3×17 Synchronicity

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

Nick and Hank are at the station discussing if there is a way that Nick can attend Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding as best man without the Wesen guests realizing that he’s a Grimm. Both men realize that they don’t know how Wesen can detect Nick, and Hank suggests that he find out.

In Rafz, Switzerland, Meisner drives Adalind and her baby to an airfield. He assures Adalind that their Resistance contact will meet them there and get Adalind out of the country to safety. They pull up and Meisner has her wait in the car while he goes to meet their contact. The Verrat has already set up surveillance and spot Meisner, and two of them go after him while another two go to the car.

Meisner manages to spot his pursuers and doubles back, killing them. The plane flies overhead and he runs back to the car. Meanwhile, two more Verrat agents have captured Adalind and take her and the baby to the surveillance van. When they get there, they discover that the remaining two agents are dead. The killer disposes of them as well just as Meisner runs up. The woman–Kelly Burkhardt–says that she’ll take care of Rosalind from there.

The Resistance plane lands and Kelly tells Meisner that the Verrat had agents waiting and more are coming. She ignores Adalind’s demands to know where they’re going and gets on the plane. Meisner wishes Adalind luck and she thanks him for everything that he’s done for her before getting on the plane. Once the plane takes off, Meisner calls Renard and tells him that the Resistance contact disposed of the Verrat sent to capture Adalind. He warns the captain that Sebastien is probably dead at the hands of the Verrat and Renard tells him that he should disappear before the Verrat pick up his trail.

On the plane, Kelly starts packing supplies for Adalind and refuses to say who she is, pointing out that it’s safer for both for them. Kelly then talks with the pilot, ordering him to maintain radio silence. She figures that the Verrat know that they’re heading for Brazil and he wonders where they should go instead.

Nick goes to see Monroe and Rosalee as they plan their seating arrangements for the wedding. They’re surprised that he isn’t there with a case, and Nick finally tells them that he can’t be the best man because of how the Wesen might react to him. When he wonders how he can hide his nature, Monroe and Rosalee explain that to Wesen, Nick’s eyes turn black when he sees them for what they are. They suggest that he wears sunglasses and when he does, they confirm that they can’t see his eyes change.

Once Kelly confirms that the pilot has enough fuel, she has him set off across the Atlantic. She then checks on Adalind, who is having trouble settling her baby because she’s crying due to the reduced air pressure. Kelly shows Adalind how to relieve the pressure and Adalind wonders if she has children. Her new friend simply says that her sister did.

When Nick returns home and helps Juliette put away the laundry, he tells her about the sunglasses. He finds his engagement ring for her in a drawer and shows it to Juliette, and she says that they can always get it back out when the time is right.

Prince Viktor summons Gregor Danilov to his office. Danilov starts to report that he and his people failed to apprehend Adalind, but Viktor already knows all about it. He tells Danilov that he is being relieved of command and has two Verrat agents kill him.

On the plane, Kelly confirms that the Verrat was only trying to kill Adalind, and points out that the child is valuable to them and they would never kill it. She asks Adalind if she plans on keeping the baby, and Adalind vows that she’ll die first. Satisfied, Kelly tells her that now she sounds like a mother. Kelly tells Adalind to get some sleep and offers to hold the baby. Once Adalind goes to a bunk to get some rest, Kelly sings a lullaby to the baby girl and then dangles a shiny locket in front of it. The baby stares at it and it starts to swing toward her. In the cockpit, the gauges spin wildly out of control for a moment and the plane shakes.

Viktor summons Senor Ruspoli from Italy to his office and tells him that he’s the new head of the Verrat. The Prince orders Ruspoli to find Adalind and bring him the baby. Ruspoli, having seen Danilov’s corpse in the hallway, assures his superior that he won’t fail.

As Kelly holds the baby, she remembers her past with Nick.

A young Kelly Burkhardt is helping her son Nick pack as his Aunt Marie pulls up with her trailer. He complains about having to go and Kelly assures him that it won’t be for long. They greet Marie at the door and Kelly hugs her, whispering that she’s not sure that taking Nick is a good idea. Marie tells her sister that they don’t have time for a better one, and Kelly gives Nick a hug before watching him leave with Marie.

The pilot warns Kelly that they’re running low on fuel, and he’ll get her as close to her chosen destination as possible. Adalind wakes up and Kelly tells her to get ready to disembark because they’re landing. The plane flies over a farmer repairing his tractor, and the man goes to investigate in his truck. By the time he gets to the field, the plane has already left and Adalind is standing alone. The farmer says that he’s going to call the sheriff, and Adalind notices that his truck has Oregon license plates. Kelly knocks the farmer out and takes the truck.

