14 Apr 2017

Happy Birthday Claire Coffee!

The staff at Grimm Fan would like to wish Claire a very happy birthday today!

07 Apr 2017

[Photos] 6×07 – 6×10 Episode Captures Added

Hey guys. So sorry for the delay on the final episodes of Grimm. No excuses today, just wanted to let you know I’ve added episode captures for 6×07-6×10 and I’ll be adding the last 3 episodes later tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy!

01 Apr 2017

Buy Props from the Show!

Hey all!

So, there’s still auctions going on for props from the show, this one seems to be online rather than an ‘in-person’ thing, so check it out!!!

Click here to bid!

31 Mar 2017

A “Thank You” from Grimm

Don’t forget to tune in tonight for the series finale!

24 Mar 2017

6×13 Promo “The End”

17 Mar 2017

6×12 Promo “Zerstörer Shrugged”