3×01 The Ungrateful Dead

But if I stand at the sick person’s feet, he is mine.

15 Minutes Ago

Eric leaves his hotel and drives off as his brother Renard watches and then follows.

At the container yard, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette are forced to abandon their search for Nick when the zombies attack them. They get into Monroe’s SUV but the zombies soon threaten to overwhelm the vehicle and the Blutbad is forced to drive off.

Nick catches up to the Baron and attacks him.

The zombies hang onto the SUV as Monroe drags them along.

5 Minutes Ago

After the Baron escapes him, Nick finds the container where his opponent has set up base. As he picks up the IDs papers inside the coffin with his photo on them, the Baron rears up and spits datura into Nick’s face.

Renard secretly follows Eric to the container yard.

Driving between containers, Monroe speeds up and then brakes, throwing off the zombies. However, the container yard is full of the drugged humans and more of them charges toward the SUV.

Renard draws his gun and watches as Erin meets with the Baron. The two of them put the comatose Nick into the coffin and seal it shut.


Monroe finally crashes his SUV and the three of them are forced to flee on foot. They climb up a container-mover to the top of several containers but the zombies relentlessly pursue them.

As Renard watches, the Baron has his men load the coffin into a black van and then drive away. Two zombies attack Renard, who loses his gun in the struggle.

The zombies continue climbing up after Monroe and the others, who try to drive them back.

One zombie holds onto Renard while the other one chokes him.

Hank arrives at the station and Lee tells him that it’s been a quiet night since they locked up the zombies in the jail infirmary. When Hank wonders where the captain is, Lee says that Renard left a couple of hours ago. As Hank sits down at his desk, Juliette calls him and says that they’ve lost Nick and that zombies are attacking them. She loses her cell phone fighting off a zombie and Hank tells Lee to get all available units to the container yard right away.

More zombies keep climbing up the containers.

Renard transforms into his half-blood Hexenbiest form and disposes of his attackers.

Monroe transforms into his Wesen form to fight off the zombies. He quickly reverts back when the police pull up below and try to round up the zombies. Juliette calls down to Hank, telling him that Nick is gone.

Renard hears Nick’s cell phone ringing inside of the Baron’s container and confirms that Hank is calling. He answers and tells Hank that Eric has Nick. When Hank says that he’s at the container yard, Renard tells him to stay there and he’ll meet him.

The Baron and his men arrive at the airport and load the coffin onto Eric’s private jet.

Renard meets up with the others and tells them that Eric will take Nick out of the country disguised as a corpse, and that the zombies are just a diversion. As they drive to the airport, Rosalee warns that Nick may have an unusual reaction to the datura drug because he’s a Grimm.

The Baron checks on Nick’s comatose body and tells him that he’ll soon be on his way to a new home.

Hank calls the airport police to hold the jet while Rosalee realizes that she is about out of antidote. Two airport cops approach the Baron and order him to stand down. He readily agrees and one of them goes aboard the jet and finds Nick’s coffin. Before he can examine it, he hears his partner scream and runs back out. The other cop is on the ground, unconscious, and the Baron spits datura into the second officer’s face.

In Europe, Stefania cuts out Frau Pech’s heart from her mummified corpse and places it in a box. She covers it in wax and then tells her sons to bring Adalind in.

Hank and the others arrive at the airfield, too late to do anything but watch the jet take off. Juliette demands that Renard does something but he warns that the jet will soon be over international waters as it heads for Austria. She slaps him and says that his family is to blame, and Renard promises her that he’ll do everything he can to stop Eric from getting Nick. Lee calls Hank to tell him that they have the zombies locked up in a container for the time being. Hank asks Rosalee to make more antidote for the datura while Renard confirms the jet’s flight plan. When Monroe points out the two downed officers, Rosalee reminds them that it’s too early to treat them while they’re in the first stages of the drug, and says that they’ll have to take the cops with them.

Aboard the jet, the Baron hears a pounding noise coming from inside the coffin.

Adalind is brought of Stefania and the gypsy woman explains that Adalind must remove Frau Pech’s hands, feet, and eyes for the next part of the ritual.

Nick smashes his way out of the coffin and the Baron spits more datura into his face, paralyzing him. However, Nick absorbs the toxin into his skin and keeps coming. The pilot comes out to investigate the commotion and Nick attacks him, driving him back into the cockpit.

