3×21 The Inheritance

‘No’, said the king. ‘I had rather die than place you in such great danger as you must meet with in your journey.

Monroe and Rosalee are at Nick’s house preparing dinner and discussing wedding preparations. They call Trubel done to supper and Nick tells Monroe and Rosalee that the young Grimm is handling things about as well as can be expected. Monroe wonders how much Nick actually knows about Trubel, and Nick admits that he hasn’t been pushing her. Trubel comes in, surprised that they’re waiting for her, and they begin eating. Rosalee congratulates Trubel on how well she’s handling her new life, and Trubel admits that she didn’t expect to live that long.

Outside, someone stands on the sidewalk and watches the house.

After Trubel clears her plate, Juliette goes to get some more food for her. Rosalee asks when she first saw a Wesen, and Rosalee explains that she was 13 when she discovered that she was a Fuchsbau. Monroe explains that it hits them in adolescence that they are different, but at least they had family to help them. Trubel tells them that a handyman at one of her foster homes attacked her, calling her a Grimm, and she defended herself with a screwdriver. After she told people what she saw, they thought she was crazy and locked her up.

The man outside calls and asks to talk to Nick, but refuses to identify himself. The man tells Nick that there’s a problem but he’s not sure if it’s Nick’s, and will call back later when he’s not busy. Once he hangs up, the man gets into a SUV and drives to a hotel. He walks through the lobby, unaware that Weston is watching him. The caller, Josh Porter, gets in the elevator with another guest, who asks if hotel maintenance came by his room as well to fix the cable.

Josh gpes in and his father Rolek asks what Nick said. His son explains that he didn’t talk to Nick because he had guests, and Rolek insists that it’s important. The maintenance man knocks at the door, but Rolek tells Josh not to open it. Josh figures that it’s the man the guest described and opens it, and the guest leaps in and tackles him, Woging into his Hundjager form. Rolek stabs him through the chest from behind with a sword, and warns Josh that he’s being followed. When Josh goes to call the police, Rolek says that they won’t understand that he’s a Wesen and clutches at his chest. Rolek checks the Verrat’s hand and confirms that he has the tattoo, and warns that there will be more coming. He pulls out his sword and says that they have to leave now more before more Verrat come.

Renard returns to Adalind’s room and finds her cleaning the wound on her hand, and she claims that she cut it on a glass. She gets impatient with staying cooped there but Renard warns that they can’t go back to his place. Adalind snaps at him and then apologizes, admitting it’s hard not knowing what Victor is doing with their daughter Diana. Renard relents and says that if he didn’t know better he’d be in love with her, and kisses her.

Weston goes to the hotel room and finds his fellow Verrat dead. The father and son are gone.

Rolek and Josh drive off and Rolek says that he’s dying and tells Josh to humor him. They park behind an abandoned gas station and break in, and Rolek says that they can’t call the police until he talks to Nick. Josh goes out to the car and gets a trunk out.

The next day, Trubel is studying and Juliette notices that she is carrying a black chess knight. Trubel says that it’s her favorite piece, but she likes queens when she jabbed it into a Wesen’s neck. Juliette offers to take her shopping for new clothes, and Trubel says that at it’s not a good idea because she doesn’t want to get used to it all. After considering that, Juliette says that they’re doing it anyway and tells Trubel to get ready.

Renard wakes up in bed and hears Adalind talking to someone on the phone in the next room. He goes in and listens as Adalind makes an appointment to see Juliette at the vet’s office. As Renard comes in, Adalind pretends that she’s calling room service. She takes off her robe and goes back into the bedroom.

At the gas station, Josh goes out to the car to get some food. Rolek tells him that he needs to bring Nick there, saying that he’s a Grimm and will understand. He has Josh go get a book from the trunk and then pulls out a sketch of a Hundjager. Rolek tells Josh to show it to Nick and he’ll come, and Josh reluctantly agrees.

At the spice shop, Rosalee is helping a customer and trying to juggle wedding calls and deliveries. Monroe comes in as Rosalee snaps because of the pressure, and she storms off into the next room. He tries to reassure her but Rosalee says that she doesn’t see the wedding going well. She wonders why they’re doing it, and Monroe says that it’s because they love each other. Rosalee apologizes and they hug, and she admits that she has a feeling that something awful is going to happen.

When Renard goes to the station, he tells Wu to put Adalind under surveillance. Meanwhile, Hank and Nick discuss what to do about the two Wesen that Trubel fought and the girls that testified she was there. Nick figures that Trubel covered her tracks and Hank agrees. Renard calls them into his office.

Josh goes to Nick’s house and knocks, and Trubel answers the door. When she wonders what he wants, Josh says that Rolek had him drive there all the way from Pennsylvania and shows her the sketch of the Hundjager. He starts to go but Trubel says that she knows what it is. Intrigued, she agrees to call Nick.

