3×11 The Good Soldier

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

Frankie Gonzales is sitting in a car outside of a VFW hall in Portland. As she watches the building, she takes out a blade and makes several cuts on her arm, which is already scarred from previous cuttings.

Inside, Army veteran Ron Hurd is drinking with a friend. When his friend goes to the restroom, Frankie sits down across from Ron. He doesn’t recognize her at first but soon realizes who she is. He tells Frankie that he has nothing to say to her, and Frankie tells him that he’ll have to talk to someone. The waitress, Candy, comes over and Ron tells her that Frankie is leaving. Frankie wipes her arm with a cocktail napkin and throws it on the table, warning him that she isn’t going anywhere until he admits what he did, and then walks out.

Monroe is at the space shop working on a watch and finds a letter from Gloria, Rosalee’s mother. He points out that Rosalee hasn’t talked to her family in seven years and asks what the letter is about, and Rosalee say that Gloria invited her to dinner the next night. Monroe wonders why and Rosalee admits that it’s the anniversary of her father’s death. He suggests that Gloria is reaching out to Rosalee for a moment and she reluctantly agrees to go, but invites Monroe to come with her. He’s glad to do so.

Ron goes home and calls a friend, warning him about Frankie stalking him. Outside, Frankie walks up and yells that they have a problem. Ron shoves her out onto the street and Frankie warns him that she isn’t leaving. When he goes inside to get his pistol, Ron hears someone moving in the house. A lion-like creature attacks him before he can get off a shot and stabs him in his chest with a stinger-like tail.

The next day, Nick and Hank are called to the crime scene. Wu tells them that Ron worked at McCabe Security and when he didn’t come in on time, owner Jim McCabe sent Troy Dodge to find out. Troy found Ron’s corpse and called the police. The detectives examine the chest wound and realize that it’s too big for a gunshot wound. Nearby is Ron’s medal box, broken open with the medals missing. Troy explains that he was friends with Ron and they met in Iraq when Ron was a soldier and Troy was employed by Artemis, a military contractor. Once the detectives finish with him, Troy calls Jim and tells him that the cops are there. He wonders if Frankie called Ron and Jim figures that she couldn’t. He warns Troy to watch his back and hangs up.

A4t Monroe’s house, Rosalee finally tells Monroe that she couldn’t bring herself to call Gloria and that she emailed her to accept the invitation. She warns Monroe that her sister Deetta will be at the dinner, and that she was the one who had to stay home after their father died when Rosalee toured the coast. Rosalee thanks Monroe for coming and sarcastically suggests that they take some hard liquor for Deetta.

At the station, Nick and Hank run a background check on Ron and confirm that his last credit card purchase was at the VWF hall. They also check his cell phone records and discover that he called his boss Jim several times right before his death.

When Troy returns home that night, he’s surprised to find Frankie there, casually talking with his wife Betsy. When Betsy goes to get drinks, Frankie asks if Troy ever told his wife about her. She shows him the cuts on his arms and accuses Troy of holding things in for too long. Troy threatens to call the police and Frankie tells him to go ahead, and then asks if he thinks of her when making love to Betsy before walking out.

Nick and Hank got to the VWF hall, which is hosting a dance club, and explain to the teacher that they’re not there for a lesson. They talk to Candy, who tells them about Ron’s encounter with Frankie before his murder. She tells them about the bloody cocktail napkin and they find it in the trash. Nick realizes that the blood forms a pattern but they don’t know what it is.

Monroe and Rosalee go to Gloria’s home in the country and Rosalee can’t bring herself to go inside. When Monroe finally convinces her to go in, they go up to the door and Gloria greets them. Things go well at first but then Deetta comes over and abruptly tells them to come in for dinner.

At McCabe Security, Jim is reviewing Frankie’s military files when Nick and Hank come in. They ask him about the call and Jim claims that it was work-related despite the fact it was late evening. Jim also claims that Ron didn’t say anything about Frankie and that he doesn’t know anyone who would want Ron dead. Hank notices a photo on the wall of four men, and Jim explains that he and Troy were friends with Ron, along with a third member of Artemis, Bobby Hammond. Bobby moved to Phoenix several years ago, and Jim employed both Troy and Ron because they’re ex-military. When Nick shows him the napkin, Jim doesn’t recognize the pattern. When they go back to the station, the detectives check on Bobby and discover that he was killed in a home invasion a week ago.

In Vienna, Meisner is watching Adalind at a café as she goes out for coffee. She feels what seems to be a contraction and her coffee cup slides across the table of its own accord. Concentrating, Adalind manages to summon some of her lost power and bring it back to her hand. As she does so, the lights suddenly overload and blow out.

Troy visits Jim and insists that they have to confess to what they did in Iraq. Jim refuses and Troy finally tells him that he confessed to Betsy because he’s tired of living with the guilt, and that they were wrong. When Jim suggests that he take some time to think about it, Troy refuses and leaves.

In Vienna, Meisner follows Adalind back to her hotel room and then calls Renard and reports what happened. Renard figures that his family will soon be coming for Adalind and her powers are returning. He hastily hangs up when Nick and Hank come in and gives them the report on Bobby’s murder. The dead man had a large wound in his chest just like Ron’s, and traces of poison. The ME in Phoenix hasn’t identified the poison yet, and Harper hasn’t been able to identify it from Ron’s body. Renard suggests that they talk with Ron’s CO and find out how he was involved with the three Artemis employees.