Once Adalind has completed the next part of the ritual, Stefania leads her out into a nearby poppy fields. One of her sons brings a silver digging tool, a keilhacke, with him. Stefania removes the lid from the heart box and tosses it into the airs, and it hovers for a moment before landing on a particular spot. The gypsy tells Adalind to use the keilhacke to dig there.

The jet plummets toward the ground and the Baron tries to regain control of Nick. He fails and continues his attack on the Baron and the pilots, and the jet crashes into the forest.

At the spice shop, Rosalee makes more antidote and tries to work out a better way to administer it. Monroe wants to head off for Austria immediately and find Nick, since he figures that they can’t trust Renard. Juliette agrees with the Blutbad but Rosalee warns that the Royal Family has more than enough resources to easily dispose of all of them. Monroe spills a few bottles in his anxiety, and suggests that they call some of the people Nick has helped to bolster their ranks. As he goes to the phone, Rosalee notices the gas rising from the broken bottles and figures that they can get the zombies to inhale the antidote. Juliette suggests that they put the antidote in gas bottle and throw it.

Back at the station, Renard calls his spy in Eric’s castle. He tells the spy that Eric has Nick and orders his man to have Meisner deal with the situation. Meanwhile, the spy is to maintain his cover and look appropriately shocked when Meisner finishes his work. Hank comes into the office to tell Renard that the jet is heading to Vienna, and the flight plan shows that Eric isn’t aboard. Renard assures Hank that Eric will be dealt with, and they can recover Nick then. Unwilling to wait, Hank storms out.

In the forest, a still-stricken Nick steps over the injured pilots and walks past the Baron’s body into the forest.

At the container yard, Lee and his men get the last zombie into a container. Hank and the others arrive and tell Lee about the antidote, and Monroe lures the zombies to the far end of the container by banging on the sides and running down to the end. Once he does, Rosalee throws the bottles inside and the policemen relock the container door and wait for the results.

At the station, Renard is informing Meisner to make sure that Eric dies in his car with no incidental casualties. Hank comes in and informs the captain that the jet went down near Mount Cedera.

Nick makes his way through the woods until he sees a car drive by. He follows it toward a nearby bar.

The zombies inside the container start talking in normal voices and the police officers release them. Hank calls Monroe and tells him that Nick’s jet went down and that he and Renard going to the crash site. Juliette insists that she be there as well and leaves with Rosalee and Monroe.

Nick staggers into the bar as the crowd stares at him.

Hank and Renard arrive at the crash site and confirm that Nick isn’t among the three men still in the plane. They find Nick’s fake ID and the coffin and realize that Nick somehow walked away from the crash. The two men figure that Nick still under the effects of the drug and Renard has Dispatch notify him of any 911 calls that they receive.

The music and lights inside the bar confuse Nick in his current mental state. A customer tries to shove past the Grimm, who slams him into the ground and attacks anyone in his way with superhuman strength and resistance. The bartender calls 911 while some of his customers stay to fight and others run out. One customer draws a knife but Nick knocks him unconscious.

Juliette and the others arrive at the crash site and Hank assures her that Nick survived, but that he’s still under the effects of the datura drug. Renard hears about the bar fight from Dispatch and they group heads out.

After grabbing a shotgun, the bartender tries to slip out. Nick attacks him, yanking the shotgun out of his hands. As the bartender runs out, Nick sees his reflection in the mirror and then goes berserk and shatters the glass.

Hank and the others pull up outside and the bartender runs out and warns them about Nick. Monroe and Rosalee can both pick up Nick’s scent, and Rosalee warns them that it’s changed. Hank, Renard, and Monroe go inside and take in the devastation. Monroe picks up the scent and goes with Hank to follow it while Renard calls the incident in.

Adalind finishes digging the hole and Stefania tells her to bury the body parts and then the box containing Frau Pech’s heart. Once Adalind is finished, Stefania tells her to stand up and wait. After a few moments, all the poppies in the field die. Spirits drift out of the ground and careers Adalind, and Stefania tells her that she’s been accepted.

The local police arrive at the bar and Renard has them cordon off the area. The captain then tells Juliette that Hank and Monroe are trying to find Nick before he kills someone.

Monroe and Hank follow Nicks’ scent, unaware that up ahead he has found a house with a father, wife, and two daughters… and is planning to attack.