2×17 One Angry Fuchsbau

He sang a sweet song in tones so full and soft that no human ear could resist them, nor fathom their origin…

Six Months Ago

At the Nidaria home, Katherine has crossed her husband, Don, who accuses her of choosing the wrong dress. Don chases his wife through the house to the upstairs bedroom, and when she tries to fend him off, she tears his tuxedo shirt. Furious, Don woges, revealing his Lowen face. Shocked, Katherine reveals her Mauzhertz face, and Don throws her out the balcony window just as the maid, Vera Montgomery, comes in and sees the entire thing.


Nick is having breakfast at Monroe’s place as his friend comes in, and he tells the Blutbad that he should take Juliette to Marie’s trailer. However, Nick thinks it would be better if he wasn’t there because of how she reacted when he took her there the first time, before her coma. Monroe isn’t sure, wondering what he should do if Juliette does remember, but Nick begs him to help and Monroe agrees.

At the city courthouse, DA Lauren is giving her opening statements to the jury on the Nidaria case. Rosalee is the jury foreman in the case. As Don’s defense attorney, Barry Kellogg, addresses the jury, they’re unaware that pheromones are drifting off of his body.

Monroe calls Juliette from her porch and tells her that he’ll take her to the trailer. She agrees and he insists on taking her immediately, revealing that he’s out front. Juliette comes out and hugs him, relieved and surprised that he agreed, and then drags him off before either one of them can change their minds. At the junkyard, Juliette remembers being there but has no memory that Nick was there that night. They go inside and Juliette notices one of the journals that she saw in her flashbacks. She looks through it and comments on the pictures, and Monroe hesitantly admits that Marie had an interest in fairy tales. When Juliette sniffs at a poison, she gets a flash of Nick letting her sniff it on the night she went into the coma. More memories of Nick flash before her eyes and she staggers outside, asking Monroe to take her home.

When Monroe goes to the spice shop to meet Rosalee for dinner, she complains that she’s not feeling well. She describes how during the first day of the trial, she suddenly changed her mind about Don’s guilt for no particular reason. Then she became sick, but by the time she got out of the courthouse, it had dulled to a low headache. Monroe offers to close up the shop for her and drive her to the courthouse the next day, and Rosalee thanks him for his concern.

Nick is eating and checking his email, and is surprised to discover that his mother contacted him. When Monroe comes in, Nick tells him that Nick’s mother is doing fine and that she has the coins. Monroe tells Nick what happened with Juliette and Nick is eager to go to her. The Blutbad suggests that they stay out of the way rather than push her further.

At home, Juliette remembers talking with Pilar and the old Spanish woman telling her about what Juliette was experiencing. She has more dreams of Nick appearing throughout the room, talking to her out of the past, and bolts uprights in shock.

The next day at the trial, Vera testifies that she saw Don throw Jennifer out of the balcony window. Monroe stops in after dropping Rosalee off, and watches as Kellogg reminds Vera that Don testified that Jennifer was upset and suicidal, and he tried to stop her. As he leads her, Kellogg exudes more pheromones and Vera reverses her testimony. Castro objects and the judge overrules her, but warns Kellogg to avoid leading the witnesses.

At the lunch recess, Rosalee looks suspiciously at Kellogg and Monroe notices. He follows the defense attorney into the bathroom and then listens as Kellogg takes out a toad from his briefcase. He drops it and picks it up, and then swallows it. Monroe quickly washes his hands as Kellogg leaves the stall and goes back to the courtroom.

At the station, Renard is briefing Hank and Renard on the supposed terrorist attack at the cafe. He’s confirmed that the man was an agent of the Verrat and figures that the bomb was intended for either Renard or his spy. The captain tells the detectives that for the time being, they’ll maintain the cover that the killer was a terrorist. As they finish up, Monroe calls to ask Nick and Hank to come to the courthouse.

When they get there, Monroe explains that Kellogg is a Ziegevolk like the one Nick met a year ago. Nick tells Hank about how Ziegevolks can exude pheromones to influence people. They go inside and listen as Castro questions Wu about how Don reacted when the police arrived. Despite his experience as a witness, Wu quickly starts agreeing with Kellogg, who suggests that Don was crying when Wu saw him.

