3×10 Eyes of the Beholder

I am glad ’tis night, you do not look on me, for I am much ashamed of my exchange.

Juliette is out with Alicia for lunch and wonders what her college friend will do if Joe asks her to come back. Alicia insists that she isn’t going back even though she hasn’t before, because this time she was the one who walked away from Joe. Nick arrives and Alicia excuses herself after thanking them for her help. Nick finally tells Juliette that Alicia is a Fuchsbau and worries that she could freak out and go back to Joe if she learns that Nick is a Grimm. Alicia comes back to the table… unaware that Joe is watching them from across the street.

That night, teenager Jared Ellis is at a diner doing a sketch on a place mat. His girlfriend, Joy, is working as a waitress and comes over briefly to talk. Jared says that he “borrowed” his sister’s car and she doesn’t know that he’s out, and Joy tells Jared that her parents are out of town and they have her house to themselves. After she leaves him the bill and walks away, another customer, Alonzo Banks, pays Joy with a $100 bill and then leaves with his girlfriend Mercedes. He’s unaware that another man, Kai, is following him out.

Jared leaves the sketch for Joy and goes out to his sister’s car. However, he hears a scream and goes to investigate. Kai and two other gangers, Dread and Endo, are beating Alonzo to death. As Jared looks on in horror, Dread smashes in Alonzo’s skull. The teenager yells and the gangers see him and start to come over. Jared runs to his sister’s Impala and drives away, while a customer comes out and sees the Impala. He doesn’t see Dread and his two friends leave.

When Nick and Hank arrive at the diner, Wu briefs them on what happened. Mercedes was beaten as well and is in critical condition, and hasn’t been able to tell them anything. Nick finds Alonzo’s wallet and confirms his ID, and notices that the attackers didn’t take the victim’s money. The customer is able to provide a description of the car and a partial license plate. Meanwhile, Hank talks to Joy, who admits that Alonzo might have been a ganger, but claims that she doesn’t know anything else. Jared calls her and she talks to him privately. He tells Joy that the killers saw him and his girlfriend tells him to keep quiet because the police can’t protect him.

Dread, Endo, and Kai park nearby and discuss what happened. Endo and Kai figure that Jared won’t say anything. However, Dread, their leader, tells them that they’re not going to take any chances.

The next day, Juliette approaches Alicia as her friend looks for an apartment online. Alicia notices that Juliette is acting odd and assumes that her friend wants her to leave. Juliette finally tells her that she knows that Alicia is a Wesen. Shocked, Alicia tells Juliette that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and accuses her of trying to get rid of her by making up some crazy story about her being a monster.

At the station, Nick and Hank brief Renard on Alonzo. The ganger did six years on an assault and possession charge, and ran with a gang, the North End Crew. Wu arrives with a stoplight photo of the Impala and a clear picture of Jared at the wheel. They check the plates and confirm that the car belongs to one Tyler Ellis. They go to Tyler’s address and Hank is surprised when his physical therapist Zuri answers the door. She explains that she goes by her middle name and confirms that the Impala belongs to her. However, she insists that she was asleep at the time of the murder. The detectives ask if anybody else lives there and Zuri says that her brother Jared lives with her because their parents are out of the picture. Jared comes in with groceries and makes a run for it when he realizes who Hank and Nick are. Nick easily catches him and Hank holds an angry Zuri back as Nick takes her brother away in handcuffs.

At the station, Hank checks the Ellis family records. While Jared and Zuri have no priors, their father Harrison is in prison on a murder charge. Their mother is listed as deceased, having died before Harrison went to prison. Nick suggests that his partner sit the case out because of his personal involvement with Zuri, but Hank insists on continuing. They question Jared and he finally admits that he borrowed Zuri’s car and went to the diner to see Joy. However, he denies seeing anything and gets increasingly nervous, and the detectives realize that he’s afraid for his life. Hank talks to Zuri afterward and tells her that Jared is hiding something, but she insists that they release his brother if they’re not going to charge him. Reluctant, Hank agrees but warns Zuri that it isn’t over.

Mercedes stabilizes and Nick and Hank go to the hospital to question her. She refuses to talk to them about the murder and Nick pressures her. She transforms briefly under stress, revealing her true face as a jaguar-like Yaguarate, and she senses that Nick is a Grimm. Mercedes panics and Nick tries to calm her down. He also threatens to come back as a Grimm rather than a cop, and Mercedes finally admits that the Seventh Street Savages are responsible.

Nick and Hank meet Monroe at the spice shop and ask what he knows about Wesen street gangs. The Blutbad admits that he doesn’t know much. Rosalee, overhearing, admits that she used to buy drugs in her younger days and that the North End Crew, her major supplier, are Yaguarate. The Savages are a rival street gang out of Seattle and also Wesen. Monroe is surprised she knows so much about street gangs and Rosalee assures him those days are behind her. Nick figures that the Savages are making a move on Portland and killed Alonzo to send a message to the North End Crew. After they leave, Rosalee tells Monroe that she’s not proud of some of the things she used to do, and he assures her that he’s happy she doesn’t try to hide things from him.

