2×15 Mr. Sandman

“Now we’ve got eyes–eyes–a beautiful pair of children’s eyes,” he whispered.

A man, Andre, parks outside of a church and takes some pills for what appears to be a headache. He then goes in and joins a grief support meeting led by Joe Silva. A woman, Molly Fisk, is sharing her feelings about the death of her brother. Silva then asks Andre if he’d like to share, and Andre talks about losing his wife to bone cancer. Afterward, Andre chats with Molly and explains that he came from South Africa, even though people think his accent is Australian. He tells Molly that she’s easy to talk to, like his dead wife, and she admits that she feels the same about him. He offers her a ride home and she accepts.

At home Juliette is in the kitchen and hears something moving in the living room. When she goes to check it out, she sees a ghostly figure standing in the middle of the room. Before she can get a good look at it, it disappears.

Andre takes home and tries to get her to talk about her brother. She refuses and Andre grabs her and breathes a red mist into her face. He then Woges, revealing fly-like features, and laps at her tears. Once he’s done, a red-eyed Molly tries to grab him. Blind, she knocks a heavy bookcase over, crushing her chest.

Monroe has Nick, Hank, and Rosalee over for dinner, and Nick brings them up to date on how Renard is a half-blood Hexenbeist and one of the Royals. The Blutbad figures that Renard’s family wouldn’t trust him because of his mixed lineage, and wants the key from Nick as leverage against his brother.

The next morning, Nick and Hank are called to Molly’s home after someone discovers her body. Nick soon realizes that a second person was there and they confirm she went to the grief support meeting the night before. They also notice that Molly’s eyes are a bright red and flag it for the ME. Nick and Hank go to the church and talk to Silva, who tells them that Molly was talking to Andre. He can only describe Andre’s accent and doesn’t have his last name. After asking him to work with a sketch artist, the detectives get a call from the ME and leave.

In Vienna, the elderly Frau Pech visits Adalind at her hotel room. She offers Adalind her condolences on Catherine’s death and immediately senses that Adalind has lost her powers. Frau Pech woges to reveal she’s a Hexenbeist, and informs Adalind that she’s pregnant. Adalind congratulates her on her sensitivities and explains that the child belongs to either Renard or his half-brother, Eric. She asks Frau Pech to help her and the old woman is glad to assist.

Andre goes to another grief support meeting, clutching at his head briefly before going in.

At the morgue, Dr. Harper tells Nick and Hank that Molly died when the bookcase crushed her windpipe. However, there is a sandlike substance in the corpse’s eyes, and Harper shows them that under magnification, the “sand” is small parasites, which cause River Sickness in Africa. Typically a fly transfers the disease with its bite, but in this case Molly received them from direct contact from an unknown source. Before the parasites touched Molly’s eyes, they were in a state of hibernation.

Andre picks up another woman, Kelly and goes home with her. He blinds her and feeds on her tears, but is interrupted when Kelly’s sister Casey comes back to get her keys. Casey hears her sister struggling and finally gets in, but Andre escapes, driving away in his Cadillac.

At the station, Nick confirms that Molly never went to Africa, while Hank checks with and doctor and confirms that River Sickness isn’t found in the U.S. They receive the sketch from Silva and get a call on the newest attack.

Juliette visits Rosalee at the spice shop and asks if there are any side effects to the potion that cured her of her attraction to Renard. When Rosalee asks for more details, Juliette admits that she’s seeing something strange and Rosalee offers to come home with her.

Nick and Hank interview Casey, who tells them that her mother died two weeks ago. She didn’t get a good look at Andre but she does identify his ’59 Cadillac. Casey also confirms that Kelly was at a grief support meeting earlier. Once Casey leaves to check on her sister at the hospital, Wu checks the crime scene and confirms that Kelly and Andre had coffee together. He wonders why and how Andre blinded the woman, and puts out an APB on the Cadillac. Meanwhile, the detectives go to the hospital to see if Kelly has the same parasites that Molly did.

Juliette brings Rosalee homes and describes what she’s been going through, including the mysterious voice wanting her to know the truth. As they talk, Juliette wonders exactly what kind of shop Rosalee runs, and the Fuchsbau vaguely describe that she works with traditional medicine treatments. Juliette sees the ghost from earlier and it runs off before Rosalee can catch a glimpse. They go upstairs after it and Juliette gets to the bedroom first. The ghost fades as soon as Rosalee enters the room, and she admits that she didn’t see it. However, she assures a shocked Juliette that she isn’t losing her mind.

In bed, Renard dreams that Juliette is in bed with him. She tells him that he wanted her there and starts to kiss her, and then transforms into a Hexenbeist.

