Jacqueline Toboni on Tuesday’s Episode of ‘The Juice’ on Veria Living TV (Video)

Yesterday on Veria Living’s The Juice, actress Jacqueline Toboni talks “Grimm,” her favorite weapon, and gets her own a surprise donut named after her “Grimm” character by Cocodonuts. Watch it here, or check it out below.

Coco Donuts is releasing the peanut butter, jelly and nutella donut this October 2014 when Grimm season 4 returns back to NBC.. It will be called “Double Trubel.”

Quite fitting, don’t you think? xD Here are a couple pictures as well:

Double Trubel Donuts Named after Jaqueline Toboni Jacqueline , Jaycee, &Aly w Swords Jaqueline and Hosts eating Surprised Donuts


2 comments on “Jacqueline Toboni on Tuesday’s Episode of ‘The Juice’ on Veria Living TV (Video)”

  1. Sherrie says:

    Hi i just want to say thanks for the fan web site of the Grimm t.v. show well i have already seen the seasons one and two they were so good i have enjoyed them all so far i have not seen season three yet but i have also noticed that their is season four coming out this year wow because i was hoping that the show would not have ended all of the people playing the parts has done a wonderful job i like them all in the show i just hate the idea about the Grimm is loosing his powers but i am happy about that he had not died off the show because i was wondering about that part just hope that the show will be on the air for a while because the fans are glade about the show it is very different from others that has been watched on t.v. the truth is the Grimm show is not boarding to me i am a huge fan now!!!!!

    1. Courtney says:

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting! 🙂

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