3×15 Once We Were Gods

You shall not become corrupt, you shall not become putrid, you shall not become worms.

At Meriwether University in Portland, workers undercover a long-hidden room in a building basement. They find a crate inside and bring in Professor Vera Gates. She examines the crate and discovers that it was shipped to the university in 1946 from Egypt. Inside the crate she finds a jackal-headed sarcophagus containing a most unique mummy.

As Wu recovers at the psychiatric hospital, he sketches the Aswang that he saw attack his friend.

Nick, Hank, and Juliette meet with Monroe and Rosalee to discuss what to do about Wu. Hank wants to tell him about the Wesen, but Nick doesn’t think their friend is ready for it. Juliette points out that she was only able to handle it because she already knew Nick very well, and Hank because he was Nick’s partner. Wu has no such thing to fall back on. Hank finds himself outvoted but insists that he’ll tell Wu the truth if the sergeant doesn’t respond to psychiatric treatment.

Two men, Karl Herman and Robert Taylor, are in a motel room watching a newscast about Vera’s discovery of the mummy. They vow to find the mummy and free it, and break into Vera’s lab to steal the sarcophagus. Robert sprays hieroglyphics on the wall but drops the can. A campus policeman hears the noise and comes to investigate. Karl Woges into his Wesen form as a jackal-headed Anubis and attacks the policeman, but not before the man fires a shot and kills Karl. When another campus policeman comes running, Karl grabs the first man’s gun and shoots the second man.

Dr. Richet interviews Wu, who talks about how he saw the Aswang, the creature from his childhood legends. He insists that what he saw was real but Richet wonders how it can be when he was the only one who saw it. Later, Nick and Hank come to see Wu, who says that he’s suffering from a psychological condition rather than something physiological. As they talk, the detectives get a call about the homicide at the university and tell Wu that they have to go.

At the university lab, Franco briefs the partners on what happened. As they go over the crime scene, Vera insists on checking on the sarcophagus, which the thieves left behind. They open the lid and Nick and Hank are surprised to see that the mummy has the head of a jackal beneath the wrappings. Vera tells them that the hieroglyphics on the wall read, “I protect the dead,” and were found in the tomb of King Tut.

In Vienna, Viktor summons Sebastien to his office and offers him a drink. Sebastien declines but the Prince warns him that he’ll need it. Gregor Danilov, the head of the Verrat, comes in and forces Sebastien to sit. Viktor pours the drink in Sebastien’s mouth and tells Danilov to take the man away to find out the names of all the Resistance members that Sebastien knows.

At the police station, Nick and Hank confirm Karl and Robert’s identity, and inform Renard that the men have a criminal record as terrorists. They protest the desecration of the dead and break into museums and paint hieroglyphs on the walls. The second campus policeman has reported that Karl transformed into a jackal-headed creature and Nick figures that it’s a Wesen related to the one in the sarcophagus.

Karl is in his motel room preparing to leave Portland when he receives a call. He tells the caller that what happened was a mistake and that he’s still going to steal the sarcophagus from the university.

In Vienna, Meisner is returning to his family cabin with supplies when he hears a baby crying. He investigates and finds Adalind’s baby girl lying in the forest by itself. Surprised, Meisner takes it to the cabin and asks Adalind why she left her baby in the woods. Adalind is holding her daughter and says that she hasn’t been out, and a startled Meisner realizes that he’s holding firewood. The fire starts by itself in the fireplace and Adalind says that her baby is the one who knows what happened.

Nick and Hank take Juliette with them to the spice shop and discuss the mummy. The Wesen figure that it’s a Wesen, mummified at the moment of its death before it could Woge back. Before they were forced to hide themselves, many of the Wesen were worshipped as gods by the ancient Egyptians. When Monroe and Rosalee see photos of the hieroglyphs, they tell Nick that the Beati Paoli is responsible. The Beati Paoli is a Sicilian vendetta society of Wesen who do whatever it takes to preserve Wesen culture. The group would consider exhibiting the mummy an act of desecration and do anything to stop it. When Nick suggests that they couple come to the trailer with them, Monroe is eager to go but Rosalee reminds him that they have to meet with a wedding planner. Once the others leave, Monroe wonders if they should call the Wesen Council and tell them what is going on. Rosalee figures that they already know from the newscasts and that it’s better to stay out of the whole situation.

Wu is in his room dreaming of the Aswang attacking him. He jerks awake and goes to the window, sure that the Wesen is outside. Wu grabs a chair to defend himself and then catches a glimpse of his crazed reflection in the mirror.

At the trailer, Juliette finds a Grimm who encountered an Anubis at Karnak in 1928. Two Englishmen were killed at an archaeological dig and the Grimm confirmed that an Anubis was responsible. The man made a film of what happened and Hank finds it in a cabinet. They play it on the projector and watch as the Grimm attacks the chained killer, provoking him into Woging and revealing his true Anubis features. Only Nick can see the Wesen Woge on film. According to the Grimm, the prisoner said that the pharaohs killed thousands of slaves trying to find a Wesen to mummify at the moment of death. The pharaohs believed that being buried with a Wesen would grant them immortality in the afterlife. The detectives then call Vera to warn her that Karl will try to steal the mummy again.

