3×18 The Law of Sacrifice

The Queen was terrified and offered the little man all the riches of the kingdom, if only he would leave the newborn child alone.

At Renard’s apartment, Adalind leaves her baby with Renard to get some food. She tells him that they need to focus on the present, and Renard wonders how she made his way to his apartment. Adalind explains that she used the truck that Kelly stole, and figures that Kelly would have killed her if she knew who she was from the first. The doorman calls up to tell Renard that Nick is there by himself, and Renard tells him to let Nick up. As Renard gets his gun, Adalind tells him to kill the Grimm if he’s there to take their baby.

In Austria, Ruspoli meets with Viktor, who knows about his recent series of failures to get Adalind’s baby. The head of the Verrat tells Viktor that Adalind is now in Portland, and the Prince tells Ruspoli to contact their man there.

In Portland, FBI agent Weston Steward is working in his office when Ruspoli calls him. Steward warns that it isn’t a good time, but Ruspoli ignores his objection and sends him photos of Renard and Adalind. When Steward wonders what he wants done, Ruspoli tells him to confirm that Adalind is with Renard, get the baby, and kill the couple. Ruspoli hangs up and leaves with Viktor, while Steward heads for Renard’s apartment.

Nick arrives in the hallway outside of Renard’s apartment and the captain comes out, gun behind his back. The Grimm says that he didn’t know that Kelly was helping Adalind or planning to bring her to Portland, and Renard tells him not to take the baby. Nick suggests that they talk about it privately in Renard’s apartment and the captain reluctantly lets him in.

In front of the apartment building, Kelly spots Steward as he pulls up. She goes in behind him as Steward walks to the front desk and speaks with the building guard. The guard confirms that Adalind came to see Renard and Kelly slips upstairs while Steward goes over the security footage.

In Renard’s apartment, Nick assures the couple he isn’t there to take the baby or hurt it. Adalind reveals that she has her Hexenbeist powers back and advises Nick to leave with his mother. However, Nick warns them that the Verrat will figure Adalind will go to Renard, and they’re on their way even as they speak. He suggests that they work together, even though none of them like it, and tells them to think it over while he waits outside. Once the Grimm leaves, Renard wonders Adalind told his brother Eric when she went to work for him in Vienna.

Outside, Steward sends his Verrat killers to go to Renard’s apartment and find the baby. As they head upstairs, Kelly knocks Steward out. When Nick comes down, she shows him Steward’s FBI badge and warns that he’s with the Verrat. The two of them head upstairs to save the baby.

Steward’s men blow open the stairwell door with a C-4 charge and head upstairs.

Adalind points out that she had to choose between Renard and Eric, and she chose him. She wonders what happens now and Renard promises to protect her and the baby. Nick calls Renard to warn him that the Verrat killers are on the way, and Renard gets Adalind out. As they arrive at the elevator, Nick comes up and the Verrat killers emerge from the stairwell. One attacks Nick, who uses him as a shield as the other Verrat shoots at him. Kelly grabs the second Verrat from behind, shoots him with his own gun, and tosses him down the stairwell. Nick explains to Renard who Kelly is and he and his mother head down the stairs while Renard and Adalind go to the captain’s car in the garage.

Monroe and Rosalee are in bed when Nick calls to ask them for help. He tells them the basic of what is going on, including how his mother is alive and back in Portland. Kelly gets on the phone and explains that they want to take refuge at Monroe’s house.

When Steward recovers consciousness, he drives away when the police pull up to Renard’s apartment to investigate the shooting.

The group arrive at Monroe’s house and Adalind demands to know where they are. Kelly tells her that it’s best if she doesn’t know, and the baby telekinetically pulls Kelly’s necklace to her. Monroe lets them in and Rosalee takes Adalind and Renard to the other room to get them settled. Nick privately tells Monroe that the baby is the Chosen one and figures that they’re pretty safe at Monroe’s house.

Kelly checks the house and then tells Renard that it’s safe. He admits that he killed Marie to get the key, but that he would have handled things differently if he knew then what he knows now. Kelly wonders why he gave the key to Nick and Renard admits that Nick is more important to him and the key. He warns Kelly that either or both of them may have to sacrifice their lives to save the baby. Rosalee and Monroe comes in and Kelly leaves, and Renard thanks them for their help. Nick arrives and tells them that they have to get moving.

Kelly goes to check on Adalind and lets the baby keep her necklace. Nick and Renard return and says that they’re leaving, but it’s best if Adalind stay there. Once they leave, Monroe goes to get some blankets and pillows, and Adalind asks Rosalee to stay with her. Outside, Nick and Renard figure that they have to track down Steward, and Kelly warns Renard that as long as he has the child, both he and Adalind are vulnerable.