Juliette takes Rosalee to get her grandmother’s wedding dress fitted. As she waits, Juliette looks over the wedding dresses and the salesperson asks if she’s getting married. Juliette hastily says that she isn’t, just as Rosalee comes back in wearing the dress. The salesperson and Juliette both say that she look great.

As Kelly drives into the nearby city, Adalind realizes that they’re in Portland and asks her savior if she’s working with Renard. Kelly has no idea who she’s talking about and explains that she brought Adalind to portal because she knows somewhere safe for her and the baby.

Ruspoli reports to Viktor that his contacts have traced the plane to the western North American continent. Viktor checks the map and points out Portland in the center of the area, and suspects that Adalind wanted to go home.

That night, it’s raining as Kelly parks the truck on a street and gives Adalind to cover herself and the baby with. She says that they’re walking from there and leads her down the sidewalk.

Nick comes down to dinner and compliments Juliette, carrying the engagement ring in his pocket. He starts to ask her to marry him, but there’s a knock at the door. Nick is surprised to discover that it’s his mother. As Juliette comes in, Adalind removes the coat and Nick and Juliette stare in shock. Kelly assures Adalind that she’s safe now with her son, Nick. Adalind doesn’t believe it and Nick tells his mother that Adalind was the one who poisoned Juliette.

Kelly explains that the Resistance asked her to protect Adalind and the baby from the Royals. However, even she is taken aback when Nick explains that Adalind was the one who put Marie in a coma. Frightened, Adalind wonders if Nick is going to kill her, and the house shakes. Glass shatters and the spoons on the dinner table bend. Kelly realizes that the baby is responsible, just like she was on the plane. Juliette is more concerned about the baby’s health, pointing out that it’s cold and wet. She takes the baby and leads Adalind upstairs to the bedroom.

Once they’re alone, Kelly explains that she didn’t know who the Resistance wanted her to protect, and Nick reminds his mother that she killed Adalind’s mother. Kelly points out that the Hexenbeist impaled herself and says that the baby’s powers are already growing.

Juliette warns up the baby and asks Adalind if she’s named it, and Adalind admits that she’s been too busy on the run to think of anything else. She wonders why Juliette is helping her when she tried to kill her months ago, but Juliette just tells her that she needs to feed her baby again and leaves.

In the dining room, Kelly grabs some of the food from Nick’s dinner and explains that Adalind’s baby is powerful because of its Hexenbeist heritage. When Nick points out that he stripped Adalind of her powers, Kelly figures that the baby gained even more powers because Adalind recovered her powers while she was pregnant with the child. Juliette comes downstairs and Kelly tells them that the baby has a great destiny, for good or for evil, and the Royals will do anything to get it. Nick figures that they can hand Adalind over to the Resistance, but his mother explains that the child has to have a normal childhood without being influenced by other side. She admits that they seem to have no choice but to have Adalind and her baby stay with Nick and Juliette for the time being.

The windows crash open and the wind howls into the house. Nick and the others run upstairs and discover that Adalind has escaped. The baby is seemingly lying on the bed, but when Juliette picks it up, she discovers that the baby created an illusion of itself. Kelly leads Nick back to the truck, but Adalind has already driven away. When Kelly says that Adalind asked her about Renard earlier, Nick explains that Renard is the Royal in charge of Portland and the baby’s father, and they figure Adalind will go to her.

Renard is at his apartment relaxing for the evening when the doorman informs him that Adalind is downstairs.

As they drive to Renard’s apartment, Nick brings Kelly up to speed on how Renard was originally against him but has since become his ally in the city and is working with the Resistance against his fellow Royals. Kelly doesn’t believe it, even though Nick points out that she’s also working with Resistance. They arrive near Renard’s apartment and spot the stolen truck, and Kelly remembers being there before.

Renard lets Adalind into her apartment and she explains how Kelly took her to Nick’s.

Kelly is ready to storm in, take the baby, and kill Renard. However, Nick suggests that they take a more diplomatic approach. He figures that he can convince his ally that he can’t just bring the child into his life without bringing undue attention to him and to the baby. Kelly reluctantly agrees to wait outside while Nick goes in.

Adalind lets Renard hold his child, and he smiles down at his daughter.