3×05 El Cucuy

Duérmete niño, duérmete ya… Que viene del Coco y te comerá.

Sleep child, sleep now… Or else the Bogeyman will come and eat you.

Two Weeks Ago

Andres Venegas is working at an all-night gas station when two masked robbers attack him. They take the money from the register and beat him unconscious, and then run back to their car and drive off.

Later, the EMTs get Andres to the hospital and the news is filled with reports of the incident. Andres’ mother sits at her son’s bedside and vows that the robbers won’t get away with it. Weeping, she calls out for someone–anyone–to help her.

In a motel room, a Wesen watches the newscasts and hears the mother’s cry, and growls in anger.


Nick comes home and Juliette admits that she read his email as he asked, and saw one from someone telling Nick about a royal assassination and signed, “Love, M.” Nick explains that it’s his mother and that she didn’t die in a car accident as he believed. Going around the house, Nick points out to Juliette how he fought a killer sent by the Families and how his mother Kelly saved his life because she’s also a Grimm. Juliette asks if there’s anything that she can do to help. Nick says that he can’t but is glad that he doesn’t have to lie about his secret life to her anymore.

In Vienna, Adalind meets with a pediatrician, Dr. Hawelka, for an ultrasound. Hawelka is surprised to discover that the baby has two heartbeats, and assures Adalind that she isn’t having twins. The doctor assures Adalind that everything is all right and that it’s probably an echo, and advises her to come back in two weeks. As Adalind leaves, Sebastien and Meisner watch her from across the street and takes videos. Sebastien tells Meisner to break into Hawelka’s office–discretely–and get copies of the files on Adalind.

The two robbers go after another convenience store and escape with the cash from the register. As they get back to their car, something attacks and kills one of them, ripping his throat out. The other one tries to run but the killer easily runs him down and slaughters him as well

When Nick and Hank arrive at the scene, Franco notes that the killer went for his victims’ throats and they wonder if a pack of feral dogs was responsible. A neighbor, Martinez, called in the report when he heard the screams. The partners confirm that he only heard the attack, and that he only came out once the screams had died down. Martinez says that he didn’t see anyone and glances nervously around, and the detectives let him leave. They check the robbers’ car and discover that they left their wallets behind, identifying them as Alfredo Guzman and Eddie Otero. They also find a bag of money, two masks, and two guns, and the detectives wonder why the killer didn’t take the money.

Franco comes over and tells them that there was a nearby robbery, and the partners go to the convenience store. When they arrive, a local neighborhood man, David Florez, is protesting against the lack of police coverage in the area. Lee is there and tells Nick and Hank about the recovery. The detectives figure that Otero and Guzman were the robbers and check the security camera for possible witnesses. They find three people who came into the store around the time of the robbery and go out to bring them in for questioning.

At home, Juliette checks the IP addresses on Kelly’s email and traces it to Visnja Gora in Slovenia.

The detectives check the three witnesses–two men and an elderly woman–all say that they saw nothing. One man says that they should talk to Roy Bolton, a man in the neighborhood who runs a dog-fighting ring. He asks them not to mention that they heard about Bolton from him and they assure him that they won’t. Nick returns home and Juliette eagerly tells him what she’s discovered about Kelly’s location. Nick checks the maps and they realize that Kelly is on her way to Greece.

The next morning, Hank checks Bolton’s record and discovers that he’s run a number of criminal rings in the area. Guzman and Otero both worked for him, and Guzman testified against Bolton on a narcotic charge. The partners figure that Bolton went after Guzman to get revenge and used his dogs, and they killed Otero as well. Nick and Hank go to Bolton’s home with Animal Control to swab the dogs for DNA. Bolton objects to them harassing him, and attacks Nick. Nick easily subdues him and Bolton reveals his true face as a demonic-looking Wesen. Bolton realizes that Nick is a Grimm but isn’t impressed, and threatens to sue them. The cops subdue Bolton and take him away. Florez, who has been watching from across the street, comes over and sarcastically congratulates the detectives for finally doing something in the neighborhood.

Monroe is exercising when a woman calls him. Rosalee takes the call and realizes that it’s Monroe’s mother. He warns his girlfriend that his parents don’t know that they’re living together and talks with his mother. Monroe explains that the woman who answered is his current girlfriend and his mother tells him to call back when he gets a chance. Once Monroe hangs up, Rosalee suggests that they tell both of their parents that they’ve moved in together and the couple agree to do it… eventually.

At the station, Nick tries to work out what type of Wesen that Bolton is, since he hasn’t seen the breed before. They interrogate Bolton, who insists that he had an alibi for the time that Otero and Guzman were killed. As the detectives leave the room, Lee gives them the DNA report, which confirms that the dogs had none of the dead men’s DNA on them. Once they tell Lee to have Animal Control hold the dogs, the partners figure that they should swab Bolton for DNA to determine if he killed the robbers, even if they can’t go to court and claim that the man is a Wesen.

