3×20 My Fair Wesen

No longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan.

After bringing Truble in, Nick tells Juliette that the young woman will be staying with them for a while, and explains that she just discovered that she’s Grimm. Juliette draws Nick aside and asks what’s going on, and he tells her that Trubel killed three Wesen in self-defense and didn’t know what they were. Meanwhile, Trubel slips away to the kitchen. By the time Nick and Juliette find her, she’s already eaten a carton of Chinese takeout with her bare hands.

At a boutique store, four girls come in. One of them creates a distraction by knocking a mannequin into a display case while the other three start cutting off shoplifting tags and hiding the clothes beneath their jackets. A store detective spots one of them, Cammy Reynolds, as she tries to leave. She manages to pull free and runs off, while the other three slip out. They go to a warehouse where they report to their boss, Ken. He’s disappointed that they left Cammy behind and orders them upstairs to have dinner. As Ken leads them in grace, talking about how their family is all, Cammy arrives and Ken lets her in. She begs him for forgiveness and Ken leads her into the next room so that they can talk in privately. When Cammy asks for a second chance, Ken tells her that that they’re her family and without family, they’re nothing. He then Woges into a leech-like Lebensauger and clamps onto her face, sucking out her blood. In the next room, the three girls listen as Cammy screams in terror.

At Nick’s house, Trubel is eating the food and asking Nick about whether he has a normal life as a Grimm. She wonders if they’re related and Nick figures that they were hundreds of years ago, and that the Grimm “gene” is recessive. Truble assumes that Nick and Juliette are married. When Juliette corrects her, Trubel tells her that she’s smart because she can get out at any time. They then take Trubel up to the guest room and get her settled in for the night.

Renard has Adalind move in to the penthouse adjoining his and she asks him to stay the night. Renard admits that he’s afraid of her, and Adalind says that she’s afraid of him as well but she’s more afraid of being alone. He agrees and offers to sleep on the couch, but she asks him to join her in the bedroom. Adalind then hugs him and says that she felt something special when she held their baby, Diana. Renard says that he did as well. When she wonders if they’ll see Diana again, Renard says that he doesn’t know.

Trubel is trying to sleep but having nightmares about the Wesen that attacked her earlier. She wakes up and slips out of the house, but Nick is waiting for her on the porch and warns her that she’ll get arrested if she leaves on her own. He says that he knows what she’s going through and admits that he likes her. Nick suggests that he help her and she might be able to tell him some things that he doesn’t know, and gives her the chess piece she lost during the rapists’ attack. When Nick goes back to bed, he tells Juliette that Trubel will be staying for the time being and she wonders when he’s going to start his lessons.

The next morning, Nick calls Monroe and Rosalee and asks for their help. He wants to show Trubel that not all Wesen are bad and they reluctantly agree.

A couple is jogging in Forest Park and their dog digs up Cammy’s body, still wearing an expensive dress and wrapped in a dress bag.

Nick and Hank take Truble to Monroe’s house and Monroe and Rosalee explain about how Woging works and who can and can’t see their real forms. They Woge and Truble looks scared but stands her ground. When they revert back, Truble wonders how they know she’s a Grimm and thinks it’s cool that they find her eyes scary. Nick gets a call and goes to take it, and Truble tells Hank that it’s weird to realize that what she thought she was imagining actually exists. Rosalee warns Truble that not all Wesen are peaceful so she needs to be careful. Nick comes back and tells Hank that they have a murder, and figures that they should take Truble along with them rather than leave her at Monroe’s. They finally come up with a story that she’s a criminology student on a ride along and leave.

Adalind meets with her mother’s lawyer, Frank Ellis, and he explains that Catherine owed back taxes and was only left with $1,500 after all her debts were paid. He gives Adalind a key to the storage unit where Catherine’s personal belongings were sent and asks if she and her mother were close. Adalind remembers the times when her mother slapped her for failing to live up to an ideal and tells the lawyer that she was everything to Catherine.

Nick and Hank drive to Forest Park and Nick tells Truble to stay in the car. She insists on going with them just as Wu comes over. The detectives give Wu their cover story for Truble and he tells them that the killer drained the dead girl’s blood. When they see that Cammy has puncture marks on her face, Truble blurts out “Wesen” and Wu asks what she’s talking about. Nick lets Truble explain rather than bail her out, and she claims that Wesen is German for “no blood left.” Once Wu goes to get the fingerprint scanner to ID the body, Hank irritably tells Truble that she can’t talk about Wesen in front of the other cops. However, the detectives figure that Truble is right and wonder what kind of Wesen could cause the marks found on the body.

The three girls return to Ken with more shoplifted clothing and he complains that it’s not very much. One of them, Jenny, breaks into tears and says that she doesn’t want to end up like Cammy. Ken tells her that they all miss Cammy and then tells Donna to find someone to replace Cammy.

Nick and Hank take Truble to Marie’s trailer and they go through the journals. Hank finds a sketch of similar marks on a victim and confirms that a Lebensauger caused them. Wu calls to tell them that they’ve got an ID on the victim and she was arrested for shoplifting and living at a halfway house. Hank tells Wu to check for any recent department store robberies and they head for the door. However, Truble pauses, having found a journal entry on a Siegbarste. She tells the men that a Siegbarste killed her foster parents and would have killed her if she hadn’t run. Nick offers to take her back to his place but Truble insists that she’s done running.

