3×19 Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows my sorrow.

Renard goes to a bar and drowns his sorrow at the thought of losing his baby, Diana. As he walks to his car, former FBI agent Weston Steward secretly follows him. As Steward draws his gun, a bus passes between them. By the time Steward gets past it, Renard has driven off.

At Nick’s house, Nick and Juliette discuss the situation with Kelly taking Adalind’s baby to protect Diana from both the Royals and the Resistance. Adalind arrives at their doorstep and tells them that Renard has given Diana to the Royals, and asks Nick to help her find Kelly to get the baby back. Nick claims that the police released Kelly because of a lack of evidence and she has since left town. When Nick and Juliette tell Adalind that there’s nothing she can do, she loses control and Woges briefly, and then leaves.

A 19-year-old girl, Theresa, is walking down the road when two Wesen get out of their truck and drag her off the road, intent on raping her.

When Renard arrives at his apartment building, Adalind approaches him and demands to know how he could give Diana to Viktor. He warns her that they can’t do anything, and Adalind Woges and slashes his cheek. Renard manages to subdue her and says that he knows why she hates him. Crying, Adalind begs him to help but Renard says that he doesn’t know how, and she tells him to find a way.

The next day, Nick and Hank get a call on the homicide on the stretch of road. When they get there, they find… two men dead and no sign of Theresa. Someone has taken their IDs and their truck is nowhere to be seen. There’s a single set of drag marks leading from the road to the crime scene, but no indication of who was dragged there. Looking around, the partners find a black knight chess piece that apparently belonged to the killer. Wu runs a DNA scan on the victims and determines that they were two known criminals, Richard Dunn and Kirk Firebaugh, with a history of rape.

Monroe and Rosalee are at home recycling and Rosalee worries that someone might figure out Monroe and the others abducted Adalind’s baby posing as Resistance members. He assures her that no one could make the connection… just as Adalind arrives at their door. They let her in and she tells them that the Royals have taken the baby, unaware that Nick and his friends pretended to be the Resistance and took the baby from the Royals. Crying and exhausted, Adalind stumbles into Rosalee’s arms.

Nick and Hank talk to Firebaugh’s brother, who doesn’t know where Kirk is. When they tell him that Kirk is dead, he Woges into his Lausenschlange form and realizes that Nick is a Grimm. Nick calms him down, insisting that he didn’t kill Kirk, and the brother says that Kirk went out drinking with Richard, who was a Klaustreich rather than a Lausenschlange. Since both Wesen are vicious fighters, the brother figures that Nick is the only one that could have killed them.

Theresa wakes up in the cheap hotel room that she’s renting and checks the dead men’s ID. She is wearing gloves and when she removes them, sees the blood on her hands and showers to get rid of it.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank are checking the dead men’s known associates when Monroe calls to tell them that Adalind is at his house. Nick tells him to keep Adalind there while he works out what to do. Wu interrupts to tell them that they have a hit on the missing truck. After Nick hangs up, Rosalee warns Monroe that Adalind could use her recovered powers against them if she learns Monroe was involved with Diana’s abduction. Despite that, Rosalee gets Adalind settled on the couch and tells her that she can stay there as long as she needs.

Nick, Hank, and Wu go to the truck, which was dumped in a part of town with no surveillance cameras. They figure that the killer did it deliberately and she killed the two men when they tried to rape her. Hank finds a fresh French fry on the truck floor and Wu offers to check with the local restaurants to see which ones cut them that way.

In Europe, Viktor and Ruspoli are discussing Steward’s failure to get the baby for them. They figure that the woman with Renard and Nick who interrogated Steward is important. They go to Viktor’s office and find King Frederick, Viktor’s uncle, waiting for him. Ruspoli hastily excuses himself and Frederick reminds his nephew that he failed to recover the child. The king also asks how the search is going to find Eric’s killer, and Viktor admits that he hasn’t caught the culprit yet, or are even sure that Diana is Eric’s child. Frederick hints that Viktor will be bloodily disposed of if he doesn’t make progress and leaves.

Nick comes in to see Renard at his office and tells the captain that Monroe has Adalind at his place for the time being. Renard figures that it’s for the best that they don’t tell Adalind what happened to Diana because the Hexenbeist would search for Kelly no matter what. He tells Nick that Steward has gone rogue and left the FBI, and they wonder what to do about him. Hank arrives and tells them that Wu has gotten a fix on the killer and as he leaves, Nick tells Renard to be careful. Wu shows them surveillance footage from one of the restaurants with the of French fry. He brings up the security footage from the restaurant, which shows Theresa in the truck. She’s wearing gloves and they figure that she’s the killer. They have Wu circulate photos of Theresa and Nick figures that she’s a Wesen. He tells Hank that they should check with Monroe and see if the Blutbad knows what kind of Wesen can easily kill two other Wesen.