That night, everyone gathers for dinner at Rosalee’s house. The Wesen couple look at the photos of the dead men and Monroe gives his expert opinion that Blutbad weren’t involved. Rosalee and Monroe recognize Bolton from Nick’s description as a Höllentier, translated “Beast from Hell,” and explain that Bolton isn’t afraid of Nick because Höllentiers are too stupid to be afraid of anything.

A woman, Ms. Ramos, gets off at a bus stop and walks home. Two men follow her and Ms. Ramos increases her pace. One of them turns a corner but the other one circles around and attacks the woman. As she tries to fight him off, the Wesen that killed the two robbers attacks her assailant and rips him apart.

Nick and Hank take the call and realize that Bolton couldn’t be responsible because they’re still holding him at the station. Hank figures that they’re dealing with a vigilante, and notice that Florez is in the crowd with the other spectators. Ms. Ramos tells them what happened and calls the killer “El Cucuy.” She tells the partners that everyone in the neighborhood knows what El Cucuy is. As Nick and Hank go back to their car, they figure that Juliette might be able to translate. As they go, Florez angrily gets in their face, blaming them for not protecting the neighborhood and boasting that now someone is doing their job for them.

At home, Nick tells Juliette about the incident and she translates El Cucuy as “the Boogeyman.” Juliette wonders if it’s a Wesen and suggests that they talk to Pilar. The next day, they meet with the Hispanic woman, who knows who Nick really is. When they explain their interest in El Cucuy, Pilar says that she could sense the creature coming. When she grew up in Guadalajara, evil men roamed the neighborhood, raping and killing. The women in the neighborhood started calling to El Cucuy to save them, and soon something tore apart the evil men one by one until they were all dead. Pilar never saw El Cucuy, but she talked to one woman who did. The woman described El Cucuy as a beast with foul breath, glowing yellow eyes, and razor-sharp claws. Pilar tells Nick that the legends say that El Cucuy travels from place to place, responding to the cries of women who call in the night for help.

Nick and Juliette go to the trailer and look for anything in the journals that might identify El Cucuy. They don’t find anything and Juliette wonders if it’s even a Wesen.

Once Bolton is released due to lack of evidence, he takes two of his men and tracks down Florez. They beat him up and warn him that they own the neighborhood, and that he should mind his own business.

At the station, Renard briefs Nick and Hank on the identity of Ms. Ramos’ attacker, Stilman no connection between him and the first two men, or with Bolton. Florez is an ex-Marine who lives with his mother, Rosa, and suffers from PTSD after a tour in Afghanistan. Lee comes in with surveillance footage from the bus and they watch it. They spot Ms. Ramos and the man who attacked her, but are surprised to spot the old woman, Miss Garcia, from the convenience store robbery. Renard tells Nick and Hank to talk to her.

Florez goes home, bloody and battered, brushes by his mother, and goes to his room. He locks the door and takes out his Marine uniform and a knife, and vows to take care of Bolton.

Nick and Hank visit Miss Garcia and tells her that they know she was on the bus. Miss Garcia is reassured when they tell her that they only want to question her about anyone she may have recognized, and eagerly leaves with them.

At the station, Sebastien sends Renard an email of Adalind’s ultrasound.

As Nick and Hank drive to the station with Miss Garcia, Lee calls them to report that Rosa Florez called to warn them that her son was going to confront Bolton. The detectives apologize to Miss Garcia for the detour and drive to Bolton’s address, and she assures them that it isn’t a problem.

Florez, wearing his Marine uniform, walks up to Bolton’s door and pounds on it. Bolton has his men hide their loot while he opens the door and attacks Florez in his Wesen form. Nick and Hank arrive and Bolton, quickly reverting back, tells the detectives that he’s pressing charges. They order him back in the house and call an ambulance for the injured Florez. When they return to their car, they’re surprised to discover that Miss Garcia isn’t there. They hear screams from the house and break in just as El Cucuy rips Bolton apart. The Wesen changes back… into Miss Garcia. She blinks at Nick and realizes that he’s a Grimm.

At the station, Nick and Hank interrogate the old woman. Miss Garcia notes that no one will believe a nice old woman like her ripped apart six men, and that she’ll claim she went inside to help Bolton when he screamed and got his blood on her. Nick wonders what they should do with her and Miss Garcia assures him that her job is done and that she will be going on her way. The detectives go to the observation room where Renard is waiting, and discuss what to do. Meanwhile, Miss Garcia hears another woman crying for help in the distance, her eyes glowing yellow.

Later, after the police have released Miss Garcia, she is walking home when a purse-snatcher grabs her purse and runs off. Smiling in satisfaction, Miss Garcia transforms into El Cucuy and goes after him.