Adalind goes to the storage unit and finds a photo of herself as a child with Catherine. She then starts searching for something that her mother kept.

Nick drives to the New Beginning Halfway House and has Truble stay in the car. She has no problem with that, admitting that she grew up in houses just like New Beginning. The administrator, Mrs. Benton, tells them that Cammy was a sweet girl but couldn’t hold a job. She suggests that they talk to Cammy’s roommate, Megan, and calls over one of the girls, Jeane, to ask where Megan is. Jeane claims that she doesn’t know where Megan is, but then goes outside and finds Megan working on the garden. Truble watches as the two girls talk and sees Megan briefly Woge into a Mauzhertz.

When Nick and Hank return to the car, Truble tells them that Jeane met with Megan and knows where she is, and figures that Cammy would have told Megan about the designer clothing she was wearing. She runs over to Megan and demands answers, and the girl Woges again and realizes that Truble is a Grimm. Afraid for her life, Megan says that Cammy met a woman named Donna at O’Bryant Square and got a job. Nick and Hank arrive and pull Truble away, just as Wu calls to tell the detectives that there was a recent boutique robbery and security footage puts Cammy at the scene.

Back at the station, Nick has Truble sit at his desk while he and Hank tell Renard what they’ve turned up. They figure that the head of the shoplifting ring killed Cammy when she almost got caught. Nick tells Renard that they’ll stake out O’Bryant Square that night and see if they can find Donna, figuring that she’ll be looking for a replacement for Cammy. Out in the bullpen, Wu comes in and notices Truble by herself, and says that crime scenes can be messy and give people nightmares. Truble sympathizes about the nightmares and Wu briefly remembers his own encounter with a Wesen when he thought he was crazy.

Adalind opens a trunk belonging to Catherine and removes an ancient book from a hidden compartment. However, it won’t open no matter what she does and she throws it through a mirror in frustration.

That night, Truble sits with Nick and Hank on their stakeout. They spot Donna and Truble wants to confront her immediately. However, Nick tells his fellow Grimm to wait. Impatient, Truble asks for money to get something to eat and grabs a cup of coffee from Hank. She then goes and starts panhandling, and approaches Donna pretending to be homeless. Donna looks her over and offers her a job, assuring her that she doesn’t have to turn tricks. Nick, watching, wants to intervene but Hank suggests that they see how Truble handles herself. Donna leaves with Truble and by the time the detectives catch up to them, they only get a partial glimpse of Donna’s license plates before she drives off with Truble.

Donna takes Truble to the warehouse and tells her that Ken takes care of all of them. Inside Ken greets them and introduces Vanessa and Jenny, and gives her an expensive dress and says that they’ll see how she cleans up.

After Nick and Hank call in the partial, Wu confirms that it belongs to Donna, who has been arrested for fencing stolen goods. He gives them the address and asks if they want backup, and the detectives say that they’ll check it themselves first.

Vanessa and Jenny apply makeup to Truble and get her into the dress, and admit that Ken keeps all the money from what they steal. Donna comes in and gives Truble a pair of expensive high-heeled shoes to try on.

Nick and Hank go to Donna’s apartment. When no one answers the door, they bust in.

Ken has Truble pose for him and practice walking. Despite the fact she stumbles in the high heels, Ken tells her that she’ll do and asks if she has any family. Truble says that she doesn’t and Ken turns her to the mirror and tells her to practice smiling. When she does, Ken tells her that she’ll do fine.

The partners find two gas bills in Donna’s apartment. They figure the second one for a warehouse is where the shoplifting gang is hiding out and leave for it.

Once she changes out of the desk, Truble tells ken that she has to get her stuff. He wonders if she’s living somewhere and Truble claims that she stashed what she has and needs to get it before someone steals it. He refuses to let her go and drags her to his bedroom, saying all of his girls spend their first night with him. Truble punches him in the face and Ken Woges, then identifies Truble as a Grimm. She knees him in the stomach and runs out, and tells Jenny and Vanessa to run. Ken staggers out, furious, and tells Donna that she brought hem a Grimm. Donna Woges into a Lebensauger as well and the two of them attack Truble.

Nick and Hank pull up to the warehouse and find Donna’s car. They hear the fight upstairs and try to get in, but discover the door is locked. Hank goes back to their car and drives it through the door.

After a brief fight, Truble draws a hidden knife and stabs Donna in the neck, killing her. Nick and Hank arrive just in time to shoot Ken as he attacks Truble. Truble goes to Jenny and Vanessa and tells them that they’ll be fine, and Nick tells her that she has to leave before they call for backup.

When she can’t open the book on her own, Adalind picks up a piece of broken glass and tries to pry her mother’s book open. She cuts her hand and her blood spills on the book, causing it to open.

At home, Nick worries to Juliette that Truble is going to get herself killed if she can’t control herself. The younger Grimm comes in and apologizes for acting impulsively earlier, and apologizes for screwing up. She tells Nick that she wants to stay so that he can teach her more about being a Grimm, and he says that Truble can stay and they’ll talk about it in the morning.

Later, Truble lies on her bed and sketches a picture of a Lebensauger in a journal that she’s decided to keep.

In a home somewhere in Portland, an old man takes out one of the knight keys.