2×22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Eric is enjoying a late supper in his suite at the Gregory Hotel with the Baron. The Cracher-Mortel assures his ally that he has more than enough people under his control and that he will be ready in 24 hours. Eric asks for a demonstration of his abilities and summons Lucas, one of his bodyguards, into the suite. The Baron spits his paralytic venom into the man’s face and he drops to the floor in agony.

Nick visits Juliette at home and they make small talk until they’re ready to talk about Nick being a Grimm. He admits that he wanted to Juliette the truth but was afraid that he would push her into something she wasn’t ready for. Juliette is satisfied that she isn’t going insane and assures Nick that she still loves him. She wonders if it still matters and Nick assures her that he never stopped loving her. At that, Juliette tells him to shut up and kisses him.

The Baron goes to the docks and performs a ceremony with his zombies. He then orders them to climb the fence and advance into Portland.

In a cabin in Rosaliengebirge, Austria, Frau Pech prepares a doppleganger spell.

Monroe and Rosalee have supper together at his place and they figure that since Nick hasn’t returned there, things are going well with him and Juliette. The Blutbad awkwardly suggests that Rosalee might stay over but then drops it. Rosalee kisses him and says that they can clean up the dishes in the morning.

Renard gets a call from his spy, who sends him photos of three files that Eric had hidden in his desk at the Castle. Two of them have passports and death certificates, but no photos. The other one is an empty file with the name “Thomas Schirach” on it, and Renard wonders what Schirach is doing for his half-brother.

The next morning, the zombie Lucas boards a passenger lift and attacks the people inside.

In Vienna, Adalind gets a meal from room service and pours herself a glass of wine when it arrives. The waiter leaves… and gives the room key to Frau Pech. He assures Pech that he did what she paid him to do and leaves. Pech goes into the suite and confirms that Adalind is unconscious from the drugged food, and then takes some of her blood.

The Baron’s zombies make it to Portland and begin attacking everyone they come across.

Nick and Juliette have spent the night together, and are relaxing on the couch. Renard calls Nick to tell him that they have to meet in person to discuss something important. Once he hangs up, Nick tells Juliette that they should move slowly with their relationship, and leaves for the station.

The zombies spread out through downtown Portland, attacking everyone they meet.

At the station, Renard tells Nick that his half-brother Eric has come to town on behalf of the Royals and explains that Eric’s mother tried to kill Renard and his mother. The captain shows Nick the files and figures that they’re working for Eric. He suspects that Schirach, whose file is empty, is Eric’s chosen operative. Eric calls Renard and invites him to dinner that night at his suite, insisting that they have business to discuss. As Renard hangs up, Wu comes in and tells them that there have been a series of attacks in the downtown area and they’re running out of men to deal with them. Renard assigns Nick to the case and the Grimm leaves with Wu.

Nick and Wu go to the site of a recent attack, a coffee shop, and explore inside. Lilly O’Hara attacks Wu, biting his neck, and then attacks Nick. He ducks and she goes through a second-story window and lands on a car below… and gets up, unaffected. Three officers manage to bring her down, while another zombie, Al the truck driver, attacks Nick. The Grimm restrains the man as Hank arrives, and tells his partner to bring his car around. Nick wants to take Al to the spice shop so that Rosalee can determine the cause of his illness.

When they get to the shop, Nick and Hank cuff Al to a table. They explain what’s going on and Rosalee checks her pharmacology books. She finds a reference to the condition of dammerzustand, which Cracher-Mortel can induce. The victims go through four stages, and the only treatment that exists can only be administered in the fourth stage: extreme violence. Rosalee takes out the triple-needled device that is necessary to administer the treatment and assures Nick that she has all of the ingredients necessary to make the treatment. As Nick and Hank head back to the station hose, Monroe and Rosalee start working on the cure.

When the detectives get back to the station, Nick checks on Al and discovers that his boss reported him missing 24 hours ago. There have been dozens of other missing-persons reports and Nick and Hank figure that the Baron is responsible for all of them.

As Monroe and Rosalee work on the treatment, Al wakes up and goes berserk. He manages to get to his feet and lashes out at Monroe, who finally restrains him. Rosalee finishes the first batch of the treatment and injects Al in the stomach.

Al’s boss at the garage comes in and plays Nick and Hank a recording that they made of the man who called in for a tow truck. They listen as the man introduces himself as Baron Samedi and asks them to send someone out with a truck.

Pech injects Adalind’s blood into the potion that she created, and then use it to cast a spell. She transforms into Adalind and vice versa, and the phone rings. It’s Stefania, who tells Pech that she’s come up with a way to deal with their enemy, Pech. Pech, speaking in Adalind’s voice, assure Stefania that she wants to hear what she has to say.

