3×02 PTZD

It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.

Monroe and Hank chase after Nick with the Blutbad following the Grimm’s scent. As they proceed, Hank calls Renard at the bar to update him on what they’re doing. Meanwhile, Renard checks with an officer and confirms that there was no security footage of the fight, and then leaves with Rosalee and Juliette.

The drugged Nick hears Mr. and Mrs. Avery going into their country home with their two daughters and comes running out of the woods toward them. They get into the house, lock the door, and run upstairs. Nick bursts through the door and run upstairs, and the father tells his family to hide while he gets his gun. They scream and Monroe and Hank hear them and come running. As Nick breaks down the bedroom door, his friends tackle him but quickly realize that he’s too strong for them. They lure him downstairs and then split up. Hank tries to lure Nick outside, but the berserk Grimm goes after Monroe instead.

As Hank calls Renard to tell him where they are, Monroe comes running with Nick in hot pursuit. They head for a nearby barn and try to set a trap. With Nick closing in, the two men climbs up into the hayloft and a board breaks beneath Monroe’s feet. He pulls himself free as Nick climbs up the ladder and comes after them, ignoring their pleas to listen. However, when he reaches the weak flooring, Nick plunges through into the locked storage room below, and the two men throw a fence section over the hole to trap their friend there.

As Hank and Monroe run outside, Renard pulls up. They warn Juliette that Nick has lost his humanity as the father of the house comes running out with a gun. He demands explanations and Hank explains that they were following a suspect. Renard claims that Nick is Thomas Schirach, the alias that Eric used on the fake papers for Nick. Rosalee has the antidote injector and Renard tells her to get ready, and then goes in with Hank and Monroe. The two Wesen switch to their natural forms as Nick breaks through the storage room walls and comes at them. They’re unable to slow him down and Hank realizes that he may have to shoot his friend. Rosalee arrives and rams the injector into Nick’s stomach, giving him a full dose of the antidote. He collapses, convulsing, and Rosalee tells the others to get their friend back to the spice shop. As they drive back to Seattle, Monroe asks Renard if he’s going to let his brother Eric get away with his plan to abduct Nick.

In Europe, Stefania leads Adalind back to her tent and orders her to sew the dead flowers from the poppy field into Frau Pech’s gaping chest cavity. Adalind hesitates and Stefania yanks on the sack, releasing the flowers, which flow into the cavity on their own.

When they get back to the spice shop, Rosalee injects Nick again. As they wait, Renard says that he has to go back to the station house to make sure the investigation goes they way they want. Hank insists on staying and they wait until Nick starts to wake up, seemingly still berserk. Monroe and Hank quickly handcuff him down.

Once Adalind sews up Frau Pech’s corpse, Stefania tells her to bite off the gore-covered thread with her teeth. Adalind reluctantly does so and green mist flows up out of the scar.

At the station, Renard gets a text message from one of his people in Europe, saying to watch the news. He looks up the news from Vienna on the Internet and finds a report about a car explosion claim the life of his half-brother Eric.

At the spice shop, Rosalee treats the wounded men and they wonder what Eric and his family have planned for Nick. Nick wakes up, back to normal, and tries to work out what is going on. He has no memory of anything since he battled the Baron, and notices their injuries. Juliette finally tells Nick that the Baron drugged him like the other “zombies.”

Renard calls his man Meisner in Europe, who is on a train leaving Vienna. They speak in code and the assassin ensures Renard that he is out of harm’s way and will be taking a long “vacation.” Lee comes in and Renard hangs up as the sergeant tells him that one of the men in the bar fight died of his injuries. They have a report that Thomas Schirach was involved, and Lee informs Renard that someone destroyed the security footage from the bar. Once Lee goes out, Renard takes out the drive that he took from the bar and watches it on the laptop. Once he witnesses Nick tearing up the place and attacking the customers, Renard locks the drive in his desk.

Nick wonders what he did under the Baron’s influence and Monroe lies, assuring him that he just scared a few people and no one got hurt. Juliette assures him that it wasn’t him and suggests that he come home with her for some downtime. Relied that he didn’t kill anyone, Nick accompanies her home and Juliette gets him to bed.

