2×21 The Waking Dead

Papa Ghede is a handsome fellow in his hat and coat of black. Papa Ghede is going to the palace! He’ll eat and drink when he gets back!

In Vienna, Eric and Adalind return to the Renard family castle after a night out. They flirt and Eric wonders what it would have been like to sleep with her when she had her powers. Adalind hints that she may get her powers back some day and they start to undress. However, they’re interrupted when Eric receives a call. He takes it in the next room and Adalind listens in as Eric tells his father that there will be no interference once their plan starts, and that he’ll go in person to make the proposal. The talk turns to Adalind and Eric points out that his father also slept with a Hexenbiest.

After their night together, Nick drives Juliette home and she tells him that she’s been remembering a lot of what happened between them before her coma. She apologizes for all the things she said and did to him when she couldn’t remember their life together, and admits that she doesn’t want to move forward too fast. However, Juliette says that she wants to try again and then kisses Nick, and says that’s how she remembers things between them.

The next day, Wu and Franco get a call about a domestic disturbance and go to investigate. They find a dead woman in the living room and a man leaps out and attacks them. Franco is forced to shoot the man in defense and he goes down, a green liquid on his mouth.

In Vienna, Stefania visits Adalind and tells her that there is a way to restore her Hexenbiest powers. However, she warns that it will be difficult and uncomfortable, but she can do it in return for the Royal child that Adalind bears. The gypsy gives Adalind a contract and tells her to sign it. When Adalind points out that she can’ read it, Stefania tells her that she’ll understand it once she signs. Adalind balks and Stefania grabs her hand and slams it down on the paper, leaving a mark. The Gypsy queen tells Adalind that the contract is binding and tells her to take care of the child. As she leaves, Frau Pech watches from a distance.

When Nick and Hank arrive at the crime scene, the paramedic tells them that there’s no mark on the dead woman to show how she died. They figured that the dead man was using drugs and leave to check his prints. As the detectives leave, a black man in a top hat watches them from the crowd and quietly hums to himself in Creole. Back at the station, Nick identifies the woman as Lilly O’Hara, who has a record of solicitation and drug use. The man’s name is Richard Mulpus and he has a minor arrest record for check kiting. There’s no connection between the two and Hank discovers that there’s a death certificate for Mulpus dated three days ago. They figure it’s a clerical error and go to the police morgue to check it out.

In Vienna, Adalind goes out for dinner and Frau Pech joins her. She warns Adalind not to betray her and that she shouldn’t waste her time trying to regain her powers. The old Hexenbiest tells Adalind that she can’t trust Stefania and should rely on her own kind, and briefly woges. With a final threat that the Royal baby is worth more dead than alive to some people, Frau Pech walks away.

Dr. Harper tells Nick and Hank that Mulpus is definitely dead, and dismisses the first death certificate as a clerical error. She’s still working on identifying the drug that was in Mulpus’ body at the time of his death, and Nick takes a photo of Mulpus so they can ID him at the hospital.

Juliette visits Monroe at home and asks him to show her whatever he was going to show her on the night she went into her coma. Bud is working on Monroe’s refrigerator and overhears them, and panics at the thought of woging to Juliette. Juliette reminds him that he was the one who told her that Nick was a Grimm, and Bud tries to get out of his statement without success. Monroe figures that it’s time that Juliette know the truth, and Bud suggests that Monroe do it at the spice shop with Rosalee. The Blutbad agrees but insists that Bud come with them.

At the hospital, Nick and Hank talk to Dr. Feldman. He vaguely remembers signing off on the death certificate but doesn’t recall what Mulpus looked at. They go to the morgue and Nick spots the man in the top hat from the crime scene. He leaves before Nick can go after him, and Nick tells Hank that he thought he recognized the man from earlier.

At the shop, Monroe and Bud bring Juliette in and put up the Closed sign. They tell Rosalee what’s going on and Monroe figures that it’s time that Juliette knew everything. He starts to woge but Rosalee stops him, saying that it should be her. She then starts to break Juliette in gently by asking her if she knows what a Fuchsbau is.

At the hospital morgue, Nick and Hank check with the clerk, who is surprised to discover that Mulpus’ corpse isn’t there.

At her lab, Harper begins the autopsy on Lilly. The “corpse” sits up, gasping for breath.

