3×03 A Dish Best Served Cold

Tis Death’s Park, where he breeds life to feed him. Cries of pain are music for his banquet.

At the hospital, Nick is undergoing a physical administered by Dr. Graham. No matter how fast Graham sets the treadmill, Nick’s pulse and blood pressure hold steady. When Nick is done, Graham admits that Nick seems to be in perfect shape. He asks if anything has changed in Nick’s environment and all the Grimm says is that it’s been stressful.

Monroe takes Rosalee to an expensive new restaurant, Raven & Rose, and tries to talk about her moving in. They’re interrupted when a waiter brings over compliment beef & truffle tartlets. Monroe refuses them since he’s on a vegan diet, and Rosalee assures him that they’re superb. They return to their discussion and Monroe finally asks Rosalee to move in with her, saying that he loves her. Rosalee says that she loves him but they’re interrupted when a friend of Monroe’s, Sam Leon, comes over with his wife Kimber. He thanks Monroe for repairing his great-grandfather’s wristwatch and they talk briefly before the couple move on.

A man, Ned Klosterman, runs through the woods, clutching at his stomach in pain. He rips open his shirt to try and relieve the pressure, but his stomach swells up. Ned desperately climbs a tree.

At home, Nick tells Juliette about his physical and she points out that Rosalee warned that the dutara drug affected some people differently than others. She wonders how he’s feeling and Nick says that he’s more aware and more in control.

Ned climbs up on a limb and moans in pain, transforming into his Blutbad form. After a moment, Ned’s stomach explodes.

The next morning, Nick arrives for work and is immediately called out on a case with Hank. They go to the forest and meet Lee and a local forest ranger. As the technicians clean up, the ranger says that something may have chased Ned up a tree, but there’s no indication of a wild animal in the area.

Renard is in his office at the station when Sebastien, his Castle spy, calls him from the family castle in Vienna. Sebastien assures his superior that the police suspect nothing about Eric’s death, and the family is cooperating. However, infighting has already broken out over how will take Eric’s place. Renard confirms that none of them know that Meisner was involved, and Renard suggests that Sebastien seek out Frau Pech, who will try to make a deal in return for power. Adalind approaches Sebastien, who quickly cuts off. She wonders if they’re in danger and Sebastien says that they all need to be careful. When she wonders who he thinks will take over the Family now that Eric is dead, Sebastien ducks the question.

Once they remove the body from the tree, Nick and Hank check his ID and confirm his name as Ned Klosterman. They call Mrs. Klosterman and have her meet them at the station. She insists that there were no problems in their marriage and they had just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Ned left for work as if nothing was the matter, and the wife insists that Ned had no enemies.

A young couple in the park lean against a tree and kiss. The man notices that blood is dripping down onto his girlfriend’s coat, and they look up to see a body hanging from a limb.

At the station, Nick is looking at the criminal record of Mitchell Zinc, the man he killed at the bar under the influence of dutara. He goes to talk to Renard about it, and the captain assumes that Nick is bothered that he murdered a human being. Renard wonders if it worries Nick because it’s the first human that he killed, and curtly notes that as a Grimm, Nick has killed lots of Wesen. The captain walks out and Nick goes back to his deck, where Hank tells him that they have another case.

At the crime scene, Lee informs them that the victim had parked nearby and left her purse in the car. The ID confirms her identity as Stephanie Robinson, a sales rep for a medical supply company. They’re unable to find a connection between her and Ned. However, the officers do find a receipt for the Raven & Rose Restaurant. Hank remembers Mrs. Klosterman mentioning her wedding anniversary and calls her, and she confirms that they ate at Raven & Rose. When they return to the station, Nick and Hank confirm that the owner is Graydon Ostler, a famous chef who trained in Europe and recently moved to Portland to open a new restaurant.

In Austria, Sebastien breaks into Frau Pech’s cottage and discovers that she hasn’t been there in some time. He finds a phone number, what appears to be a room number, and the name of a hotel, and calls Renard with the information. They figure that Frau Bech was meeting with someone that she could sell the Royal child to, and Renard tells Sebastien to confirm who is staying in the hotel room.

Nick and Hank visit Raven & Rose and the waiter reluctantly lets them in. He warns them that Ostler gets stressed before dinner. The officers hear Ostler ranting at his cous chefs, and go back just in time for Nick to see them stress out and transform into Bauershchwein. Afterward, they show Ostler photos of the corpses but he claims that he has no idea who they are. He’s glad to provide them with the victims’ orders and a list of all of his employees.

At the station, Nick and Hank confirm that the victims had different orders. None of the employees have criminal records, and Klosterman’s wife didn’t recognize any of the employee names. The tox screen shows no sign of poisoning. When Nick goes home, he tells Juliette about the case and she says that it sounds like gastrointestinal bloat of the sort one would see in animals. Juliette says that it’s breed specific and Nick wonders if the two victims were Wesen of the same breed. He speculates that they were Blutbaden since the Blutbaden and the Bauerschwein have been feuding for centuries. Juliette tells him to get going because he has to meet with Monroe and move his things out of his friend’s house so he can move back in with Juliette.

