Petitions to #SaveGrimm

I am re-posting a comment made to the site with various links to petitions to save our favorite show Grimm! Check out the links below:

Our petition to Netflix to pick up “Grimm” is over 5,800! We still need as many fans as possible to show their support by SIGNING and SHARING the petition! If you don’t want to sign, please at least share the petition with as many friends of Grimm as you can. We need to really show Netflix how committed we are to the Scooby Gang & Grimm! Rebekka Hay will hopefully issue an official update soon. In the meantime, please SIGN & SHARE!


As Grandma said, “Never put all your eggs in one basket!” Just in case Netflix still won’t bite, let’s also ask TNT, the network that already carries seasons 1 – 4 of Grimm, to pick it up. One problem people had with Netflix was the cost; that wouldn’t be an issue here. Sign and share both petitions! Save Grimm any way we can. If we do, we’re part of TV history, if not, we’ll go down fighting! We’re over 650, trying to get to 1,000.

There’s also this petition going around with over 8,000 signatures asking NBC to reconsider, and TNT to pick it up if NBC doesn’t.


2 comments on “Petitions to #SaveGrimm”

  1. Anne Rogers says:

    Save Grimm and I’ll get Netflix

  2. Ric says:

    Great show is NBC NUTS !!!!!

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