Rosalee tells Juliette what she’s about to see and finally woges, revealing her true face. Stunned, Juliette turns and walks out, but then comes back in and figures that Nick wanted her to see it so it’s important. Monroe hastily suggests that Bud go next, and the Eisbiber panics, unable to do it without preparation. He finally gets so nervous that he changes involuntarily. Juliette wonders why Monroe wanted to wait until last, and he asks her to trust him. He then woges into his terrifying Blutbad features but assures her that it’s still him. Juliette manages to control herself and asks if Nick is also a Wesen, and they assure her that he’s a Grimm. Taking it all in, Juliette suggests that they have a drink.

At her camp, Stefania receives a call from Adalind. Adalind warns the Gypsy that Frau Pech threatened her and warned that Stefania can’t be trusted. Stefania agrees but points out that Hexenbiest are even less trustworthy than her kind. She tells Adalind that she’ll work something out with Frau Pech and hangs up. Once Adalind can no longer hear her, Stefania tears up her tend in a fit of rage.

Nick and Hank return to the station and Wu tells them that Lilly is alive after all. He informs them that the EMTs took Lilly to the ICU and the partners go to check on her.

In Vienna, Frau Pech arranges a meeting with Eric’s underling… unaware that he’s Renard’s spy within the castle. She tells him that she knows of a woman who is bearing a child of Royal blood and is two months’ pregnant. Frau Pech warns the spy that Royal blood on the open market could be dangerous if the wrong people get the child, and then leaves.

At the ICU, the man in the top hat visits Lilly and welcomes her back to the living. Hank and Nick get there a little later and discover that Lilly is gone. The nurse as no idea what happened and the detectives go to check the security footage.

The spy calls Renard and tells him what he’s learned from Frau Pech. He warns Renard that he’ll have to tell Eric, and admits that the Hexenbiest didn’t tell him who the mother and father are. The spy asks Renard if he’ll want to make a counter-offer, and Renard says that he does. They both figure that Eric will betray Frau Pech and take the child for himself without paying.

When Nick and Hank check the security footage, they see the man in the top hat taking Lilly out. Wu calls to tell them that they have the tox report back on Mulpus. He was under the influence of a hallucinogenic that causes a semblance of death, and in large doses causes erratic behavior first. Wu puts out an APB on Lilly while the detectives go to the trailer to do some research.

The top hat man calls a tow truck driver, Al, and claims that his car is broken down. When Al comes out to fix it, he’s able to start the car right away. The top hat man woges, revealing a puffer fish-like face, and sprays green venom in Al’s face.

At the trailer, Nick and Hank find an entry about a voodoo priest going by the name of The Baron who could seemingly raise the dead using his venom. The Grimm involved determined that The Baron was a Wesen, a Cracher-Mortel, but was unable to kill him. Monroe calls to ask Nick to come by the spice shop and Nick says that he’ll be there with Hank.

The Baron boards a city bus, looks around, and then starts spitting venom at the passengers.

Eric takes his private jet to Portland and calls his brother when he arrives. Renard is surprised to learn that Eric is there, and Eric says that he’s there to bury the hatched and come to an understanding about the future. They agree to meet the next day and hang up. Renard then calls his spy in Vienna and tells him to find out why Eric has made a secret trip to the States. They figure that Eric has the Family’s blessing and is on an important mission. Renard tells his spy to check with Mesiner and warns him to be careful.

The Baron and his mindless victims go to a cargo container at the docks. Lilly and The Baron’s other victims are inside, and the Wesen guides his new victims inside. He then locks them all in and walks away, humming to himself.

Nick and Hank tell Renard what they’re up against, but realize that they don’t know what The Baron is doing. They figure that Lilly will go berserk just like Mulpus did.

In Vienna, the spy checks Eric’s desk. He finds passports with no photos and death certificates.

At the spice shop, Monroe tells Nick and Hank what they did, and figures that Juliette can handle the knowledge. Nick is happy that he doesn’t have to lie to Juliette anymore, and Rosalee says that at least now they’ll know if Juliette can handle knowledge of the Wesen like Hank has, or if she can’t.

In Vienna, Adalind checks herself in a mirror for signs of pregnancy.

Juliette prepares dinner for Nick and then goes to greet him at the door. He has flowers for her and she says that she’s okay with seeing her Wesen friends for what they really are.

At his hotel suite, Eric meets with his ally: The Baron.