3×12 The Wild Hunt

Come back in the evening. I’ll have the door locked to keep out the wild huntsmen.

A man, Woden, is speeding down the highway in his white muscle car. A highway patrolman, Aguilar, picks him up on radar and goes after him.

Monroe waits nervously at the stairs until Rosalee comes down, dressed for a date at their favorite fancy restaurant. He assures her that she’s perfect and they go out. Over a few drinks, they talk about their first time Woging and Monroe orders another bottle of expensive wine. When Rosalee wonders if they’re celebrating a special occasion, Monroe hastily assures her that they’re not.

Woden pulls onto a frontage road and stops his car. When the patrolman approaches the car, Woden slips behind him and attacks, transforming into a Wesen form.

When Monroe and Rosalee return home, Monroe insists on showing Rosalee a cuckoo clock that he’s repaired. Tired, she reluctantly agrees and stares in surprise as the cuckoo comes out with an engagement ring and says, “Marry me.” Monroe gets down on one knee and proposes to her, and Rosalee quickly accepts.

Woden scalps the dead patrolman and says that he was “worthy.”

The next morning, Rosalee and Monroe are lying in bed discussing their wedding plans and Monroe warns that some of their friends might not be comfortable with having a Grimm there, but it’s there problem. Rosalee asks when she’ll finally get to meet his parents, Alice and Bart. She pushes for Monroe to call them immediately to set things up and he hesitantly agrees.

Nick and Hank are called to the murder crime and Aguilar’s superior, Ross Richards, tells them what happened. They know that Aguilar called in to report the speeder and has the whole thing on video. Ross comments that warriors used to take scalps to prove their prowess in battle.

Monroe finally calls home to tell his parents and his father Bart answers the phone. Bart immediately starts asking personal questions about Rosalee. Alice gets on the phone and they pester Monroe with questions. Monroe finally tells them that he’s getting married and his parents insist on meeting Rosalee.

At the station, Renard calls the officers together and shows them the video taken from Aguilar’s car. The white muscle car is visible on the tape but the killer isn’t captured onscreen. There have been two other killings of uniformed officers on the West Coast and Renard figures that they’re dealing with a serial killer. The captain sends them out to find anything they can on the killer and to avoid engaging him without backup.

Woden goes out cruising, looking for more prey.

In Vienna, Viktor summons Adalind to meet with him. Before she can go in, Sebastien approaches her and warns that Viktor is meeting with the head of the Verrat, Gregor Danilov. He tells Adalind to be careful and says that they all need to be prudent.

Danilov is showing Viktor of the three Resistance members believed to be responsible for the death of Breslau: Meisner, Frenay, and Tavitian. The Verrat leader admits that he missed his chance to kill Renard. Viktor figures that Renard is connected to one or more of them because of his recent visit to Europe, just as Sebastien comes in with Adalind and notices the photos. Viktor asks her to look at the photos and see if she recognizes any of them, and Adalind confirms that she saw Meisner following her. When Viktor says that Meisner may be working for Renard, Adalind admits that she got a note from Viktor’s cousin but claims that Renard told her that Nick killed her mother. Viktor is interested in how everything ties back into the Grimm and dismisses Adalind. Once she’s gone, Viktor and Danilov wonder if Renard knows about Adalind’s pregnancy, and Danilov suggests that Renard could be the father. Intrigued, Viktor says that it may yet be a good thing that his cousin survived.

Monroe visits Rosalee at the spice shop and tells her that his parents are coming… sometime. As he warns his fiancée that his father can be blunt, Alice calls her son and tells him that they’re coming the next day. He tells Rosalee and she realizes that Alice and Bart don’t know that they’re living together.

Sebastien calls Renard to report what Viktor has discovered, and admits that he doesn’t know what Adalind told Viktor. Renard figures that his cousin is making his move against the Resistance and tells Sebastien to let Meisner handle it.

Adalind goes back to her hotel room and winces in pain as the baby she’s carrying tries to reach through her womb.

Woden follows a Green Beret, Leo Mull, off of a bus and follows him. Mull turns to face him and Woden keeps coming, and the Green Beret attacks him. However, Woden shrugs off the blows, tells Mull that he is worthy, and transforms into his Wesen form to continue his attack.

