3×13 Revelation

Still, after a short time the family’s distress again worsened, and there was no relief anywhere in sight.

Bart attacks Nick while Monroe holds Alice back, yelling that despite the fact that Nick is a Grimm, he’s also a friend and that he’s hunted with him. Furious, Bart has enough and storms out and Alice reluctantly goes with him. Nick apologizes to Monroe for setting things off, and the Blutbad assures him that it’s not his fault. However, when Nick admits that he came there for advice on a case, Monroe is irritated that the Grimm sees him as nothing more than a source on Wesen lore. Taken aback, Nick leaves.

Rosalee goes back to the spice shop and sits down, crying.

Monroe sits at home, alone.

Nick goes home and tells Juliette what happened, and she tells him that Monroe’s reaction isn’t really about Nick. When she wonders why he went to Monroe, Nick tells her about his current case and the killer scalping his victims.

Woden makes a campfire in the woods and cooks a human heart, and then eats it.

In Vienna, Viktor continues to monitor Adalind in her hotel room. Stefania arrives and Sebastian escorts her into Viktor’s study. She discusses Adalind’s advanced pregnancy with Viktor and assures him that she’s given Adalind a root to delay the onset of labor. Viktor wants Adalind to give birth in the castle where he can control her. Meanwhile, Sebastien calls Renard and tells him that Stefania is there. Renard works out that Stefania killed Frau Pech and then made a deal for the child with Viktor. The captain tells Sebastien to get Adalind to safety and then hangs up when Nick, Hank, and Wu come in. They show him footage taken by someone on the streets identifying the killer’s stolen truck. The killer is briefly visible although his face isn’t visible. Renard tells them to put out an APB on the car.

The next morning, Monroe goes to see Rosalee and apologizes her. She’s worried that he’ll choose her over his parents and ruin his relationship with them, but Monroe assures her that Rosalee is worth it. Monroe also tells Rosalee that his parents met Nick and things didn’t go well.

That night, Officer Thomas Mart finds Woden’s illegal campfire and calls it in. He finds the stolen truck and a Jeep nearby, and Woden’s scalp robe inside the truck. When Mart calls in the license number, Dispatch warns him that it’s stolen and that the person responsible is highly dangerous. Woden steps out of the forest carrying a dead deer and Mart draws his gun and orders him to surrender. However, a second Wildesheer attacks Mart from behind and the two Wesen tear the officer apart.

The next morning, Monroe tells Rosalee that he’s going to say his goodbye to his parents and then concentrate on their life together. He calls Alice and agrees to meet them at the hotel. Once Alice hangs up, she tells Bart that their son is coming and he insists that he has nothing else to say to Monroe.

At breakfast, Juliette tells Nick about all the research she’s done on scalphunters overnight, and how they take on the strength and vitality of their victims by wearing their scalps. She points out that the killer could go after Nick if he knows that Nick is a Grimm, and Nick tells her not to worry. Hank calls to tell Nick about Mart’s death and he quickly heads out for the murder site.

Monroe meets with his parents and apologizes for not telling them sooner that he was engaged to a Fuchsbau. Bart starts to lose his temper as he insists that mixed marriages never work, accusing Monroe of turning his back on his Blutbad heritage. Talk turns to Nick and Monroe loses his temper as well, insisting that Nick is different. Returning to the main issue, Monroe gets control of himself and says that he’s going to marry Rosalee no matter what. Monroe leaves and Alice wonders what they’ve done to their son, but Bart insists that they’re doing the right thing.

Renard calls Adalind in Vienna and tells her that Stefania has betrayed her to Viktor and that the prince is sending Verrat agents to bring her in. Adalind wonders why she should trust Renard and the captain admits that the child she’s carrying is probably his, not Eric’s. Someone knocks at the door and Renard tells Adalind that he sent Sebastien and Mesiner to help her escape, and she has to choose sides. Adalind opens the door and Meisner sends Sebastien to watch the elevators while he helps Adalind pack. She agrees but Sebastien calls to warn them that two agents are on their way. When they knock at the door, Meisner takes off his shirt and gets into the bed, and tells Adalind to tell the agents that they’re not alone.

