Hank brings the Wesen in as Cole continues bragging that he and his kind will soon terrorize the entire city. One of the reporters suddenly takes out a gun and shoots Cole and Krystal dead. Nick and Hank capture the man, who immediately surrenders.

A short time later, De Groot’s man informs his superior that he hired a local man to dispose of the two Blutbad. Satisfied, De Groot shreds their photos.

Juliette is sleeping when her cell phone rings. She answers it and hears a dull droning sound from the other end. Electrical sparks surge out of the phone and Juliette stares in horror as the floor disappears beneath her bed. As she pulls the sheets around her, a voice on the phone says that it wants her to know the truth.