3×14 Mommy Dearest

I am going off to a house and entering it like a snake… I will devour their babies and make their hearts ache.

At Meisner’s cabin in the Alps, Adalind goes into labor and books and other objects fly around the room. Adalind begs Meisner not to let her unborn child kill her and then bites his hand. Despite that, he does his best to help and Adalind finally gives birth to a daughter. As she looks at her child, Adalind Woges into her Hexenbiest form and smiles with pleasure.

In Portland, Dana and Sam Tomas are cleaning up after summer. Dana asks Sam to go to the pharmacy to get her prenatal pharmacy meds and he gladly agrees. Once he leaves, Dana goes to bed and goes to sleep. A reptilian creature that has been watching the entire time, making a quiet ticking noise to itself, extends its long black tongue in through the window and inserts it into Dana’s stomach. Dana finally wakes up from the pain and screams, pulling at the tongue. The creature withdraws its tongue momentarily and craws up to the ceiling, and then thrusts its tongue into Dana’s stomach again as she crawls along the floor, yelling for help.

A neighbor, Liz Kent, hears the screaming and catches a glimpse of the intruder silhouetted against the curtains. She uses her key to come in and runs upstairs, and the creature slips out before Liz can see it.

Wu and Franco are on patrol when they hear the 911 call from Liz. Wu recognizes the address and the two officers drive to the Tomas home. Wu goes upstairs to check on Dana, who he knows, and she mutters the word “Aswang” to him. The EMTs arrive as Sam returns from the pharmacy, and Wu asks him if Dana was having any problems with her pregnancy. Sam assures him that he hasn’t and rides with his wife to the hospital in the ambulance. Wu and Franco are unaware that the creature from earlier is watching the house from its vantage point in a tree.

Nick and Hank are called to the crime scene and Wu briefs them on what happened. He explains that he helped the Tomas couple move to Portland. Inside the detectives find blood splatters on the floor and ceiling and conclude that it was an attack. Nick notices claw marks on the windowsill and then finds more at the base of the tree. Hank finds a blood trail and the three officers follow it to where the intruder climbed over the fence and escaped. Nick and Hank interview Liz, who describes the strange silhouette and the eerie ticking noise that she heard.

At the hospital, the three officers meet with the doctor, who explains that the intruder used what appears to be a thick needle to penetrate the amniotic sac and drain off the fluid. The attack was performed with extreme care and the attacker apparently used a narcotic. However, the doctor assures them that Dana will be fine. Nick and Hank talk to Sam, who confirms that he was at the pharmacy. Sam takes offense, wondering if they’re accusing him, and Wu assures him that the detectives are just doing their job. When Sam is called away, Wu says that he’s checked Sam’s purchase receipt and confirmed that he was at the pharmacy when Dana was attacked. The lieutenant insists that Sam wouldn’t do anything to hurt Dana, directly or indirectly, and asks Nick and Hank to keep him apprised of any developments in the case.

Back at Nick’s house, Nick and Hank tell Juliette what happened. They figure that the claw marks indicate a Wesen was involved, but none of them know of a Wesen that feeds on amniotic fluid. Juliette wonders how Nick is going to keep Wu apprised of anything if a Wesen is involved and he admits that he’ll have to lie to their friend.

At the hospital, Wu tells Sam that he’ll do everything he can for Dana and Sam. Once the lieutenant leaves, Sam calls his brother in Manila and says that the woman they both know is in Portland. As they talk, Sam briefly loses control and Woges, transforming into an Aswang like the attacker. He then asks his brother to find out where the woman is staying.

Wu is at home sleeping and dreaming of his childhood when his Grandmother Nanita used to tell him the story of the Aswang and how it fed on babies. He dreams of the Aswang breaking into his room through the window and wakes up, screaming.

In the Alps, Adalind dozes off and Meisner calls Renard and tells him that Adalind has had her child. Renard says that he’ll send people to pick them up but warns Meisner that it will take several days. Meisner assures them that the only way to reach his family cabin is on foot and they should be safe until then.

At the station the next day, Nick and Hank run a background check on Sam and confirm that he’s clean. The doctor calls them from the hospital and tells them that Dana is awake, and the detectives head out.

Wu visits his cousin Angelo at the restaurant where he works and asks if he remembers the stories Nanita told them about the Aswang. Angelo confirms what Wu remembers and Wu admits that Dana is the victim. His cousin remembers that the two of them were close and figures that Wu would end up with Dana. Wu tells him that Dana is married to someone else now, and wonders if someone is using the legend of the Aswang.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Nick and Hank that they found large doses of an organic tranquilizer, Valerian, in Dana’s blood. The detectives talk to Dana, who is hazy about what happened because of the drug. Wu arrives and starts to tell them about the Aswang. However, he thinks better of it and dismisses it as a random hunch. He leaves, clearly nervous, and Nick and Hank glance at each other, realizing that Wu is onto the truth.

