Grimm Season 4 Spoilers from Comic Con!

New Grimm season 4 spoilers revealed by the cast, new clip. Recently, Michael Ausiello over at TV Line got to sit down with the cast of NBC’s hit show, Grimm for some season 4 spoiler dish.

And it turns out that we might get to see some honeymoon action from Monroe and Rosalee that gets derailed. Nick will contemplate whether he wants his lost grimm powers back, and more (video below)

In the new clip, David Giuntoli revealed that they will indeed explore whether Nick wants his grimm powers back. Silas Mitchell said, no Monroe and Rosalee babies have been discussed yet. However, they will get a honeymoon, which will get derailed by certain trials and tribulations. They confirmed that the show will pick up right where it left off in season 3.

It was implied that Hank might get a girlfriend at one point, and more. Check it out,below. Season 4 is set to debut on Friday night, October 24th at 8pm central time on NBC.


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  1. Emmans says:

    I appreciate your Website, but I have noticed that the photoshoots of the actors are missing in your gallery. May you add untagged photoshoots of the main actors (especially David Giuntoli) in your gallery? Thank You in advance.

    1. Courtney says:

      I hadn’t added photoshoots of the actors to the gallery, as I wanted all the photos in the gallery to be related to Grimm, not the actors themselves. I can look into adding actor photoshoots in the future, though.

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