Theresa goes to a shop to get some boosts, unaware that a gangbanger girl is watching her. When Theresa takes the boots to a dressing room, she puts them on and sets a small fire, and then slips out without paying when the alarm goes off. However, the gangbanger follows her to a nearby park and tells her to hand over the boots. When Theresa refuses and draws a knife, the gangbanger reveals that she’s a Skalengeck and attacks her. The two of them struggle and Theresa ends up stabbing her opponent in the chest. A jogger sees them and calls the police, and Theresa runs off.

Nick and Hang visit Monroe at his home, and he says that they should go the trailer so the sleeping Adalind doesn’t wake up and overhear them. As they drive there, they explain what is going on and Monroe admits that there are several types of Wesen powerful enough to kill two Wesen simultaneously. En route they get a call about the attack in the park and drive there. They get there as the EMTs arrive and tend to the dying gangbanger. Nick sees her briefly transform before she dies and realizes that she was a Wesen. The detectives tell Wu to start canvassing the area since it’s close to where Theresa dumped the truck.

At Monroe’s house, Adalind has a nightmare where Renard comes to show her their recovered baby, only for her to transform into a smiling Viktor. Shaking, Adalind calls Viktor. He is ordering Ruspoli to find out more about Nick when he gets her call. Adalind apologizes for escaping, claiming that the Resistance took her against her will, and tells the prince that she’ll do anything to be reunited with her baby. Realizing that Adalind doesn’t have the baby and thinks that he still does, Viktor plays along and assures Adalind that Diana will have everything she could ever want and then hangs up. He tells Ruspoli what Adalind said and they figure that they can take advantage of Adalind’s mistaken belief.

Theresa goes back to her cheap hotel room and tells the manager that she’s checking out. Once she goes to her room, the manager notices a flyer with her photo on it and the police contact number.

At the park, Monroe is trying to identify the gangbanger’s recent location by scent when Wu tells the detectives that they have a call on Theresa’s location.

In her room, Theresa packs a knife and a few other belongings. She then walks out just as Nick and the others arrive. They identify themselves as police and Theresa tries to make a run for it. When Monroe gets out of the car, he Woges in shock when she comes at him and she stabs at him with his knife. Nick and Hank tackle her and Monroe tells them that Theresa is a Grimm. As they handcuff her, Nick realizes that she doesn’t know what being a Grimm means, although she clearly recognizes the world. All Theresa will say is that when people attacked her in the past, they called her a Grimm.

The detectives get Theresa in the car and Hank drives while Nick tells Theresa that the people attacking her were Wesen. She doesn’t know what Wesen are, either, and refuses to say anything else, so the partners take her to the station.

Later, Adalind calls Viktor and asks to see Diana. He agrees in return for her help against Nick, and points out that she has his blood in him because he used it to strip her of her Hexenbeist powers.

At the station, Hank brings up Theresa’s criminal record. Her real name is Theresa Rubel, and she has a criminal record across the country. She recently escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Spokane, and they figure that Theresa thought she was going insane because she was seeing Wesen Woge as they attacked her. Among her belongings is a sketchbook filled with drawings of different Wesen.

Nick goes to see Theresa and tells her that they’re not filing charges but that there’s something they want to show her. After handcuffing her, Hank and Nick take Theresa to Marie’s trailer. She refuses to go in so Nick brings out one of the journals and shows her the drawings his ancestors have made of Wesen down through the centuries. She insists on going in to see the rest and starts flipping through the journals, asking what it means. Nick tells her that she’s not crazy and that they both see Wesen in their true forms because their Grimms. He explains that he had someone who walked him through being a Grimm and he plans to do the same for her.

Renard is leaving his office for the night when Adalind comes to see her. She awkwardly tries to apologize for her earlier accusations again him, and admits that she doesn’t know if he did the right thing by giving Diana up to Viktor. All she knows is that Diana is alive. They share a hug and Renard takes Adalind back to his apartment. Outside, Steward watches them go in.

Nick brings Theresa home and introduces her to Juliette. When Juliette calls her Theresa, the girl says that everyone calls her Trubel.