When Monroe and Rosalee return home, Rosalee is clearly worried and wonders if his parents are traditional Wesen. Monroe admits that they are but assures his fiancée that he hasn’t told them about her past. Rosalee wonders if they will approve of her because she’s a Fuchsbau and if they’ll think that she seduced Monroe into marrying her.

Nick arrives home and Juliette tells him that his mother Kelly is leaving Greece to find the Lauffer, the European Resistance. Kelly hid the Coins and is worried that someone is after her, and can’t contact them on a secure line. Nick worries that Juliette is getting in too deep for her own good, but Juliette points out that she’s already involved and that it’s better she knows what’s going on.

The next morning, Nick and Hank get the call on Mull’s murder. They go to the crime scene and confirm that the Green Beret was killed after a fight and that his killer scalped him. They go back to the station and receive a report about two similar murders in Mexico. Wu arrives to tell them that an officer has spotted the suspect car and the detectives head out with Renard.

In Vienna, Adalind wakes up in the middle of the night when the baby struggles in her womb again. When she tries to get out of bed, the pain proves too much and she falls to the floor.

The manager at the cheap hotel where Woden is staying knocks on the killer’s door. Woden, who is tanning the scalps of his victims, answers the door and the manager tells him that the other guests are complaining about the smell. Woden menacingly says that he’ll talk to them and the manager hastily says that it isn’t necessary and tells him to finish up and open up some windows. Once the manager escapes, Woden looks outside and sees a police officer nosing around his car. He goes to the front desk and grabs the manager, and orders him to hand over his car keys.

Nick, Hank, and Renard arrive and see the manager stagger out onto the sidewalk. They check on him and he tells them that Woden stole his truck. They go to the Wesen’s room and discover that he’s been tanning scalps using sulfuric acid and salt, accounting for the stench.

Adalind meets with Stefania, who tells her that the baby is coming and it’s several months earlier. The old woman advises Adalind to go into hiding until she’s ready to deliver and gives her a root to chew on to ease the pain. As she leads Adalind off, Stefania assures her that she’ll get her Hexenbiest powers back once she gives birth to the child.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank discover that the killer’s car belongs to an officer in Mexico who disappeared at the same time as the first reported victim. The forensic report comes back on the tubs contents, showing that there were 27 distinct DNA traces, and the officers figure that the killer is a Wesen. They’re unaware that outside, Woden is watching the station.

Nick and Hank go to Marie’s trailer and check the Grimm journals, and find an entry referring to a Wildesheer. The Wesen is the truth behind the legend of the Viking berserkers and scalped its enemies and made a cloak of the trophies. Hank warns Nick that if Woden seeks out mighty warriors, a Grimm would be a tempting target.

That night, Woden goes out into the woods, finishes preserving his scalps, and then stitches them together to make a cloak. He then takes out a photocopy of a newspaper article showing Nick and burns it.

Monroe and Rosalee are making bratwurst for his parents when there’s a knock at the door. When Monroe answers it, he discovers that his parents are there and that their plane got in early. After Bart and Monroe reluctantly hug, Alice is eager to see Rosalee but Monroe heads her off and has them sit in the kitchen. When he leaves, Bart starts fiddling with Monroe’s clocks and Alice tells him to stop. Meanwhile, Monroe tells Rosalee that his parents are there earlier and assures her that she looks fine.

When Monroe and Rosalee go out to meet Bart and Alice, Alice hugs her future daughter-in-law and immediately realizes that she’s different. Bart hugs Rosalee as well and realizes that she’s a Fuchsbau, and they all lose control and Woge. Monroe tells them to calm down and his parents insist that a Bludbad-Fuchsbau marriage won’t work. When Monroe points out that it has been working for several months, Rosalee realizes that he didn’t tell his parents that they’re living together. Bart accuses them of breaking natural law and warns them that the children will be half-breeds. Furious, Rosalee has enough of their bigotry and tells Monroe that he needs to work things out with his parents while she takes it all in.

Once Rosalee leaves, Monroe rounds on his parents and insists that he and Rosalee are going to get married no matter what. There’s a knock at the door and Monroe assumes that it’s Rosalee. It’s Nick, who realizes that he’s interrupting a family fight. Bart threatens to leave for good and Monroe tells him that he’s welcome to go, and Bart loses control again. Nick sees him and Bart realizes that Nick is a Grimm, and he and his wife leap at Nick…

(to be continued)