Sam is at home and gets a call from his brother confirming that the woman–their mother Lani–is in Portland staying at a motel. The brother warns Sam that the situation could turn bad, and Sam says that it already has. Wu arrives and asks if Dana could somehow have taken Valerian. Sam insists that it isn’t possible and then says that he has to leave to check on Dana. As Wu walks with him to his car, he suggests that the attack is similar to the legend of the Aswang. Sam insists that it couldn’t be and drives away.

Nick and Hank meet Rosalee and Monroe at the apothecary and ask about the Valerian. She confirms that it’s a sedative, dangerous in large doses, and says that some rituals use amniotic fluid to bestow health and youth on the drinker. She and Monroe offer to help however they can.

Sam goes to the hotel where Lani is staying and she realizes that he knows why she’s there. Lani begs him for Dana’s amniotic fluid, saying she’ll die within a month and that it’s traditional for the eldest son to sacrifice their first child. Sam refuses to give up his unborn child and gives Lani a ticket back to Manila. As she stares at it in shock, Sam tells her that he’ll report her to the police if she doesn’t leave. Once he goes, Lani Woges into her Aswang form and tears the ticket up in a fit of fury.

Dana is ready to be released and Sam is helping her pack. He wonders where Sam is as Dana hugs him, thanking him for everything he’s done. Sam arrives and is upset to see Wu and Dana together. Wu takes Sam aside and asks why he arrived late, and Sam says that he stopped off to see his mother at her motel. The lieutenant is surprised to hear that Lani is in town and not staying at the house, and Sam claims that Lani and Dana don’t get along. Wu asks about the Aswang story but Sam ducks the issues, accusing him of trying to get close to Dana after he “lost” Dana to Sam.

Nick and the others go to the trailer and finally locate a reference to the Aswang from 1904. A Grimm learned that the Aswangs chew up Valerian and then use their tongues to inject it into their victims. They always have to feed on the amniotic fluid of blood relatives, and are also known as Tik-Tiks because they make a clicking sound with their tongues. Hank points out that Wu is close to the truth and they should tell him before the Aswang attacks. Nick and Monroe disagree, but Hank knows from personal experience the shock caused by a human encountering a Wesen. However, he’s outvoted and they start checking to find out which blood relatives Dana has in Portland.

Sam drives Dana home and he wonders why Wu is still friends with her since she’s married. Dana insists that Wu doesn’t have romantic feelings for her but Sam insists that it’s awkward.

At the station house, Wu asks Nick and Hank about the investigation. When he realizes that they’re checking on Dana’s relatives, Wu says that Lani is staying at a motel and describes the legend of the Aswang. He admits that he suspects Sam is using the legend to fake a supernatural attack on Dana, but then realizes how silly that sounds and walks away. Hank warns Nick that Wu is close to finding out the truth and goes after his friend. He tries to reassure Wu that he’s not crazy and Wu admits that his feelings for Dana might be making him suspicious. Once he leaves, Hank warns Nick that Wu is close to finding out all about the Wesen.

Wu drives to the Tomas home and parks outside, and then calls Dana. She assures him that Sam is taking care of her and thanks him for all of his help. Meanwhile, Lani takes a taxi from the motel to the Tomas home and Wu sees her walk around the corner of the house. A few seconds later he sees a shadowy figure climb up the tree to Dana’s window.

Hank and Nick visit the motel and the night manager tells them that Lani took a cab a few hours ago. They check the room and find the torn-up ticket, as well as a jar of Valerian root in her luggage. The night manager gives them the taxi cab company and they call to find out where the cab was going.

Sam hears something in the house and goes to investigate. Lani in her Aswang form startles him and he falls down the stairs, knocking himself out. She then reverts to her human form and goes into Dana’s bedroom. Lani claims that Sam called and told her what happened and she’s come to help. She lulls Dana to sleep with a lullaby and then bares the pregnant woman’s stomach.

Wu approaches the house and confirms that Lani is gone.

Lani Woges into her true form and extends her tongue into Dana’s stomach.

Wu goes to the front door and, looking through the window, sees Sam unconscious on the floor. The lieutenant draws his gun and bursts in, and hears the Aswang’s distinctive ticking noise. He runs upstairs and finds the Aswang on top of Dana, feeding on her. The creature jumps at him and knocks Wu to the floor.

Nick and Hank arrive and break in. Nick runs upstairs just as the Aswang prepares to kill Wu, and shoots it in the head. Wu, gasping, stares in horror as Lani reverts back to her human form upon her death. Hank checks on Dana while Nick tries to calm Wu down without success.

In the Alps, Meisner checks on the sleeping Adalind. Her hair animates and grabs his hair briefly despite the fact she’s sleeping… but the baby stares up at Meisner intently. After a moment, the hair releases Meisner’s hand.

Later, Dr. Richet calls Hank and Nick to her psychiatric hospital. She explains that Wu voluntarily checked himself in but won’t talk about what he experienced. Nick and Hank go into the room where Wu is staying and tell him that Dana and her unborn child are safe, and that he’s a hero for saving them. Wu just smiles and then stares into the corner of the room and imagines the Aswang lunging at him.