Alexander from the Wesen Council arrives in Portland and goes to the spice shop. Monroe and Rosalee reluctantly let him in and he says that he wants to speak with Nick.

At the university, Vera and her team are scanning the mummy and confirm that it is apparently some sort of genetic mutation. Nick and Hank arrive and warn her that Karl will try to steal the mummy again. The professor assures them that she’s hired additional security and that it’s impossible for anyone to get to the mummy. Once she goes back to work, Nick takes a call from Monroe, who tells him that Alexander is there. Alexander assures Nick that he’s only there to talk and offers to meet him anywhere that he feels safe.

When Renard calls Sebastien, he gets his spy’s voicemail.

Danilov and his men waterboard Sebastien as Viktor looks on. They demand to know where they can find Adalind and Meisner, but Sebastien refuses to talk… for the moment.

Juliette visits Wu as the psychiatric hospital and tells him about the problems she had when she thought she was seeing ghost and temporarily lost her mind. All she can tell Wu is that eventually she overcame her paranoia. When she decided to do so, that was when she got better.

Nick agrees to meet Alexander at Monroe’s house. The Council agent says that they want Nick to help them. They have let the Beati Paoli do as they wish without either condoning or accepting their tactics. Alexander admits that Karl went too far by killing a human, and they want Nick to do what Grimms are supposed to do and kill Karl. Nick doesn’t want to act as executioner for the Wesen Council, but Alexander warns him that Karl will go after Vera to gain access to the hospital. Satisfied that Nick will get involved, Alexander leaves.

When Vera returns home that night, Karl captures her.

After Alexander leaves, Hank comes in and they try and call Vera. When they get no answer, they figure that Karl has her. Hank puts out an APB on Alexander’s car, figuring that he’s up to something, and then he and Nick go to Vera’s house.

Karl forces Vera to call the lab and order the security to leave. Once she does, the terrorist orders her to take him into the lab.

Sebastien eventually breaks under torture. The lead Verrat hunter, Leon, takes Sebastien to the location on the road where he dropped off Adalind and Meisner, and then follows the scent with two of his fellow Verrat.

At the cabin, Adalind thanks Meisner for his help and wonders if he has someone. He tells her that he had a girlfriend and the Royals killed her two years ago. Renard calls to tell Meisner that Sebastien has vanished. Meisner figures that Sebastien can lead the Verrat to their doorstep, and says that he’ll head for Zurich with Adalind. Once he gets there, Renard tells him to make contact again so he can send a plane to pick them up.

At the psychiatric hospital, Wu thinks about Juliette told him.

When they get to Vera’s home, Nick and Hank discover that she’s gone.

Karl takes Vera to the lab and waits until the campus policeman hears someone knocking at the door. Once he leaves, Karl takes Vera inside. Meanwhile, Hank and Nick ask the policeman where the rest of the security team is and he informs them that Vera sent them home. Realizing that Karl has Vera in the lab, the detectives head there. Meanwhile, Hank gets a hit on his APB, confirming that Alexander is parked nearby.

Monroe and Rosalee wait nervously to hear from Nick, worried that the Council has connected them to Nick. Nick calls Monroe and asks him to do him a favor.

In the lab, Karl opens the sarcophagus and transforms into his Anubis form so he can kill Vera for her sacrilege. As she stares at his true form in shock, Nick and Hank arrive. The Anubis knocks Vera out and attacks Nick, who finally subdues him. However, Karl insists that they’re not done until the mummy is done right.

When the squad cars arrive, Nick has Karl taken away. He checks on Vera, who convinces herself that she suffered a mild concussion and hallucinated seeing Karl as an Anubis. The detectives realize that Alexander is still around for a reason and go back in the lab to check on the sarcophagus.

In Vienna, Leon and his men find Meisner’s cabin, but realized that he’s left with Adalind. As they head into the woods, following the scent, further ahead Meisner helps Adalind through the forest.

When they get to the lab, Nick and Hank discover that the mummy is gone. Monroe calls from where he and Rosalee are watching Alexander load the mummy into the trunk of his car. Nick goes to confront the Council agent and points out that he lied to him to dispose of Karl, keep Nick distracted, and take the mummy. Alexander freely admits that he deceived Nick but points out that the Grimm has his murderer and the Council has what it wants. When Alexander warns Nick that he won’t be deterred, Nick says that he won’t try… for now.

The next morning, Alexander, Rosalee, and Monroe take the sarcophagus into the woods. They burn it and Woge in honor of their fallen brethren. Hank and Nick watch from nearby.

Later, the detectives go to get Wu, who is ready to have himself released from the hospital. When Hank wonders if he thinks what he saw is real, Wu tells him that it isn’t and that whatever he saw is going to stay in his head.