3×22 Blonde Ambition

Turn back, turn back, thou pretty bridge, within this house thou must no abide. For here do evil things betide.

At a lodge in the woods, Monroe and Rosalee finish with their wedding rehearsal as Nick and Juliette look on along with the rest of the wedding party. The judge asks if Nick plans on still wearing sunglasses during the ceremony the next day, and everyone insists that Nick has a light sensitivity issue. Once she leaves, Monroe assures Nick that everything will be fine.

At the station, Wu gives Renard the address that Adalind went to in a taxi and Renard tells him to keep searching from there. As he goes into his office, Renard wonders where Adalind is.

At the storage unit, Adalind uses her spell to transform into Juliette and examines herself in a mirror.

Weston Steward goes to a secret safe house and checks his fake IDs and cache of money.

At the rehearsal dinner, Bart takes the opportunity to apologize to Monroe and Rosalee for his behavior when he first met Rosalee. He also apologizes to Nick and thanks his wife Alice for staying when he wanted to leave. Bart offers the couple a toast and then Juliette gets up to thank them for letting her and Hank share in their wedding.

Adalind-as-Juliette goes to Renard’s apartment and says that she has to talk to him and Adalind, and Renard lets him in. Renard, falling for the ruse, tells her that she doesn’t want to get involved with Adalind right now and that the Hexenbiest was in Nick’s house. Adalind-as-Juliette then brings up how they were mystically compelled to fall in love with each other, says that she still has feelings for him, and kisses Renard briefly. She then apologizes and leaves, going to a waiting taxi driver to take her to the storage unit as she starts to woge.

The wedding party returns to Monroe’s house and Rosalee and Deetta go to get some wine from the kitchen. Monroe asks to talk to Bart privately and thanks him for being so understanding with the fact that he’s marrying a Fuchsbau. Bart assures his son that it was Bart’s problem, not Monroe’s, and that Rosalee is pretty special. They share an awkward hug and Bart leaves for the night.

The driver drops Adalind off at the storage unit and is surprised to see that a different woman is sitting in the back.

As Nick and Juliette return home, they smell smoke and go inside. Trubel has managed to set some food on fire while cooking and Nick and Juliette hastily put it out. They assure her that there’s no harm done, and Juliette goes to answer the phone. Nick tells Trubel that he needs her help moving the trailer the next day. Meanwhile, Juliette discovers that it’s Adalind on the phone. Adalind says that she was with Renard tonight and claims that his obsession for Juliette may have returned. Juliette says that she doesn’t have any feelings for Renard, and Adalind says that she’s going to mix up a potion just in case. When Juliette tells her not to, Adalind hangs up and Juliette tells Nick about the conversation. She insists that it’d better not be happening again.

At Monroe’s house, there’s a loud thud. When everyone comes to investigate, they find Deetta, drunk and wearing Rosalee’s wine-stained wedding dress. She insists that she won’t let Rosalee get married in the dress because she did twice and ended up divorced both times. Deetta then passes out as Rosalee looks on, furious.

The next morning, everyone goes to the wedding shop and try to get the saleswoman to open up. They explain that it’s an emergency and Bart offers to pay for a $7,200 dress in the window. The saleswoman finally lets them in.

At Monroe’s house, Deetta wakes up and realizes what she’s done. She tries to apologize to Monroe, and Monroe tells her that he and Rosalee both hated the dress.

Renard calls Juliette at home and says that he’s fond of her but they can’t do it that way and it ends now. She has no idea what he’s talking about and wonders why he called, and Renard says that she came to see him. They both figure the other is in denial and Juliette hangs up. Wu comes in to tell Renard that they know Adalind is at the storage facility and there’s a unit rented in her mother’s name. Renard tells Wu that he’ll handle it himself.

Nick and Trubel drive away with the trailer. Nick explains that he’s bought a piece of land and talks about how his Aunt Marie had it and raised him. He tells Trubel that his mother is a Grimm and has come to visit a couple of times. They get to the spot in the forest Nick has picked out and Trubel says that it must have been weird to meet his mother after so long. She doesn’t know if her parents were Grimm, and Nick points out that one of them had to be.

Juliette gets another call from Adalind, who asks if she’s had trouble with Renard. When she hears that she has, Adalind claims that she has a magical pepper spray and offers to drop it off. Juliette tells her to deal with it because it’s her responsibility and she’ll be out, and Adalind says that she’ll take care of it. She then breathes in the potion again and walks out as Juliette.

Inside the trailer, Trubel talks about Rolek, the dead Grimm, and Nick figures that he wanted a normal life. She asks Nick what he would have chosen if he could have had a normal life, and Nick admits that it hasn’t been easily.

Renard enters the storage unit and finds the vat Adalind has been using along with the witch’s hat. He realizes that she’s up to something.