As Joy leaves work that night, she calls Jared and he tells her that he didn’t tell the cops anything. Zuri calls him to dinner and Jared ignores her, quickly hanging up. Joy goes to the bus stop and Dread grabs her.

As Zuri throws Jared’s dinner in the hallway garbage chute, Hank calls her and asks how the teenager is doing. She apologizes for snapping at him earlier just as Kai and Endo enter the hallway. Realizing that something is wrong, Zuri runs into her apartment and locks the door. Hank realizes that something is up and drives to the apartment with backup. Meanwhile, the two gangers break down the door and discover that Zuri and Jared have escaped down the fire escape. The police arrive, forcing the gangers to leave.

At the station, Renard warns Jared that they can’t protect him unless he testifies and helps put the three killers in jail. Jared agrees to testify and picks out photos of the three men. Nick and Hank put out an APB on Dread and the others while Renard sets up a safehouse for the Ellis siblings.

Monroe and Rosalee are at home when Juliette comes over to talk to Rosalee about Alicia. The Fuchsbau tells her that many Wesen aren’t comfortable with who they are and that Alicia thinks that she’s protecting Juliette by hiding her secret. Rosalee tells Juliette to be patient and let Alicia reveal her secret on her own time, and admits that most humans aren’t as accepting as Juliette, Nick, and Hank.

Hank and Wu take Jared and Zuri to a motel for their protection and confiscate their phones. Wu wants to stay but Hank quickly ushers him out and says that he’ll watch over the siblings. Once Wu gets the hint and leaves, Zuri thanks Hank for his help and he goes into the connecting room.

Kai and Endo meet back up with Dread and admit they failed to get Jared. Unconcerned, Dread says that they’ll get Jared to come to them and shows them Joy tied up in the trunk of his car.

The next morning, Zuri panics when she wakes up and hears Jared yelling from the next room. She runs in and finds Jared and Hank bonding over video games. When Jared goes to write down his breakfast order, Hank apologizes to Zuri for what she has to go through. He asks about her father and Zuri admits that he had a temper and trouble with his drinking after his wife died. She’s been helping Jared deal with his temper, which he inherited from his father. Zuri asks Hank why he’s there instead of Wu, and Hank tells her that he just wanted to make sure that they were okay. Jared comes back with his breakfast order and watches as Hank takes out his phone to call it in.

Nick comes down for breakfast and Juliette tells him about what Rosalee said concerning patience. When Alicia comes in and says that she’s found an apartment, Juliette tries to act normal but soon blurts out that she and Nick both know Alicia is a Wesen, and that Nick is a Grimm. Alicia panics at that and runs for the front door, and Nick chases after her. Joie barges in and knocks Nick out, and then grabs Alicia. Juliette tackles him and fights him off, hitting him with a frying pan. When he transforms into a Klaustreich, Juliette is unimpressed and hits him again. Alicia joins in and Nick finally arrives and arrests Joe. Joe realizes that Nick is a Grimm and begs for his life, and Alicia tells Joe that she’s never going back to her. Once Nick leaves with Joe, Alicia braces herself and then takes on her Fuchsbau form, and Juliette hugs her friend.

After breakfast, Jared goes to the next room and uses Hank’s phone to call Joy. Dread and the others have her captive and tell her to invite Jared to her house. She blurts out that the gangers have her and Dread cuts her off.

Hank talks about his parents to Zuri and she admits that the fact her parents are out of the picture has been rough on Jared. As they talk, Hank hears his phone ringing and goes to check it out, and discovers that Jared has climbed out the back window. Zuri checks the cell phone number and tells Hank that it belongs to Joy.

Jared goes to Joy’s home and the Savages grab him as he barges in. As the gangers restrain him, Jared’s eyes glow yellow.

Hank calls Nick and drives to Joy’s house with Zuri. Nick meets them there and Hank has Zuri wait in the car.

As Dread questions Jared, Endo hears the cops outside and warns his boss. Dread prepares to beat Jared to death, and Jared glances at Joy, who is lying on the floor and can’t see him. He then transforms into a Yaguarate and attacks Dread, knocking him out. Jared then unties Joy and gets her out the back.

Kai and Endo open fire through the door at Nick and Hank. Using his enhanced hearing, Nick listens in for when they have to reload. He then kicks down the door and shoots Kai, while Hank shoots Endo as he comes around the side of the house. Meanwhile, Jared takes Joy out the back and helps her over the fence. Dread attacks him and Zuri arrives. She transforms into a Yaguarate and attacks Dread, ripping his throat out. Nick and Hank arrive and realizes that she’s a Wesen, and she realizes that Nick is a Grimm. Hank assures her that she has nothing to worry about from his friend, and tells Nick that Zuri acted in self-defense. Nick tells Hank to get Zuri out of there and they’ll claim they found Dread like that. The Grimm then climbs over the fence and tells Jared that they need to talk.

Later, Hank visits Zuri at her apartment and assures her that knowing she’s a Wesen doesn’t change how he feels about her. It’s Zuri who admits that she’s not ready to deal with a human-Wesen relationship and Hank regretfully tells her to take care of herself as he leaves.