As Monroe helps Nick pack, Nick thanks him for letting him stay. He mentions the fact that Ostler and his staff are Bauerschwein but Monroe doesn’t care. Everyone else jumps out and yells surprise, and Monroe explains that they’re celebrating Nick’s moving out. As Monroe proposes a toast, he gets a call from Kimber. Her husband has disappeared after he complained of feeling ill that morning. Nick confirms that Sam ate at the Raven & Rose when Monroe and Rosalee did, and Monroe confirms that Sam was a Blutbad. Monroe gets Sam’s license plate number from Kimber so Nick and Hank can put an APB out on him. Juliette describes the symptoms of gastrointestinal bloat and Rosalee says that they should go to the shop because she recognizes the description from one of her books.

Sam drives into the forest and then gets out, moaning in pain.

At the spice shop, Rosalee checks her books and confirms that the symptoms match those of Vollige Verzweiflung, “The Black Despair Mushroom.” When consumed, the fungus causes its victims to climb up into high trees before exploding from the internal pressure, spreading the spores so the mushroom can propagate. The mushrooms are toxic to Blutbaden, but only when cooked. Monroe remembers the beef & truffle tartlets from the restaurant and Rosalee reminds him that he didn’t eat them because they contained meat. The partners receive notice that Sam’s car has turned and Monroe insists on going with them to the scene.

In the forest, Sam collapses and his stomach starts to swell.

When Nick and the others arrive, they hear Sam howling and go to investigate. They arrive and find Sam up in a tree. The Blutbad’s stomach explodes as they look on. Horrified, Monroe stands to the side as the medic take his friend’s body away. Nick warns him that they can’t prove anything against Ostler, but Monroe warns that he’ll kill the chef himself if Nick won’t do anything. Monroe walks away and his friends wonder if he’s going vigilante on them.

The next day, Nick visits Raven & Rose and tells Ostler that his beef & truffle tartlet is responsible for the three deaths. Ostler reacts to the new, revealing his Wesen face, and realizes that Nick has seen it because he’s a Grimm. He asks if Nick is going to kill them all and the Grim admits that he has no evidence. He suggests that Ostler confess but the chef refuses. He explains that his family and his employees have suffered at the hands of the Blutbaden. Now that it’s the modern day, they can fight back on even terms, bringing a new world order to the Wesen. Ostler tells Nick to get used to it, but the Grimm warns him that he won’t let the murders continue. Unimpressed, the chef tells Nick to leave.

Back at home, Nick brings Juliette up to speed and wonders what he can do to stop them. Juliette wonders if he plans to kill the Bauerschwein, and Nick admits that was what his ancestors would do. He worries that if he doesn’t intervene then Monroe will go after the Bauerschwein and Nick will have to arrest him. As they talk, Nick reverts back to his zombie state for a few seconds. Juliette shakes him awake and Nick reverts to normal, and insists that he’s fine.

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee argue about the Bauerschwein situation. Monroe insists that he never killed a Bauerschwein, but he won’t let them get away with killing Blutbaden. When Rosalee objects, Monroe asks how she would feel if the Bauerschwein start going after Fuchsbau next. Nick arrives and tells them about his meeting with Ostler. Monroe realizes that Nick can’t do anything as a copy and promises that he’ll make Ostler and the other Bauerschwein pay for what they’ve done. He walks out and Rosalee begs Nick to help.

In Europe, Adalind is in her hotel room watching the newscast about Eric’s death. She sheds a single bloody tear of grief, but quickly recovers when someone knocks at the door. She answers it and finds a waiter with room service. While they talk, Sebastien takes photos of Adalind, having sent the waiter to deliver the order.

Ostler is unpacking more of the black mushrooms at the restaurant. Satisfied, he walks home but soon notices Monroe following him. The Bauerschwein runs and Monroe chases after him. He corners Ostler in an alleyway and more Blutbaden move in. As Monroe prepares to kill the Bauerschwein, Hank and Nick arrive and order Monroe to surrender. When he refuses, Nick tackles him and the two of them fight it out. Monroe finally gets the upper hand and Nick draws his gun, warning him that he’ll shoot if his friend doesn’t stand down. Monroe refuses, insisting that Ostler and the others must pay for what they’ve done. When he charges at the chef, Nick has no choice but to gun him down. As he collapses, Monroe dramatically declares that there’s nothing Nick can to do stop the others.

As the other Blutbaden move in, Nick tells Ostler that the only way he can spare himself and his people is if he confesses to the murder. Ostler finally agrees, shout9ing out his confession, and begs Nick and Hank to get him out of there. Once they do, the “dead” Monroe gets up, smiling.

Later at the station, Renard and Monroe watch through the one-way mirror as Ostler confesses. However, he warns Nick that his confession won’t stop the feud. The Grimm agrees, but figures that they have to start somewhere.