The two Verrat agents tell Adalind to come with them, and Meisner calls out to her. They investigate and Mesiner feigns being an outraged lover. They demand to know who he is and when Adalind tries to speak up, shove her away. She moans in pain and Meisner shoots one agent with his hidden gun. Adalind glances at a pen and it flies across the room into the other agent’s eye, killing him. Meisner thanks her and Adalind admits that she wasn’t the one who did it.

Nick, Hank, and Renard arrive at the campfire and Wu briefs them on what happened. He assumes that the killer murdered Mart and then wild animals found the body and tore it apart. The stolen truck is there but the Jeep that Mart called in is missing, and they put out an APB on it. Hank figures that since there were two vehicles, the killer must have a partner.

Sebastien drives Meisner and Adalind deep into the countryside and Meisner finally has him pull over and drop them off. Meisner explains to Adalind that they’re with the resistance and leads her further into the woods.

Juliette goes to see Rosalee and offer her moral support, and then mentions Nick’s case. When she hears that scalp-taking was involved, Rosalee takes an interest. Monroe arrives and they tell him about the murders, and both Wesen confirm that the Wildesheer are involved. The Blutbad warns that things are much worse than Nick can know and goes to call his friend.

At the station, Hank confirms that the stolen Jeep belongs to a missing Army officer and figure that Woden killed him as well. Nick takes Monroe’s call and the Blutbad warns that the situation with the Wildesheer is more complicated and that they need to discuss it in person.

Meisner takes Adalind to an abandoned family cabin deep in the forest.

Bart prepares to leave for the airport but Alice insists on staying and talking to Rosalee. When Bart objects, Alice tells him that for once she’s doing what she wants.

Viktor has Stefanie brought to him and warns her that he believes she tipped off Adalind and the resistance. Stefanie denies it, pointing out that she has everything to lose and nothing to gain, and warns Viktor that the traitor must be someone within the palace.

Alice goes to see Rosalee and explains that she doesn’t want to lose Monroe. However, she warns Rosalee that all the traditions speak of how tough a mixed marriage will be. Alice asks Rosalee if she would be open to the Vertrautheiten. Rosalee figures that it wouldn’t hurt and they both Woge and then sniff at each other.

When Monroe goes home, he finds Bart waiting for him. Bart tells him that Alice stayed behind and he came there hoping to find her at Monroe’s house. Monroe warns his father that the Grimm is on his way and insists that he’ll live his life the way that he wants. He admits that things didn’t go well the first time he met Nick, but that since then they’ve saved each other’s lives. Bart is still angry, wondering which Wesen Monroe is going to help Nick kill. When Monroe says that they’re going after a Wildesheer, Bart warns that they can’t be stopped. Nick arrives and Bart warily leaves, watching the Grimm every step. Monroe has a book about the Wildesheer and their Wild Hunt, when the demons of Hell are unleashed in an elemental storm. When Nick points out that they have no ID on the Wildesheer, Monroe assures him that the Wildesheer will come for him. His book doesn’t have anything on how to stop them and they head to the trailer to get weapons… unaware that Bart is watching them.

When they get to the trailer, Nick checks the Grimm journals and finds a reference to the Wildesheer and how their cloak of scalps makes them invulnerable to mortal weapons. However, one of Nick’s ancestors wrote down a theory about how taking a Wildesheer’s hair strips him of his power. However, the ancestor was never able to confirm his theory. Nick and Monroe grab knives and leaves, but Woden and his partner attack them. As they fight, a third Wildesheer steps out and joins the battle. Things look bad until Bart arrives in his Blutbad form and attacks the Wildesheer. Nick manages to scalp Woden, killing him, and with Monroe and Bart’s help finishes off the other two. Bart tells Monroe that he couldn’t let him die despite his friendship with Nick, and warns them that according to the legends, the Wildesheers are harbingers of some great threat that could change the world.

In Vienna, Adalind goes into labor, screaming in pain.

Later, Nick and Juliette have dinner with Monroe, Rosalee, Bart and Alice. They eat in silence until Juliette brings up the wedding. All four Wesen lose their tempers and start to Woge, and Nick grabs a knife and tells them to get themselves under control. They revert to their human forms and Bart admits that it will take a while for him to get used to the idea of Monroe and Rosalee marrying.