Steward goes to his home and pours himself a drink to calm his nerves. Nick, Kelly, and Renard come in and easily knock him out. When Steward wakes up, Renard interrogates him, threatening to call Viktor on Steward’s phone and claim that Steward is now working for him. Steward breaks and explains that Ruspoli and Viktor are coming to Portland to get the baby. He suggests that Renard hand over the baby, but Nick tells him that unless he cooperates, they’re going to connect him to the two Verrat killers and arrest him for trying to assassinate Renard. Steward agrees to help them and they give Steward an address where Viktor can get the baby, and then leave.

As they leave Steward’s home, Renard leaves Nick and Kelly, sure that their plan will work. Nick tells his mother that they should contact Hank, and that Hank was dating Adalind for awhile. They call Hank and have him meet them at Nick’s house, and tell him and Juliette what has been happening. Once Hank confirms that the baby isn’t his, he asks them what they need him to do.

At Monroe’s house, Rosalee and Monroe wake up when the baby starts crying. They go downstairs and Rosalee confirms that the baby has a fever. All of the clocks in the house start spinning but then stop as Kelly comes in and the baby sees her.

The next morning, Viktor’s private jet arrives at the airport. Steward meets them and gives Viktor the address that Renard gave him. Hank is parked nearby in his car and taking photos of the trio. Steward warns his superior that it’s probably a trap, and asks permission to deal with Renard for beating him. Viktor assures him that he’ll have his chance.

At Nick’s house, Nick and Juliette check the Internet for used 4x4s. Hank calls Nick and tells his partner that Viktor is leaving the airport in his limo. Nick tells Hank to meet him at the precinct and heads there himself.

In the limo, Steward tells Viktor that the address Renard gave him is for an old warehouse. He figures that it’s trap, and freely admits that Renard and Nick threatened to tie him to Renard’s assassination. Steward demands protect in return for his loyalty and Viktor assures him that he’ll be taken care of.

At the precinct, Lee tells Renard that someone is there to see him.

Renard and Hank are at their desks and spot Viktor come in and go to Renard’s office. Viktor tells the captain that he figures the warehouse might be used for an ambush, and reminds Renard that one of their cousins died in a similar ambush. The Prince points out that no one was ever brought to justice for that killing, or for the murder of Eric. Renard, well aware that Viktor knows he was responsible for both deaths, warns that Viktor won’t get his child. Viktor insists that the child will receive the best of care. However, when it becomes clear that Renard won’t relent, Viktor tells him that he’ll have Renard, Adalind, and Renard’s mother all killed. Once Viktor leaves, Nick comes in and asks Renard if he can do what they’ve planned. The captain assures him that he can and tells Nick to order the arrest.

Outside, Viktor tells Steward and Ruspoli that it went well. However, he worries about the mystery woman working for the Resistance and wonders what her involvement is.

At Monroe’s house, Rosalee is making breakfast when Kelly hears someone outside. Before she can react, the police break in and arrest Kelly for the murder of Catherine, Adalind’s mother. They handcuff her and take her away, and Adalind calls Renard. He tells her that they have new evidence connecting Kelly to Catherine’s death, and asks Adalind to come to the station to give her statement. Adalind reluctantly agrees when Renard assures her that she and the baby will be safe at the precinct house.

At the precinct house, Renard meets Adalind in his office and offers to watch the baby while she gives her statement. As Adalind hands the baby over, she says that she’s decided to name their child Diana after the Greek goddess of the hunt. Officer Mays then takes Adalind to an interrogation room, and she’s surprised to find Kelly there. Kelly says that she owes her an explanation and explains that she was forced to attack Catherine when she refused to provide an antidote for the poison Adalind used on Juliette.

Renard picks up Diana and walks out of the precinct house.

Adalind wonders why Kelly is explaining anything, unaware that Nick and Hank are watching through the one-way mirror. Kelly tells Adalind that she had to give up Nick because of who she is, and that Adalind has to understand that sometimes people have to sacrifice who they love the most. Realizing what is going on, Adalind runs out.

Renard goes to a nearby park where Viktor is waiting. He hands Diana over and Viktor drives off, while Renard goes back to the precinct house. Adalind finds him and demands to know where Diana is, and Renard insists that he gave up the baby to save both their lives. Shocked, Adalind runs out into the street, looking desperately for Diana. She changes to her Hexenbeist form and screams in anguish, shattering the nearby car windows.

That night, Viktor is driving to the airport and Diana begins to use her powers again, pulling the necklace’s locket shut and forming coffee into the image of a skull. When they arrive at the airport, five masked Resistance fighters ambush them and order them to hand Diana over. Viktor has no choice and they drive off in his limo. Once they’re down the road, Nick and the others unmask and Renard holds his baby. Kelly tells him that they had to fool Adalind for their ruse to succeed.

Sometime later, Kelly drives out of Portland in the used 4×4 that Nick and Juliette bought. The baby starts levitating her play keys and Kelly, smiling, tells her that she’s going to have to teach her now to do it in public.