Hank checks the license plate of the car that the Baron called in and confirms that it belonged to Richard Mulpus, the man who attacked Lilly O’Hara. Wu comes in and tells them that they found the car by the river near a container yard and the officers go to check it out.

Renard arrives at Eric’s suite and the bodyguard refuses to let him in with his weapons. When Renard threatens to leave, Eric overrides his guard and brings his brother in for dinner. Eric insists on talking about the past and Renard points out that his mother took him out of and fled the country to avoid Eric’s mother, who planned to kill them. Renard’s half-brother casually dismisses it as water under the bridge and Renard tells him that he doesn’t have the key. Eric asks him about how he works with the Grimm and Renard admits that Nick isn’t very traditional. He concedes that Nick is effective and has taken out two of the Family’s assassins. Eric brings up Adalind and says that she told him that Renard needed more time to get the key, and assures his half-brother that the Family will give him some more time. He holds out the promise of bring Renard back into the Family, saying that his status as a bastard won’t be held against him. Renard considers the offer and says that he’ll think about it.

Nick, Hank, and Wu check out Mulpus’ car and find voodoo ritual equipment in the trunk. Nick looks around and tells Hank that he has the feeling that the baron has set the whole thing up and is playing with them. He looks over at the nearby container yard but sees nothing suspicious. Hank tells him to have a good time at dinner with Juliette, and that he’ll be at the hospital having his cast removed.

That night, Renard parks across from the hotel and watches as Eric leaves in his limo.

At the shop, Al comes out of his berserker state and Rosalee and Monroe realize that he’s back to normal.

Nick goes home and knocks at the door, and Juliette tells him that he doesn’t have to. She asks how his day was and insists that she wants the truth. Nick tells her everything about the Cracher-Mortel, the zombies, and the cure. Juliette interrupts to tell him that he can move back in anytime that he wants. Before Nick can pursue the matter, Monroe calls him and tells him that Al has recovered but can’t remember anything. As Nick leaves to interrogate him, Juliette insists on going with him, begging him not to lock her out. Nick agrees and the two of them leave together.

Pech in Adalind’s body goes to see Stefania at the camp. The Gypsy clean explains that to restore Adalind’s powers, she need to take a still-living heart from the breast of a Hexenbiest, and plans to use Pech’s. Stefania suggests that she will lure Pech there by suggesting that they work together to betray Adalind. Once Pech is there, Stefania plans to have one of her sons strangle her and then cut out her heart. Pech wonders if it would work, and Stefania grabs her hands while one of her sons strangles Pech and then drags her to the floor. Stefania cuts out her heart, ending the spell, and Pech reverts to her true appearance.

At the hotel, Adalind wakes up in her own body. She sees Pech’s discarded clothing and realizes what has happened, and that Stefania can restore her powers.

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee are surprised when Nick brings Juliette in. Nick questions Al, who remembers the Baron and being locked in a big black room with other people like him. The tow truck driver also remembers hearing a truck horn and seeing a lot of green. Juliette wonders if Al is a Wesen and Monroe hastily explains that the driver is a normal human. Meanwhile, Nick remembers that some of the containers at the container yard were green, and realizes that the Baron deliberately lured them there. He tells Rosalee and Monroe to make more of the treatment, and Juliette eagerly volunteers to help them. When they wonder why the Baron is involved, Nick says that the Grimm journals mentioned a Baron who set off a revolution, and figures that their opponent is working with Eric to start a revolution in Portland. Before they leave for the container yard, Nick has Rosalee hide the key somewhere that only she knows.

Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette drive to the container yard and park, while the Baron watches them from above. He then releases a container full of zombies which swarm out throughout the yard. Three of them find the group and Nick and Monroe take them down. Rosalee injects them with the treatment one at a time, but the Baron opens more containers. Nick refuses to shoot at innocent victims and they have no choice but to run. However, Nick gets separated from the others, and Monroe gets Juliette to their SUV.

As he runs through the container yard, Nick spots the Baron, laughing and posing atop a container. The Grimm climbs up after him and the Baron jumps from container to container. He finally stops and turns to fight Nick, drawing his sword cane. The two of them fight and the Baron knocks a trapdoor open and drops himself and Nick inside the container. The Cracher-Mortel fades into the shadow sand Nick discovers a voodoo shrine and a coffin. When he opens the coffin, he discovers that it’s empty except for a set of papers made out to Thomas Schirach. When Nick checks the papers, he discovers that the photo on the ID is his. The Baron comes up behind him and spits in his face, and Nick collapses in agony.

Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette get to the SUV but the zombies surround them and start pounding on the windows.

Eric enters the cargo container and the Baron greets him. He then shows him Nick, comatose in the coffin with Schirach’s papers on his chest.