At dinner, Monroe tries to keep the conversation going without success. Deetta finally brings up the fact that Monroe is a Blutbad, and then talks about how she had to give up her job to take care of Gloria when her father died. Rosalee never came home for the funeral, and Deetta delights in pointing out that she was a drug addict at the time. On the verge of tears, Rosalee finally admits that she was in jail on a shoplifting charge at the time, and didn’t learn about the funeral until weeks later. She admits that she got involved with the wrong people and lost everything, and goes outside. Monroe goes out and comforts her, telling Rosalee that sharing pain is part of being a family, and Rosalee finally gets control of himself and gratefully hugs him.

At the Dodge home, Troy writes up a confession and shows it to Betsy. He admits that he was a coward and let the others talk him into remaining silent. Furious, Betsy tears up the confession and tells him to burn it rather than ruin their life together. She storms out of the room and Troy prepares to burn the scraps in the fireplace. However, he hears Betsy scream and runs to investigate. He finds her dead on the floor, a gaping hole in her chest. The same lion-like Wesen that killed Ron slashes out and kills Ron before he can do anything to defend himself.

Gloria comes out to check on Rosalee, who goes to her mother. As they share a hug, Deetta comes up behind Monroe in her Fuchsbau form, startling him. He Woges into his Blutbad form, and Deetta warns him that if he hurts Rosalee then she’ll kill him before going to join her family.

At the station, Hank makes contact with Colonel Adam Desai, Ron’s former CO. Desai has terminal treatment and is receiving chemotherapy at Walter Reed Hospital. When they get him online, Desai says that in 2010 the three Artemis men were harassing the locals, and Ron was with them. Artemis’ contract with the government gave them immunity from prosecution, and they took advantage of that to rape a specialist… Frankie. Desai’s superiors told him to drop it when he tried to press charges against Ron, and Artemis was kicked out of Iraq shortly thereafter. Frankie was raped on February 11, 2010, and the officers realizes that the blood pattern is that date. Disgusted, Desai tells the officers that the four rapists deserve whatever they get. Once he signs off, Desai gets up at the bed in the motel room in Portland where he is actually staying and pours himself a drink.

Nick and Hank check Frankie’s background and discover that she’s been in and out of jail on drunk and disorderly charges, and been through rehab several times. She was living in Phoenix at the same time that Bobby was killed. Wu comes over to tell them about the two new murders and the detectives check out the crime scene. As they confirm that the husband and wife were killed the same way that Ron was. Wu calls to tell them that the tox screens have come in and the bodies all have large amounts of scorpion venom in them. Nick finds the paper scraps in the fireplace and sees the date of the rape on one of them.

Juliette meets Nick and Hank at the trailer and goes through the journals while Nick pieces together the paper scraps. They discover that the creature responsible is a Manticore, a Persian Wesen similar to a Lowen but having a scorpion’s tail. Nick assembles the scraps and discovers that it’s Troy’s confession to Frankie’s rape. They figure that Frankie is a Manticore and will go after Jim next.

When Jim arrives at his office, Frankie pounds on the windshield of his car and shows him her cuts. He starts to reach for a hidden gun, just as Nick and Hank arrive with backup. They arrest Frankie and take her to the station, and she insists that she didn’t kill anyone. The woman insists that she was a good soldier and didn’t deserve what happen to her. Nick tells her that they know she’s a Manticore and that he’s a Grimm. Frankie isn’t surprised that Nick is a Grimm, but tells him that she’s making a mistake and Woges into a Steinalder. They realize that someone else committed the murders and that the only person who knew she was in Phoenix and then Portland was… Colonel Desai.

Once the detectives rig up a phone trace, Frankie calls Desai and asks about his chemotherapy. He immediately realizes that she’s told the police about the rape and that they know he’s the killer. Desai tells Frankie that he failed in his duty and that he’s been trying to make it up to her, and then hangs up. The police confirm that Desai made the call from the VWF hall.

When Jim receives Desai’s call, he comes to the VWF hall and asks what he wants. Desai has sent the employees home, and tells Jim that he has the report he filed against Ron in Iraq. It’s the only remaining piece of evidence that can tie them to Frankie’s rape. The colonel admits to killing Bobby and Ron, but he didn’t kill Troy and Betsy… and he figures that Jim did. Jim admits that he killed them to keep Troy from confessing, and Desai says that now they’ll have to resolve it, man to man. Both of them Woge into their Manticore forms and attack each other.

Nick and Hank arrive just as Desai draws a knife and pins Jim’s tail to the floor. Both men revert back to human form and Jim grabs the knife and stabs Desai in the chest. The detectives arrest Jim and with his dying breath Desai tells Nick that they can’t arrest Jim for Frankie’s rape, but they can arrest him for murder.

Later at the station, Nick and Hank show Frankie Troy’s confession, which gives them enough to prosecute Jim on the rape charge and give her some closure. Frankie agrees to testify to the DA, and says that Desai was a good soldier before walking away.