The next morning, Nick and Monroe go to Marie’s trailer and try to find a reference to the Wesen responsible in the Grimm journals. Hank joins them there and they find an entry on a Jinnamuru Xantee, a fly-like Wesen that killed villagers in Africa until a Grimm killed it. They figure that grieving mourners make the perfect victims for the Jinnamuru Xantee, and the records show that the Wesen goes back to prey on the mourning family members of its victims.

Harper calls Nick from the morgue and tells him that Kelly has the same parasites that Molly did. Since the host is alive, the parasites are staying alive as well, and getting bigger. Nick and Hank go to see Kelly, and find Casey at the door. She tells them that her sister is resting and confirms that the man who attacked her was named Andre. Kelly wakes up, screaming in pain and clawing at her eyes, and Casey runs to get a doctor. Nick and Hank enter the room and watch helplessly as Kelly rips off the bandages as her eyes spurt blood as the parasites consume the tissue. Wu calls to tell Hank that they’ve located Andre’s Cadillac outside of a high school.

Nick and Hank drive there and Wu tells them that there’s a grief support meeting at the high school. The people come out just then and the detectives spot Andre in the crowd. He runs back into the school and Nick, Hank, and Wu run in after him. They split up and Nick hears Andre flitting about a oom, trying to get out. He goes in after it and tries to restrain it, but the Wesen spits in his face, blinding him. As Nick falls back, Andre smashes open the window, runs out to a nearby truck, drags the driver out, and escapes. Meanwhile, Hank and Wu find the blinded Nick and Nick tells his partner to call Monroe.

At the shop, Rosalee and Monroe are doing more research on the Jinnamuru Xantee, and confirm that the worms latch onto the ocular tissue and won’t let go. As they go through the books, Rosalee tells Monroe about Juliette’s hallucinations. Hank brings Nick in and Rosalee, who has discovered that light slows down the worms’ growth, sets up a light to shine in his face. Nick’s hearing becomes increasingly acute and he’s able to identify Rosalee by her footsteps. He’s also able to hear Hank whispering to Monroe about how Kelly is dead, her eyes consumed by the worms.

Rosalee calls Hank and Monroe into the next room, but Nick can hear them as she tells them that they can cure the Grimm by using one of the Jinnamuru Xantee’s eyes to make a salve. It requires a spoon to dig out the eyeball, and it has to be done when the Jinnamuru Xantee is in its true form. Nick calls out, asking how long they have, and Rosalee reluctantly admits that they only have four hours at the most. Hank calls Wu and tells him that they have to find Andre.

A mourning Casey comes home and starts cleaning up the debris from Kelly’s fight with Andre. She notices a photo of her family and starts crying, unaware that Andre is on the stairway watching her.

At the shop, Nick’s hearing grows more sensitive. He hears Wu call to tell Hank that they found the abandoned truck at an address and realizes that it’s near Casey’s house. Nick calls to Hank, reminding him about how the Jinnamuru Xantee returns to attack its victims’ family, and insists on going with them. Rosalee reluctantly agrees, pointing out that they’ll need Nick with them if they want to apply the salve in time.

Casey hears someone moving in the house and Andre grabs her. She struggles with the Wesen, trying to protect her eyes so he can’t spit into them.

Hank drives to the house with the others and tells Nick to stay outside with Rosalee while they search for the Jinnamuru Xantee. Once they leave, Nick hears Casey screaming and insists on going in. Meanwhile, Hank knocks at the door and Andre runs off. The detective breaks in and makes sure that Casey is okay, and then goes after Andre. He goes out the back and finds Monroe, but neither one of them can find Andre.

Nick enters the house and hears a buzzing sound from the attack. He tells Rosalee to get Hank and then fumbles his way up the stairs. When Rosalee goes back downstairs, Casey prepares to attack her with the knife. The Fuchsbau hastily explains that she’s with the police and Casey lets her pass.

Nick makes his way to the attic and Andre attacks him. Despite his blindness, Nick is able to defend himself and finally knocks Andre to the floor. He pins it while the others arrive and Monroe uses a spoon to dig out the Jinnamuru Xantee’s eye. Rosalee mixes the salve and applies it to Nick’s eyes, while Andre slips away in the confusion. Clutching at his empty eye socket, he stumbles down the stairs… and Casey stabs him to death.

At home, Juliette is in the living room when the ghost appears again in the same spot as before. She asks it what it wants and it solidifies momentarily, revealing that it’s Nick.

The next morning, a cured Nick goes out into the woods and has Monroe toss cantaloupes at him. The Grimm deflects every one despite the fact that he’s blindfolded, and Monroe points out that his friend may have gained something good from being blinded.