Renard tells the detectives that they had a murder at the hotel and the victim had a tattoo on his hand. However, it’s different from the standard Verrat tattoo, and Renard says that it’s Verrat Ahnerebe. It’s a special task force assigned to find supernatural items. The room was rented to Rolek and Josh, and he’s put out an APB on the family. Renard has surveillance footage of Rolek and Josh taking a trunk out of the hotel after the murder, and another shot of Weston in the hotel lobby. As they talk, Nick is unaware that his phone is ringing on his desk.

After failing to reach Nick, Trubel asks Josh if Rolek has more drawings like that. She says that Nick is a Grimm and insists on going with Josh to see his father.

Adalind leaves the hotel and Wu calls Renard. The captain tells him to call the cab company and find out where they’re taking her.

Josh drives Trubel to the gas station and insists that Rolek is losing his mind. They start to go inside, but Trubel slams him against the wall and says that she’ll kill him if he’s a Wesen. Rolek comes out and Trubel says that Nick showed her the books with sketches of the Wesen. She tells Rolek that she’s a Grimm and Rolek takes her inside. He shows her the trunk and its contents, all Grimm-related items, and explains that he’s dying and has to get it to Nick. If he doesn’t, Josh will destroy the contents. Rolek has another attack and Josh takes him to the hospital, and Rolek insists that they don’t leave the trunk.

Adalind goes to Nick’s house and confirms that no one is home. She then uses an artifact to pick the lock and break in. She takes a negligee from Juliette’s drawer and a hair from her brush, and then starts to leave. Renard grabs her and demands to know why she’s there. Adalind says that she’s doing what she has to, and then levitates a vase into the air and knocks Renard out with it before running out.

Josh drives to the hospital and goes in to get the EMTs. Rolek tells Trubel to get the trunk to Nick if he dies and says that he has a “key.” The EMTs take Rolek away and Josh asks Trubel to park the car. Inside, Josh waits and someone claiming to be a police detective calls and says that they know about the hotel murder, and that they have a witness who can testify it was self-defense. It’s Weston, who asks him to turn himself in, and Josh says that they’re at the hospital. Weston and a squad of Verrat then drive to the hospital.

Renard wakes up and realizes that Adalind has her powers back.

Trubel goes into the hospital and calls Nick, who is at the station with Hank. She tells him what’s going on and where she is, and that Rolek is a Grimm. Nick realizes that Josh and Rolek were the ones at the hotel and tells Trubel that he’ll be there in ten minutes. They arrive there and confirm the car is the one from the hotel, and figure that Weston will be there shortly. Nick goes in with Trubel while Hank watches the car, and Rolek explains that his family have passed the key down from generation to generation. He tells Nick that he killed the Verrat agent, and begs Nick not to arrest him. Josh mentions the phone call and Nick realizes that it was Weston. Rolek tells Josh to get his cane but then flatlines. As Nick and Trubel step outside, Nick warns her that the Verrat are on their way. He then tells Josh not to let anyone in.

As they go to the parking lot, Nick brings Trubel up to speed on the keys and the map of the Black Forest. Hank calls to tell his partner that three Verrat agents is examining the Porters’ car, and Nick tells Trubel to stay inside while he checks it out. Once he goes, Trubel secretly goes after him.

Hank orders the Verrat to surrender, but Weston drives at the detective. When Hank jumps out of the way, he loses his gun. The Verrat go for their guns but Trubel and Nick arrive and attack them. Weston drives away while Nick, Trubel, and Hank take out the Verrat. Thanks to Trubel, they win and Nick tells her that she can’t be there and to head home in the Porters’ car. He goes back up to the hospital room while Hank calls it in.

When Nick returns, Josh tells him that Rolek died. The Grimm tells him to come to his home after he makes arrangements for his father.

Renard returns to his penthouse apartment and draws his gun, and then goes looking for Adalind. She has already moved out, and Renard calls Wu to tell him to find Adalind.

When Nick gets home and Josh meets him there, they go through the trunk with Trubel, Juliette and Hank. There’s no sign of the key, and Rolek’s journals have reports of creatures that Nick has never heard of. They tell Josh about Grimms and Nick warns him that he might develop his own Grimm abilities some day and see what they see. Josh confirms that he never saw the key, and Trubel realizes that it’s in the cane. They open it and find the knight’s key inside.

Everyone goes to the spice shop and they use the pattern on the second key to work out more of the map. Monroe confirms that it’s the Black Forest in Germany.

At a secret location, Adalind uses Juliette’s hair and negligee to prepare a potion. She then takes out a black witch’s hat, places it over the cauldron, and breathes in the fumes of the potion through it. After a moment, Adalind shapeshifts into the form of Juliette.