When Rosalee returns to the spice shop that night, Nick, Hank, and Monroe meet her there and tell her that Kellogg is a Wesen. The Ziegevolks feed on toads to enhance their pheromones, and Monroe figures that the attorney is eating a rare toad to boost his pheromone abilities. Rosalee admits that she might be able to make an antidote, but warns that they can’t give it to the jury and the remaining witnesses. They also have to do something because the attorneys are giving their closing arguments the next day.

Juliette invites Pilar over and the woman immediately senses that something is different about Juliette. She warns Juliette that she is standing between the worlds of the light and the dark.

Nick and the others go through Rosalee’s books and finally locate a sketch showing the Ziegevolks’ gland that they use to release pheromones through their sweat glands. Rosalee confirms that there is a potion that will permanently block the gland, but tells the others that they need to have a sample of Kellogg’s sweat. Nick says that he has an idea to make Kellogg sweat.

Kellogg goes to a club and, after eating another toad, picks up a woman, Olivia Sutton. He easily convinces her to go back to his hotel with him. However, as they walk down the street, Monroe attacks them in his Blutbad form. Kellogg runs off in terror while Nick and Hank arrive and tell Olivia to go back into the club. Meanwhile, Kellogg runs down the street to where Bud is waiting. They both reveal that they’re Wesen and Bud offers to help Kellogg escape. They drive off as Monroe arrives, and Nick and Hank pull up to confirm that everything went as planned.

As Bud drives away, he gives Kellogg a handkerchief and then drops him off at his hotel. The attorney starts to leave with the handkerchief, promising to pay Bud back, but the Eisbiber says that it was a gift from his wife and quickly snatches it back. Once Kellogg goes inside, Bud drives to the spice shop and Rosalee uses the sweat to make the potion. However, she tells the others that the only way to administer it is to inject it into one of Kellogg’s toads before he eats it.

The next morning, Nick and Hank go to the hotel room and question Kellogg about the attack the previous night. While they keep Kellogg distracted, Monroe sneaks in and finds the briefcase with the Wesen’s stash of toads. Unfortunately, there are two toads and only enough antidote to inject one. The Blutbad has no choice but to choose one toad and hope for the best. However, the toad jumps out of his hands and hops out into the main room. Monroe chases after it and Nick and Hank keep Kellogg distracted. The Blutbad finally grabs the toad, injects it, and put it back into the briefcase. Kellogg finally has enough and says that he has to get to the courthouse, and the detectives wish him well. Outside, they check with Monroe, who explains what happened.

Once Kellogg gets to the courthouse, the final day of the trail begins and the Ziegevolk gives his closing argument.

In Vienna, Eric summons Adalind into his presence and asks for the key. She explains that Renard wouldn’t give it to her and claims that she doesn’t know why. Eric says that it’s time to tell Nick who his captain really is, unaware that the Grimm already knows. As he pours himself a drink, Eric notices that Adalind has a glow but she dismisses it as being happy to be with him.

Once the jury goes into deliberations, Nick, Hank, and Monroe wait outside the courtroom with the press. The jury quickly reaches a verdict and everyone goes inside. Rosalee reads the verdict and both Don and Kellogg are shocked to find that Don has been found guilty. The Lowen demands to know what happened but Kellogg admits that he has no idea.

That night, Bud meets the others to celebrate at the spice shop. Monroe goes to answer the door when someone comes in and discovers that it’s Kellogg, desperate for a cure now that he’s confirmed that he’s lost his power. Rosalee comes out and Kellogg recognizes her and realizes that the entire thing was a set-up. When he attacks Rosalee, Monroe transforms and angrily throws him back. Nick and Hank restrain the Blutbad and Nick takes Kellogg away for assault, while Hank warns the lawyer that no one will believe him if he tells the truth.

At the station, Kellogg is locked up in a cell and demands a lawyer. Don is in the next cell, woges, and tells his former attorney that none of the lawyers are worth anything.

At home, Juliette continues to suffer from an increasing barrage of memories of Nick that makes it impossible for her to sleep or concentrate.