Hank goes to the station the next morning and talks with Lee. After confirming that Nick is okay, Lee informs Hank that there was one fatality. The detectives working the case are Holtby and Bauer. Hank goes to Renard and asks how they’re going to deal with the investigation, and Renard tells him that the police at the bar saw him with Juliette and Rosalee. They’ll need to stick to the story that Thomas Schirach was the one who attacked the bar customers and killed the man.

Juliette wakes up when Hank calls her. Nick is still asleep so she goes into the next room to talk. Hank tells her to come to the spice shop and let Hank sleep. By the time she gets there, Hank and Renard have already arrives. The officers brief everyone on what happened and Hank warns that they can’t give an explanation without revealing that Nick is a Grimm and that a Wesen was responsible. Renard suggests that they use the Thomas Schirach ID to mislead the detective, and claims that there was no security footage. Hank is clearly unhappy with their decision to bypass the law, but admits that it’s better then sending Nick to prison for something he couldn’t control. Renard insists that they keep Nick in the dark for the time being to avoid shocking him, and they go over their rehearsed statements.

When Hank gets back to the information, he talks with Holtby and Bauer. Holtby tells Hank what little they know, while Bauer calls the Avery family. The husband informs Bauer that some cops were at the home before the rest of the police arrived. Once Hank confirms that the security footage was destroyed, he goes to see Renard and asks what happened. Renard doesn’t admit that he took the footage to cover for Nick, but Hank figures that he did it. The two detectives come in and ask Renard to identify Juliette and Rosalee so they can question the women.

That night, Nick is still fast asleep. Juliette notices that his skin has gone ice cold and white, and tries to wake him. As she starts to administer CPR, Nick reverts to normal and wakes up. He insists that he feels and assures Juliette that he doesn’t need to see a hospital.

After the ritual, Adalind sleeps for a while. Stefania wakes her up and tells her that it’s time to reap what she has sown. The Gypsy woman hands Adalind a jar and cuts open the wound in Frau Pech’s chest. A red ooze seeps out of the cut and she tells Adalind that it’s good for her skin and her child.

The next morning, Holtby and Bauer go to see Rosalee at the spice shop. As Monroe hides in the back room and listens, they question why she was with Renard. Rosalee explains that she’s an apothecary and that she was familiar with the disease that was transforming people into zombies, as well as the cure. When they ask her about Schirach, she says that she never saw him.

Adalind returns to her hotel room and strips naked. She then wipes the red ooze on her stomach. It briefly forms the image of a skull and then fades into her skin, which glows gold.

After the detectives leave, Rosalee calls Juliette at home to warn her that they’re on their way. The detectives arrive at the Silverton home and Nick answers the door. They’re surprised to see him until they remember that Juliette is Nick’s girlfriend. They then tell Nick that they’re there to investigate a homicide. Juliette invites them in and tells them the agreed-upon story while Nick listens in the kitchen. As he hears them talk about the fight at the bar, his hand convulses and he shatters the coffee cup that he’s holding. Nick tells them that he’s fine and the two detectives leave. Once they’re gone, Nick insists on turning himself in even though Juliette warns him that the rest of them have perjured themselves to protect him. Furious, Nick insists that they shouldn’t have done it and heads to the station, and Juliette calls Hank.

When Nick gets to the station, Hank is waiting for him in the parking garage. He tells his Nick that he wasn’t himself and that they made the decision as a group. Nick ignores him and keeps walking, and Hank tells him he tried to kill them and hit Juliette. Nick hesitates and Hank warns him that if he turns himself in then he’s on his own.

As Renard works in his office, his mother calls him from Vienna and says that Eric’s death was well-deserved. Well aware of her son’s role in Eric’s death, she thanks him and says that they’ll talk soon. Nick storms into the captain’s office and Renard shows him the footage of the bar fight. He points out that the dead man, Mitchell Zinc, had drawn a knife on Nick and would have killed him if he hadn’t fought back. Renard warns Nick that the situation is one of the cases where they operate in the shadows of justice and that they can’t turn to a court of law. Nick isn’t convinced and Renard reminds him that Eric is the one ultimately responsible, and that if Nick turns himself in then he’ll be doing Eric’s work for him. Nick walks out into the bullpen and Holtby and Bauer come over. As they approach him, Nick vaguely remembers Zinc coming at him with a knife. The detectives ask how he’s doing and Nick tells them that he’s fine.