Season 3 Spoilers: David Giuntoli Talks His Character’s After-Zombie Effects and More

One of the wishes I have for Season 3 of “Grimm” is for Juliette to get much more involved in the action. In fact, I even hoped for her to get a chance to save Nick. While the latter of the two wishes may not come true, it seems I will get the first one.

“Juliette’s role becomes so much better in Season 3,” David Giuntoli said in a recent interview with “We just filmed an episode where she absolutely takes charge and goes crazy violent on these horrible perpetrators. She gets to be so much more active. She knows what’s going on. She’s in on the secret, and she uses her veterinary skills and moxie to really help out Team Grimm.”

Juliette may have to save Nick, not from Wesen, but eventually from himself. Nick is currently still in some sort of Zombie state. His heart rate won’t go up even when he’s increasing his exercise. For some reason, Juliette seems to be more concerned about Nick’s health than he is.

“What is going on there? You can never fully undo the undead zombie portion of your past. It comes back every now and again,” Giuntoli tells TVLine. “There are some side effects. You can’t just completely wipe it out. I kind of go dead every now and again. Maybe it’s going to be one of my super powers. It’s not unlike the possum: I just go dead in moments of fear. I’m collecting small, maybe they’re super powers? Some would see them as weaknesses. But Grimms use them to their advantage.”

According to the preview for Friday’s episode, Team Grimm is going to go up against a mermaid who may have the ability to turn men into scary looking fish people. (Sounds fun.) How will she be stopped?

“Grimm” airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC. Check out Giuntoli’s full interview with TVLine here.



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