Nick and Truble return to Nick’s place and Trubel says that she can’t keep living off of them. Nick says that he likes having another Grimm around, and Trubel accepts that for the time being. She goes to the guest room and tosses her machete on the table. Meanwhile, Adalind-as-Juliette is in the bedroom when Nick comes in, wearing Juliette’s stolen lingerie, and comes onto him. They kiss and they end up making love.

Renard finds Adalind’s spell book and confirms that the Hexenbiest was making a mirror image spell.

After sex, Adalind-as-Juliette says that they’d better get ready for the wedding. Nick goes into the bathroom and Adalind-as-Juliette dresses. She walks out past Trubel and Trubel realizes that something is wrong. Upstairs, Nick is showering, unaware that Renard is trying to call him. When he doesn’t get an answer, Renard pours some of Adalind’s potion into a bottle and leaves.

Trubel follows “Juliette” to a taxi and watches as she reverts to her true form as the cab drives off.

Juliette returns home and finds Nick dressed. He’s surprised that she got her hair ready so fast and tells Juliette that he’s ready. As she changes, Juliette finds her lingerie on the floor and the bed messed up, and wonders if Nick was having an affair. A few minutes later they leave, and Trubel is puzzled to see Juliette back at the house.

As he drives, Nick tells Juliette that she looks beautiful and notices that she seems tense. She finally asks why her negligee was on the floor and Nick says that it fell there when they had sex. Nick explains that he came home and they made love, and Juliette insists that it wasn’t her. They realize that it must have been Adalind and she’s up to something.

Renard arrives at Nick’s house and knocks at the door. Trubel remembers him from the police station and tells him that Nick went to the wedding with Juliette. When he describes Adalind, Trubel explains what happened earlier. She warns that Adalind-as-Juliette was with Nick alone and Renard says that he has to get Nick to drink the potion. Trubel gives him the wedding location and Renard tells her to stay there. As he goes out the front door, Weston shoots him several times in the chest. He comes in and shoots at Trubel, who runs upstairs to her room and barricades the door.

Nick and Juliette arrive at the wedding spot and she complains about how their life is infected by Nick being a Grimm. She doesn’t know if she can handle it anymore, and Nick says that he was going to propose to her just before his mother arrived with Adalind and Diana. Bud runs over and says that it’s a wonderful day.

Weston barges into the room and says that he won’t shoot her because it isn’t as much fun. He woges into his Hundjager form and realizes that Trubel is a Grimm, and she attacks him. Grabbing her machete, she decapitates him and then calls an ambulance for Renard.

Hank and Nick helps Monroe get dressed, and Nick realizes that he forgot his sunglasses. Bart loans Nick his and he puts them on even though they’re prescription.

Trubel takes Renard’s car keys and the potion, and drives off.

Nick and Juliette go in and she reluctantly takes his arms to walk up to the altar.

Trubel follows the GPS directions to the wedding.

Rosalee comes down in her new dress and gives her vows to Monroe.

Wu arrives with the police and the EMTs and they get Renard into the ambulance. Franco checks the house and tells Wu that Nick and Juliette aren’t there.

Monroe says his vows to Rosalee.

Franco shows Wu Weston’s decapitated corpse and they confirm he’s a former FBI agent, and that he had false travel papers. They go upstairs and find the machete, and Wu tells Franco to contact the FBI while he calls Nick. As he does, he sees one of Nick’s journal pages describing a Wesen, and finds a sketch of the creature he remembers from his nightmares.

Nick gives Monroe the ring and he puts it on Rosalee.

Adalind returns to the storage unit, gets her things, and leaves for Europe.

Juliette gives Rosalee her ring and she puts it on Monroe.

The EMTs desperately work on Renard.

Rosalee and Monroe kiss and everyone applauds. Nick watches as some of the Wesen in the audience Woge. Trubel runs in just as the judge presents the happy couple, and the Wesen panic when they see a Grimm. She yells that Nick needs to drink the potion, but the Wesen snatch it away and it breaks. In the struggle, Nick’s sunglasses are destroyed but no one seems to notice. Hank gets Nick, Juliette, Truble, Monroe, and Rosalee into the back while Bart and Alice stop the other Wesen from going after them.

Once they’re alone, Nick wonders how the audience knew that Trubel was a Grimm, because he didn’t see them Woge. Monroe Woges and studies his eyes, and realizes that he’s no longer a Grimm. Trubel explains that Renard gave her the cure and then Weston shot him. Bart comes in and says that the Wesen are going to tear Trubel apart, and Hank says that they have to go. Nick and the others run out to their truck and drive off.

In the ambulance, Renard hangs on to life.

Adalind’s jet takes off for Europe and she remembers her baby and the fact that Viktor has her.

Nick tells Trubel that he couldn’t see the Woged Wesen and takes in the fact that he’s lost his powers.